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Super Hero Squad Show Sunday (S. 1 E. 2)

Here you go, this one comes from the Simply Superheroes website.

Here's the transcript (and sorry it's a day late) from

00:00:08 [beeping] Come on. Hold still.
00:00:19 Super Hero Megaslam!
00:00:21 You dare befoul Doom's spying equipment by playing a child's video game?
00:00:29 You're not even playing it right!
00:00:30 Here, let me show you how it's done.
00:00:33 No, it's still my turn!
00:00:34 This joystick shall be mine!
00:00:37 [beeping] [beeping] controlling powers!
00:00:44 [laughing] [gasping] Look at what you did!
00:00:50 Uhh...
00:00:53 Oooh. Hey, look.
00:00:55 I found the Super Hero Squad.
00:00:58 [laughing] What are they doing at the Water and Power building?
00:01:03 Uh, paying their Super Power bill?
00:01:06 Uh! Want to...hit you, but...arms... too short!
00:01:10 [toilet flushing] Who dares to disturb Doom?
00:01:15 [cat screeches] [cries out painfully] [laughing] Ah, finally, my foolhardy foes have found a fractal.
00:01:27 Fascinating.
00:01:28 Hey, that's pretty good. Try this one.
00:01:32 Mr. Sinister sold six stacks of silk slacks to Silver Surfer!
00:01:37 Mr. Sinister sold si-- Stop wasting our brilliant leader's time when he is about to order an attack!
00:01:44 [groaning] [shouting painfully] I saw that one comin'. [chortles] And Modok got a boo-boo. [laughs] Aw, do we have to?
00:01:58 They're all dirty. I don't wanna!
00:02:02 Aah! Don't blast me!
00:02:03 Good point. With a bit of guile, those Super Simpletons will do our dirty work for us.
00:02:10 Clearly, O Doom, our great minds think as one.
00:02:13 Abomination is merely repeating my words, which he doesn't understand.
00:02:18 [crying out] I didn't see that coming.
00:02:21 No one knows Doom's mind!
00:02:24 And nothing can be hidden from Doom.
00:02:27 You owe me a controller-- No,twocontrollers.
00:02:33 [laughing] [coughing and wheezing] Lo, though Mjolnir is mighty indeed, as a shovel, it supremely sucketh eggs.
00:02:51 Right tool for the right job, I always say.
00:02:54 [sighs] Unfortunately.
00:02:59 Ahhh!
00:03:01 Eureka!
00:03:02 Yes, and you reek of machine oil. What about it?
00:03:04 What? Hand me the magnetic jar.
00:03:11 [groaning] Somethin' you wanna share, Rat Tail?
00:03:15 I joined the Squad to incarcerate dirty villains, not to excavate dirty dirt. I mean-- Unhh! This stinks.
00:03:21 Indeed, 'tis not the most glorious of tasks, but what are you gonna do?
00:03:26 No, no, no, no. Itreallystinks.
00:03:29 Even worse than before. Pee-yoo! That's a crime.
00:03:32 [sniffing] That ain't just a crime, bub.
00:03:36 It's an Abomination!
00:03:38 [growling] [laughing] Zoinks!
00:03:42 Abomination!
00:03:43 Get thee hence, vile dog!
00:03:45 I'll show you who's a dog.
00:03:47 [grunting] [roaring] [nervously laughing] ♪ Na na-na na-na ♪
00:03:59 Ohh!
00:03:59 No way are you getting away with that!
00:04:01 Back it up, Reptil! Do not pursue!
00:04:04 Velociraptor legs!
00:04:08 Ha! Now I get to show 'em I'm a self-starter, not a ditch digger!
00:04:14 Aah! Aahhh...
00:04:16 Huh? Hiya, kid.
00:04:18 I'm the Wrecker.
00:04:19 This here is my Wrecking Crew.
00:04:23 [nervously laughs] what taste gets athletes ( wild cheering ) Frosted flakes!
00:05:59 ♪♪♪
00:06:02 ♪ we are tigers ♪
00:06:02 crunchy flakes perfectly coated with sweet ..
00:06:05 Makes them a great tasting part of a nutritious breakfast.
00:06:08 ♪ Mighty, mighty tigers ♪
00:06:11 ♪♪♪
00:06:12 kellogg's frosted flakesare more than good.
00:06:14 ..
00:06:19 Grrrrr-eat!
00:06:21 ♪♪♪
00:07:23 st be a wayout of here, iq.
00:07:25 There is, gilbert, and you're about to see it!
00:07:27 [Vacuum noise] whoa, whoa, whoa!
00:07:29 Up there!
00:07:30 A hole!
00:07:34 Uh!
00:07:35 It's a message to my friends!
00:07:37 That I'm okay!
00:07:39 Ooh!
00:07:41 Cruel fate.
00:07:42 Done in by a bubble blower.
00:07:44 Ours was a brief but rich friendship.
00:07:46 That was cool!
00:07:47 Try goldfish grahams.
00:07:48 Baked with whole grain and a touch of sweetness.
00:07:50 ♪ The snack thatsmiles back ♪
00:07:52 goldfish.
00:08:03 We usually concentrate on wrecking stuff, but for you, we made an exception and built something.
00:08:10 Right, Thunderball?
00:08:12 Yeah, Wrecker. A trap.
00:08:13 Which is probably why Iron Man told me not to follow you.
00:08:17 I was using my strag-ety.
00:08:20 From my brain...
00:08:22 my head.
00:08:23 Too bad only the most gullible chump fell for it.
00:08:27 Oh, well. We'll take turns.
00:08:30 You first, Piledriver.
00:08:33 Yeah.
00:08:34 Stegosaurus armor! Ahh!
00:08:36 [screaming] [sobbing] Nice move, kid.
00:08:39 You might've had a shot against one of us.
00:08:42 Bulldozer?
00:08:43 Yeah. You got it, boss.
00:08:45 Triceratops horn!
00:08:46 [screams painfully] [laughing] All over now, pipsqueak.
00:08:52 It is four against one.
00:08:56 Aahh!
00:08:56 Hulk don't do math! Hulk smash!
00:08:59 The Super Hero Squad?
00:09:01 And we weren't even wearing "Hello my name is" stickers!
00:09:04 And, once again, I did not get the memo.
00:09:08 Glad you could join our little party.
00:09:11 It is gonna be a gas!
00:09:14 [coughing] Gas!
00:09:17 Hey, wasn't me. Uh, this time.
00:09:23 He's mine, mine, mine! I smell a bonus!
00:09:25 Uh, thanks for doin' our work for us...Heroes!
00:09:30 [laughing] [laughing] Uh! Brachiosaurus tail!
00:09:38 [grunts] The fractal!
00:09:47 [groaning] Me thinketh this stinketh.
00:09:52 Mighty wind, bloweth! Knockout gas, goeth!
00:09:56 [nervously laughing] Wow, is that the time?
00:09:59 Gotta go. Got this date [roaring] Well, at least Doom didn't get that fractal, thanks to Reptil. Yeah, but neither did we, thanks to me.
00:10:08 Well, now it looks like we got two messes to clean up.
00:10:22 Yeah. Outstanding.
00:10:23 My Stark Industries Probabilit-E-valuator is working like a dream! The Proba-whatzin-whozit?
00:10:28 That fractal was swept into the city's water system.
00:10:31 This machine calculates where it's most likely to show up.
00:10:35 These two blips are the most probable locations.
00:10:38 I'll take Falcon and Hawkeye if Shield can spare you.
00:10:41 Surfer, you, Thor, and Hulk take the other one.
00:10:44 Okay, well what's this one?
00:10:45 A less-probable location. An Ice Rink.
00:10:47 Perfect. Me and the kid'll check that one out.
00:10:51 Uh, no, no.
00:10:52 Don't you need a...
00:10:53 a Squaddie here minding the store?
00:10:55 I think the Squirt is tuckered out from the fight, Tony.
00:10:59 [baby-talking] Does the baby need a little nap?
00:11:02 [laughing] Well, he doesn't need some chatty archer teasin' him.
00:11:06 Come on, let's Hero Up.
00:11:07 ♪ Super Hero Squad! Hero Up ♪
00:11:12 ♪ When the bad guys are out, all you have to do is shout now ♪
00:11:15 ♪ Who's gonna Hero Up? ♪
00:11:18 ♪ Who'll save the day? ♪
00:11:20 ♪ The Super Hero Squad ♪
00:11:23 ♪ They'll Hero Up again ♪
00:11:26 ♪ Super Hero Squad! Hero Up ♪
00:11:32 Look, kid. You're not the first hero to be afraid.
00:11:35 Who says I'm-- I can smell it.
00:11:38 [sniffing] But you can't hide in here forever.
00:11:42 You wanted to be a hero. Then you gotta-- you know, Hero Up.
00:11:48 [door closes] [machinery humming] Holy guacamole.
00:12:06 I can't believe it. Not only do I walk into a trap and practically hand Doom a fractal, but I'm too chicken to go back for more.
00:12:14 Some hero I am.
00:12:15 Aah! Stupid state-of-the-art bolted-down trash can!
00:12:18 [Wolverine] I got trouble with a capital "T"!
00:12:21 Wolverine, go ahead. Is anybody there? Can you read me?
00:12:25 Aw, for cryin' out loud. Wolverine, I-I said-- I'm outnumbered! Send backup! You got that?
00:12:29 Send-- Ah, Hulk.
00:12:34 Iron Man! Cap! Come in! Wolverine needs help!
00:12:37 Oh, man. Nobody knows he's in trouble.
00:16:25 What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?
00:16:29 [door closes] [yawning] Hulk! Thank goodness.
00:16:32 What are you doing back here?
00:16:33 Hulk forgot to put lid down.s in terrible danger, and I can't contact the rest of the Squad.
00:16:38 Understand?
00:16:42 Bleh. Claw in trouble?
00:16:45 [roaring] [grunting] Hulk!
00:16:47 [roaring] But I haven't told you where he is!
00:16:51 [sighing] I don't have a choice.
00:16:53 I gotta Hero Up!
00:16:59 Pterodactyl wings!
00:17:05 WhereisHulk?
00:17:07 I'm not down there. Hmm.
00:17:10 I'm not down there...
00:17:13 [honking] Ah! Hop in!
00:17:19 Now, did you get the fractal or not?!
00:17:22 Like I told you, I came here 'cause I thought it was hockey night.
00:17:27 [crash] [Reptil grunts] Allosaurus tail!
00:17:31 [all groaning] Told ya. Just have to face down that fear.
00:17:38 Well, it didn't work. I'm still scared.
00:17:41 I got news for you, Junior.
00:17:42 I'm scared, too. Raptor claws!
00:17:45 So's Shellhead, Falcon, and the rest.
00:17:47 Maybe not the Surfer. He's a little woo-woo.
00:17:48 [grunting] You're scared? Scared of what'll happen if Doom gets those fractals.
00:17:55 But we keep fighting.
00:17:56 That's what makes us heroes.Capice?
00:17:58 Then we better find it first, huh? Tyrannosaurus eyes!
00:18:01 I get it. Big predator, great eyesight.
00:18:05 Good call, kid.
00:18:11 Right there! Under the ice!
00:18:17 [grunting] Velociraptor legs!
00:18:19 Uhhh! Ahhh!
00:18:27 Uhhh!
00:18:31 Oh! It's mine! I-- I got it!
00:18:35 Hands off!
00:18:36 These things got some seriously unstable juju.
00:18:39 You never know what they'll do.
00:18:41 Okay! Let's rock and roll.
00:18:43 What's happening to me?
00:18:46 Ah! Gotta go! [grunting] [all groan] [all] Uh? Huh? Uh?
00:18:56 [laughing] Aah! Go! Let's go! Let's go!
00:18:59 Let's go! Let's go! Back at ya! That's right.
00:19:00 Reptil for the save.
00:19:04 [laughing] Don't get cocky, kid.
00:19:06 Doom tends to have a fallback plan.
00:19:08 [sniffing] Ah, speakin' of the devil.
00:19:11 That fractal is mine!
00:19:12 Oh, yeah? There's only one of you and two of us!
00:19:21 Doombots.
00:19:22 I thought I smelled Robot grease.
00:19:25 ♪♪
00:19:29 ♪ [mariachi] No fractal here. Maybe the others are having better luck.
00:19:43 Ahhh! [grunts] Oh, for crying out loud! You can't throw a cow in this town without hitting a superhero.
00:19:52 You do, and you'll be arrested by a superhero, tiny.
00:19:56 Oh, don't just stand there. Wreck 'em!
00:20:00 [growling] By Baldur's manly earlobes!
00:20:07 Our blip was naught but naught!
00:20:09 Look! A group of construction workers seem to be playing with our teammates! Fun!
00:20:15 Uhh! [grunting] Hey, Thunderwimp, aren't you missing something?
00:20:19 Like your ball? Uhh! Uhh!
00:20:21 Uhh! Uhh! Don't worry.
00:20:21 There'll be a nice cold boo-boo buddy on your head... while we interrogate you.
00:20:27 I'm afraid not, Archer, for I have need of them.
00:20:32 You see, I'm doing a little remodeling, and, as evil as I am...
00:20:39 even I recycle.
00:20:40 Gone! And they didn't leave behind a single clue!
00:20:47 Okay, all we have to do is keep this fractal from falling into the hands of all those Doombots...
00:20:53 uh...without touching it.
00:20:56 Any ideas?
00:20:56 As a matter of fact, yes.
00:20:58 Stegosaurus plates! On my feet!
00:21:00 Another good call, kid.
00:21:03 [growling] Huh? 'Bout time to show 'em some unnecessary roughness.
00:21:22 [grunting] Wolverine! Ain't one of Shellhead's fancy containers, but...
00:21:33'll do. [cheering] [cheering, laughing] Way to go, guys.
00:21:43 What do you know?
00:21:44 Baby boy did all right.
00:21:46 What'd you expect?
00:21:47 They never stood a chance...
00:21:50 against two heroes.
00:21:51 You done good, Reptil. Ha!
00:21:54 Like I said before...
00:21:55 I have a little more brain power-- W-w-whoa!
00:22:00 Whoa!
00:22:05 Itisyour turn to go get him.
00:22:11 Uhh! Hulk home!
00:22:14 Iron Man? Lobster! [phone ringing] Uurgh! Phone and phone! Hulk sick of you!
00:22:22 [grunting] [Hulk roaring] R-r-r-ring!
00:22:30 R-r-r-ring!
00:22:35 R-r-r-r-r-ring!
00:22:36 Closed-Captioned ByJ.R. Media Services, Inc.

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