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Super Hero Squad Show Sunday (S 1: E 4) Hulk Talk Smack!

Here you go SHS fans!

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00:00:00 Wow, and I thought your face was ugly!
00:00:10 Uh! I've had just about-- [whispering] I've had enough.
00:00:15 I'm getting out of here.
00:00:20 Wait for me!
00:00:25 Certainly! You could run after them!
00:00:27 Or you could stay here and help the bystanders.
00:00:34 Hulk is right.
00:00:36 And that's just wrong.
00:00:38 Sh!
00:00:53 It wasn't my fault, Dr. Doom. It was-- It was Mimi's fault!
00:00:57 My fault? You were the one crying all the way here.
00:01:00 Oh, Wasp! Please don't sting me there!
00:01:04 I have sensitive-- Silence!
00:01:06 Bet you he calls us fools.
00:01:09 [Dr. Doom] I heard that.
00:01:10 Fool.
00:01:12 Head to the sewers, and rendezvous with Toad and the Melter.
00:01:17 Do not fail me again!
00:01:22 [Iron Man] No, falcon, it's out of the question!
00:01:25 Fractals have to be kept in the vault!
00:01:26 But if you take the fractal away from him, Iron Man, then we go back to dumb Hulk!
00:01:31 And this new Hulk is sharp as a tack.
00:01:33 No more explaining everything three or four times, no more fouled-up missions, and no more buying a new fridge every other day.
00:01:38 Are you saying that Stark Industries doesn't make a sturdy fridge?
00:01:42 Hey, fractals are dangerous.
00:01:44 Period.
00:01:45 I assure you, Iron Man, the fractal will be completely safe in my pocket.
00:01:50 Do you honestly think someone is going to steal my pants?
00:01:54 Yeah, good point.
00:01:55 Uh, did I just lose an argument With the Hulk?
00:01:58 Told you.
00:01:59 I'm sorry to interrupt, but the old me kept a collection of comic books.
00:02:06 Could anyone help me transport these infantile tomes to the recycling center?
00:02:11 Absolutely!
00:02:12 Lead the way, new and improved Hulk!
00:02:14 Oh, wait up! I'll get my price guide!
00:02:16 [electronic humming] Nuts.
00:02:21 [laughing] Guys, the Toad and the Melter are stanking up the sewers.
00:02:27 Doom must have a line on another fractal!
00:02:30 Super Hero Squad,Hero up!
00:02:34 ♪ When the bad guys are out, all you have to do is shout, now ♪
00:02:38 ♪ "Who's gonna Hero Up?" ♪
00:02:40 ♪ Who'll save the day? The Super Hero Squad!
00:02:41 ♪
00:02:45 ♪ They'll Hero Up, again ♪
00:02:49 ♪ Super Hero Squad! ♪ ♪ Hero Up! ♪
00:02:56 They're supposed to be here somewhere.
00:03:01 [laughing] [Melter] Knock it off, toad.
00:03:04 [laughing] Ah, smell that stale air!
00:03:10 Disgusting.
00:03:11 Come on, let's hurry up and get this over with.
00:03:13 What does that do?
00:03:14 Booby traps. If any of those heroes try to follow us, they will be blasted into pieces.
00:03:59 WE'RE ALVIN AND THE MIPCHUNKS--( laughs ) I mean,alvin and the big skunks.
00:04:03 ( laughing ) CUT!
00:04:04 Stop fooling aroundfor one minute.
00:04:06 Alvin, move.
00:04:08 Can we stick to the old script here? cut!
00:04:09 Please stop getting caramel sauce on your fur.
00:04:12 !!
00:04:15 Let's go to lunch.
00:04:16 ( bell rings ) ..
00:04:20 Helloooooo gorgeous.
00:04:21 From alvin and the chipmunks,the squeakquel, rated pg.
00:04:25 ONLY IN your McDonald'shappy meal.
00:04:26 ♪ BA DA BA BA BA ♪ ( crash ) CUT!
00:07:05 [Thor] Ugh! by mine handsome nordic nostrils!
00:07:09 Yon stench is nigh o'erpowering!
00:07:11 My eyes doth water!
00:07:13 It's just a sewer, Thor.
00:07:13 Didn't realize it would offend your delicate sensibilities.
00:07:17 Ha! The brawny Son of Odin be not delicate!
00:07:20 Yet it will take a fortnight or more to wash such odious corruption from mine hair!
00:07:25 So these tunnels allow water to carry things away.
00:07:29 Cosmic.
00:07:30 What exactly do they carry?
00:07:32 Sludge.
00:07:33 What is sludge?
00:07:34 Uh, sludge is, uh...
00:07:36 It's everything. All mixed together.
00:07:39 Whoa! Did that tomato peel just move its legs?
00:07:42 That's just some sewer gas bubbling up.
00:07:45 [sniffs] Wait! Something doesn't smell right.
00:07:48 Gee, you think? Whew!
00:07:50 Something else.
00:07:53 I dealt it not!
00:07:55 [Iron Man] Booby traps! all over the tunnel!
00:07:59 Oh, this really stinks!
00:08:00 Perhaps the power cosmic will remove the threat!
00:08:07 Uh! Zounds, Surfer!
00:08:08 Canst thou wield the power cosmic to freshen the air?
00:08:12 It dost reekith so!
00:08:13 It is the power cosmic, not magic.
00:08:22 Has anybody seen all my books and video games?
00:08:26 Hm. Unfortunately, I did.
00:08:28 Fortunately, I threw them out for you.
00:08:31 No need to thank me.
00:08:32 You threw out my stuff. How could you do that?
00:08:34 Your belongings were all so childish.
00:08:37 I didn't throw out anything important.
00:08:39 You-- You threw out Redwing?!
00:08:41 Did I? Hm.
00:08:42 Your attachment to lesser creatures demeans you, Falcon.
00:08:46 Hulk, you don't just throw out someone else's pet.
00:08:49 My dear Wasp, is that a new costume?
00:08:53 You noticed? Do you like it?
00:08:55 Oh, my goodness, no.
00:08:57 It makes you look a little matronly.
00:08:59 You should ask for your money back.
00:09:02 But I made this costume myself!
00:09:05 Ah, I see.
00:09:06 Well, we all make mistakes.
00:09:08 You know, he may be smart, but the new Hulk is kind of self-centered.
00:09:12 No, he's kind of a jerk!
00:09:16 [Wolverine breathing heavily] I've got their scent! Up ahead!
00:09:22 I need to catch my breath!
00:09:24 They're going to be on us!
00:09:26 We need a diversion! Toad!
00:09:27 [laughing] Keep your eyes open for-- Uh!
00:09:34 [laughing] Da! Forsooth!
00:09:38 [laughing] [laughing] Disgusto has the home court advantage down here.
00:09:58 Uh! Not this time, bub!
00:10:04 [grunts] Uh! Now Toad!
00:10:10 Feel the power of mine enchanted hammer!
00:10:16 So that is what happens to a toad when it is hit by lightning.
00:10:21 What a let-down.
00:10:29 Aw, man.
00:10:36 Save your strength, shellhead.
00:10:37 By the time we move that rock, they'll be long gone.
00:10:40 We gotta take the long way around.
00:10:45 Just the thing to pay Hulk back.
00:10:48 A good one.
00:10:49 What are you doing?
00:10:51 Punking a punk.
00:10:58 I believe this is yours?
00:11:00 Really, Falcon.
00:11:01 The old Hulk might have been fooled by your childish pranks, but new Hulk is not amused.
00:11:07 My pranks are not childish, they're genius!
00:11:08 So there! Bleh.
00:11:13 Falcon, Falcon, Falcon.
00:11:15 You will never put one over on me.
00:11:18 The sooner your fine, feathered brain gets that, the happier we'll all be.
00:11:24 Uh!
00:11:29 Ah!
00:11:34 Rest assured, I shall file an official protest with Shield.
00:11:37 A good, swift mediation will deal with you.
00:11:43 He, uh, he didn't do anything.
00:11:45 He's not only annoying, now he's chatty.
00:11:48 Yeah, what's good is a Hulk that won't smash?
00:11:56 Uh, the city reservoir?
00:11:58 [laughing] Slight changes in the water temperature suggest a fractal directly on the other side of the dam.
00:12:10 Melter!
00:12:11 When the reservoir is empty, the first fractal will be mine.
00:12:26 [Dr. Doom] And as we speak, the Abomination and MODOK are en route to retrieve a second fractal.
00:12:35 Not only will the flood wash away the city and make it easier to find other fractals, but Iron Man and his foolish cohort will never be seen again!
00:17:13 Wolverine!
00:17:17 I say thee nay!
00:17:21 This volume of water, It will overfill the sewers and flood the city above!
00:17:25 Mjolnir cannot hold for long!
00:17:28 Falcon! Falcon!
00:17:29 Falc! You up there? Tony! It's the Wasp!
00:17:31 [Iron Man] Oh. who?
00:17:33 The Wasp! Who?
00:17:34 The Wasp!
00:17:35 Oh! Wasp! Wasp, we're trapped until we can find a safe place to put this water!
00:17:39 The reservoir must have taken a hit!
00:17:41 We'll join you there as soon as we can!
00:17:47 All too easy.
00:17:49 Bow before the macrocephalic power of...
00:17:52 Modok!
00:17:54 Uh, and me.
00:17:55 Oh, and him.
00:17:56 This will lead us to where they're keeping the fractal!
00:17:59 Do you mind?
00:18:01 Some of us are trying to-- Ah, I see we have unwelcome guests.
00:18:11 What are you on about, man?
00:18:12 ♪ I know where the fractal is! I know where the fractal is! ♪
00:18:17 Ah, MODOK.
00:18:18 M-o-d-o-k.
00:18:19 The mental organism designed only for kickball.
00:18:23 I'm so clever.
00:18:24 Yes. Hey, that's not what it stands for!
00:18:27 And my old arch-nemesis.
00:18:31 He's talking to you, luppy buns.
00:18:35 Speak English!
00:18:45 [strange sound effects] Uncultured oaf!
00:18:50 Have at you!
00:18:53 I laugh at your insignificance!
00:19:03 [strange sound effects] Be careful, Wasp!
00:19:18 Don't want to see you get smashed!
00:19:20 Dude, just 'cause I'm small doesn't mean I'm not tough!
00:19:29 [Wasp] Falcon! go find hulk!
00:19:31 Hulkmeister! Come on, buddy.
00:19:34 What's the point?
00:19:35 So that dimwit in there can beat on me?
00:19:38 No, no! You become the Hulk again!
00:19:40 The real one, I mean. With, uh, friends.
00:19:42 Just drop the fractal, Hulk, and you'll be back to normal.
00:19:45 Normal? I was dumb!
00:19:47 And my clothes were hideous!
00:19:49 Look, if you stay smart, you'll get beat, and Doom gets the fractal.
00:19:53 Well, then you get dumb again anyway.
00:19:54 Or you can be yourself.
00:19:56 [Abomination] Hello!
00:19:59 Give it to me, now!
00:20:06 [laughing] Not talking smart anymore.
00:20:10 Touche.
00:20:15 [Hulk roaring] [Wasp] Uh!
00:20:21 Zap!
00:20:26 [Abomination] Uh!
00:20:34 [both screaming] Hulk smash!
00:20:39 Dat better, Bird?
00:20:41 Oh yeah.
00:20:42 Iron Man's last orders were to get to the reservoir!
00:20:46 Hulk go!
00:20:52 The dope is back.
00:20:59 Hold that pose, Thor!
00:21:01 Ah! I have something!
00:21:02 An abandoned subway tunnel, big enough to hold all this water!
00:21:04 Problem. We just have to find a way to get it there.
00:21:09 Leave that to the power cosmic.
00:21:15 Now, Thor!
00:21:16 Verily! You betcha!
00:21:18 Surfing on water? Truly an odd sensation.
00:21:47 Oh! Another sparkly!
00:21:50 We should probably get out of here.
00:22:25 [Falcon] I got your back, green guy!
00:22:31 Whoa!
00:22:37 Do you see it? The water! It's headed for the city!
00:22:46 Whoa, the Wasp grows big too?
00:22:49 No fair!
00:23:00 Still think I'm fragile?
00:23:02 You are tougher than all of us, Wasp!
00:23:06 Please don't step on me.
00:23:30 Ha-Ha! Way to go!
00:23:32 Wooo!
00:23:33 We may have lost a fractal, but we saved Super Hero City!
00:23:37 Well, we'll get them all someday!
00:23:38 At least we got Hulk's strength factor back up to "off the charts".
00:23:41 I'd hate to room with a giant rampaging goon who's only kind of strong.
00:23:46 You got that right, Iron bub.
00:23:51 Your crew did an excellent job rebuilding the library.
00:23:53 [Iron Man] I made the check out to john porter, is that okay?
00:23:58 Yo, steely.
00:23:58 This check is short by a couple hundred sheckles.
00:24:00 [Iron Man] squaddies calling me!
00:24:04 You don't have to come here if you don't want to!
00:24:07 We can go somewhere else, Hulk.
00:24:09 Nah.
00:24:10 Hulk put book on hold.
00:24:17 The Effects of Theoretical Quantum Astrophysics in the Negative Zone, by Amadeus Cho?
00:24:32 Are you still feeling the effects of being the Gray Hulk?
00:24:36 You sure you wouldn't rather have a book with pictures?
00:24:39 Bleh! No pictures!
00:24:42 Pictures taste bleh!
00:24:50 [Hulk] Oh,bibliography!
00:24:54 Encyclopedia! All you can eat buffet!
00:25:00 Oh!
00:25:02 [librarian screams] Be quiet!
00:25:05 [echoing] Be quiet!
00:25:07 [echoing] Be quiet!
00:25:09 [Hulk] Oopsie.
00:25:10 Closed-Captioned ByJ.R. Media Services, Inc.

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