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Super Hero Squad Show Sunday (S: 1 E: 5) Enter Dormammu!

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00:00:01 Salutations and greetings.
00:00:04 [All]?
00:00:05 I am Dr. Stephen Strange.
00:00:07 I'll say.
00:00:08 Welcome to my Sanctum Sanctorum.
00:00:11 Sanctum Sanctorum. Sanctorum Sanctum.
00:00:14 She sells sea shells down by the sea shore!
00:00:15 Who is "she" anyway?
00:00:18 I've never met her! Come on!
00:00:19 Make yourselves at home, cowgirl!
00:00:21 Tea? Who wants tea, governor?
00:00:23 Hoo-hoo!
00:00:24 Ah, the Doc's usually not so, uh, what's the word? Off his rocker!
00:00:29 Back on to your rocker, wizard!
00:00:31 So speaks Thor!
00:00:33 I know why you've come.
00:00:35 [All] Ah!
00:00:37 The Eye of Agamotto sees all!
00:00:40 Even your innermost thoughts!
00:00:44 [thinking] Ah, magic freaks me out.
00:00:46 Although that Enchantress sure is a looker.
00:00:49 [thinking] He's the Sorcerer Supreme of our entire dimension?
00:00:51 Maybe the job stress is gettin' to him.
00:00:54 [thinking] Hulk smash!
00:00:55 [thinking] Hmm... doth these leggings make me look fat?
00:01:00 [laughing] You're just big-boned.
00:01:01 You seek the cause of the magical disturbances in the air, I take it.
00:01:06 Bingo! But do you know how to stop it?
00:01:10 The Orb of Agamotto shall reveal the culprit!
00:01:14 Eye of Agamotto, Orb of Agamotto, what was it? Buy one get one free at Magic Mart?
00:01:19 Shhh!
00:01:20 Ostendo sum nobis atrum dimension!
00:01:24 What be yon strange and terrible vistas?
00:01:27 Why, it be, er-- Ahem. I mean, it is an alternate realm known as the Dark Dimension!
00:01:35 Aw, how come its never the duckies and bunnies dimension?
00:01:43 [Dr. Strange] Behold the dream dormammu.
00:01:47 Ruler of the Dark Dimension!
00:01:49 He has been reaching into this world, trying to locate the Infinity Fractals!
00:01:55 ♪ Dormammu ♪
00:01:56 [Dr. Strange] ♪ Dormammu! sonnez la matine!
00:01:57 ♪
00:01:58 ♪ Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques!Dormammu!
00:01:59 ♪
00:02:02 Oh, I like a little brie, please?
00:02:04 No! He hates the singing!
00:02:05 Quiet!
00:02:06 Doc! We need to keep this Dormammy guy from magically messing with Super Hero City!
00:02:11 Ooh! Hulk smash!
00:02:13 [All] No!
00:02:15 How do we get to the Dark Dimension?
00:02:17 Step right up, my friends.
00:02:18 What you need is a portal to the Dark Dimension!
00:02:21 Step right up!
00:02:21 Be the first in your neighborhood to have one... yeah.
00:02:25 Patefacio a prodigium ut luxor miragum venetium dimension!
00:02:35 [Dormammu laughing] Something has broken the mind of your Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Stephen Strange!
00:02:46 Now, now nothing can stop the Dread Dormammu from conquering this dimension!
00:02:53 [laughing] The uniquely-glazedpops™alope: ..
00:04:59 In the numbersof its tasty pack.
00:05:03 ..
00:05:05 Of the chompodilelurking nearby.
00:05:07 Hungry for a crunch.
00:05:09 ..
00:05:12 ..
00:05:14 Over the deliciousyellow creatures.
00:05:16 ( chomping ) ..
00:05:20 Of this balanced breakfast.
00:05:21 ( roaring ) GOTTA HAVE MY POPS™.( pop! ) Here it comes!
00:06:26 The first cupcake cereal ever!
00:06:27 ♪ New cupcake pebbles, party in a box ♪
00:06:30 mmmmmm!
00:06:30 ♪ Tastes yummy like a cupcake ♪
00:06:32 ♪ makes you want to rock ♪
00:06:34 new post cupcake pebbles.
00:06:36 Part of a good breakfast.
00:06:37 ♪ Party in a box! ♪ yum yum!
00:07:20 [laughing] You set us up!
00:07:30 Psst.
00:07:31 Your head's on fire!
00:07:41 Now that I'm in this dimension, [Wolverine] You're goin' right back where you came from, bub!
00:07:45 We got enough trouble chasing down Infinity Fractals.
00:07:49 [growling] Uh!
00:07:55 Ah!
00:07:59 Dude! Your head is on fire!
00:08:05 No need to lower myself to battle the likes of you.
00:08:10 Mindless ones!
00:08:22 [Dormammu] The mindless ones!
00:08:24 Unliving creatures who do my bidding!
00:08:28 [growling] Uh!
00:08:34 [struggling] Dormammu and the Mindless Ones.
00:08:43 I have all your albums.
00:08:44 Well here's another one-hit wonder!
00:08:47 Ah!
00:08:50 Huh?
00:08:51 Oh, right! Magic!
00:08:54 I hate magic!
00:08:55 Ah!
00:08:59 [struggling] Hulk smash!
00:09:09 [roaring] Uhh!
00:09:12 Uhh!
00:09:17 Fly mindless ones!
00:09:19 Claim this world for Dormammu!
00:09:27 Time to Hero Up, Squaddies!
00:09:32 ♪ When the bad guys are out, all you have to do is shout, now, ♪
00:09:35 ♪ "Who's gonna Hero up?" ♪
00:09:36 ♪ Who'll save the day? The Super Hero Squad!
00:09:37 ♪
00:09:42 ♪ They'll Hero Up... again! ♪
00:09:46 ♪ Super Hero Squad! [Hero Up!] ♪
00:09:52 Split up and get him!
00:09:56 [roaring] Hey!
00:10:20 Flame on!
00:10:21 I'll show you who's a mindless one!
00:10:24 Ha!
00:10:34 Uhh!
00:10:41 My thanks, Johnny Storm!
00:10:42 But, you were blasting into your own headquarters.
00:10:45 Eh, Reed will just fix it like he always does.
00:10:48 If you are sure this is appropriate human behavior.
00:10:51 C'mon! Light this puppy up!
00:11:03 Ah!
00:11:04 [laughing] [Dormammu] Knock, knock.
00:11:19 Who dares?
00:11:21 Huh?
00:11:25 The spells of protection around this fortress are feeble, but they mark you a threat to Dormammu!
00:11:32 Uh!
00:11:33 Before I end your useless existence, tell me... what is an Infinity Fractal?
00:11:48 [people screaming] Can't a girl design a simple cocktail dress without some fashion victim attacking the city?
00:12:04 Have at thee, base creature.
00:12:09 Uhh!
00:12:13 Uh!
00:12:24 [Hulk] Incoming!
00:12:26 Dumb one leave Bug Girl alone!
00:12:30 Uh!
00:12:36 He did warn ya!
00:12:37 So he did.
00:12:41 Good team work, Hulk!
00:12:42 [kissing] Who's a good boy?
00:12:52 Ahhh!
00:12:57 Yeah.
00:13:01 Ha!
00:13:02 Need a hand, Thor?
00:13:03 No. I'm good. I got it.
00:13:09 I'd say we got 'em!
00:13:11 Yeah? [laughing] What did you do?
00:13:14 [growling] It was just a question.
00:13:16 Just a question.
00:13:17 That's only the last of the stooges.
00:13:18 The main guy's still around!
00:13:20 [Dormammu, laughing] The main guy is everywhere!
00:13:26 This pathetic dimension is ended!
00:13:31 We have a big problem!
00:13:33 [laughing] Huh?
00:17:23 Cap!
00:17:25 [Dr. Doom screaming] Dr. Doom?!
00:17:29 Dormammu must have been to the Vault and taken all the fractals we've recovered!
00:17:33 [screaming] [laughing] Careful. Every known Infinity Fractal is embedded in Dormammu's collar.
00:17:41 He's the most powerful villain in town.
00:17:44 Tough break, Doom.
00:17:46 [screaming] Dormammu reigns supreme!
00:17:53 [laughing] [laughing] [Wolverine] Uh!
00:18:03 [laughing] [laughing] [Wolverine] No problem, adamantium skeleton!
00:18:08 Uh!
00:18:13 Salutations and greetings.
00:18:14 About time you showed up, Stephen.
00:18:17 Ho? Ho? Who?!
00:18:19 Ha! Think again, Doorman Moo!
00:18:22 That's Dor-Mam-Mu!
00:18:24 We got a Sorcerer Supreme on our side!
00:18:27 [giving raspberry] Hibbity-Bobbity, baby!
00:18:28 I'm not gonna stand for you and who and you and all your-- [yodeling] [screaming] Oh!
00:18:39 [gobbling] [screaming] Eh?
00:18:51 Uh!
00:18:56 Aah!
00:18:57 Huh?
00:19:01 What is this foolishness?!
00:19:04 All right, now I'm really steamed.
00:19:05 I don't mean to press you, but don't play dumb with us.
00:19:09 You two magic boys are obviously working together.
00:19:12 Plus, your clothes are all wrinkly.
00:19:15 Nonsense!
00:19:16 Dr. Strange will be the first I destroy!
00:19:18 He's right! I'm left.
00:19:20 You are gone! I'm late for a bus! Still here?
00:19:21 Not really.
00:19:24 Oh, yeah? Prove it, crazy pants.
00:19:26 Make your Eye of Agamotto show us your true nature!
00:19:30 All right! But I warned ya!
00:19:33 Bbbbb-b-b-b-b-b-b!
00:19:36 Bbbb-b-b-b-b!
00:19:38 I'm starting to understand him.
00:19:43 [Dormammu] An infinity fractal!
00:19:46 Inside the Eye of Agamotto!
00:19:47 So that's why the Doctor has been acting so, well, strangely.
00:19:52 Even for a guy named Strange!
00:19:54 I must have it!
00:19:55 [Falcon] Oh, no, you mustn't!
00:19:56 Give the Infinity Fractal to me, Dr. Strange, and I will allow you to live!
00:20:04 [Bbb-b-b-b-b-b] This is crazy!
00:20:06 Relinquish the fractal!
00:20:08 Can you not see? Dormammu is enormous!
00:20:17 [Hulk] Hulk fry flame head!
00:20:19 [grunting] A non-stick pan I may be, but a non-stick pan imbued with the power cosmic!
00:20:25 I call upon the Flames of the Faltine!
00:20:29 Hey, Flames!
00:20:36 Feel the power of Iron Man!
00:20:38 On the cotton setting!
00:20:40 [grunting] Dr. Strange... [grunting] don't you get it? There's something in your eye!
00:20:49 You dirty Mary-Margaret! How dare you!
00:20:52 Kumalatta Veesta!
00:20:56 More magic. Great.
00:20:58 Uhh! Ooh!
00:21:00 Ooh!
00:21:02 [laughing] I have it!
00:21:07 And I am free of the fractal's power!
00:21:20 Dormammu, how dare you enter this dimension?
00:21:23 Fool! You summoned me forth!
00:21:26 Fourth?
00:21:27 Hulk thought him summoned you first!
00:21:29 Well, I'm un-summoning you now!
00:21:32 Alstentendo Sunobus Altrum Dimensions!
00:21:38 Ahhh!
00:21:39 [Dr. Strange] Return to your world of evil.
00:21:40 [screaming] [Dr. Strange] Your powers are weakening, evil one!
00:21:44 Now Dr. Strange is master, and you are lost!
00:21:50 No!
00:21:53 By the mighty Vishanti, begone!
00:21:57 Propinguius prodigium ut atrum dimension!
00:22:00 You cannot defeat the Dread Dormammu!
00:22:05 I shall return!
00:22:07 Well, if you do, we'll be sure to bring more marshmallows.
00:22:11 Because seriously, your head is on fire.
00:22:14 Fire!
00:22:15 Like that's weird.
00:22:17 [growling] Oomp! [grunts] Thanks for the save, lady.
00:22:21 Oh, these liberated women of today.
00:22:23 Equal pay for equal work, I say!
00:22:26 See you around the USO!
00:22:27 Fools! Doom will prevail!
00:22:33 Now we just have to get all these fractals to the Vault before Doom's goons come back.
00:22:37 Restituo!
00:22:47 Magic does have its uses.
00:22:49 Huh. You've never been abra-cadabra-ed into a putter.
00:22:52 I'll stick to hi-tech, thanks.
00:22:54 Yeah, leave the magic to the experts.
00:22:57 Abraca-presto!
00:22:58 Hey!
00:22:59 [Dr. Strange] leave magic to the Sorcerer Supreme!
00:23:03 David Copperfield?
00:23:05 [squawks] Uh?
00:23:08 Uhhh...
00:23:13 [moaning] [ghostly moaning] [screaming, panicked chatter] [Dr. Strange] Even as my friends, the super Hero Squad, exit post-haste, I sense an eerie presence creeping from my kit-- Mighty Vishanti! My brownies!
00:23:39 I left them in the-- [coughing] I left them in the-- [coughing] the oven!
00:23:43 Closed-captioned ByJ.R. Media Services, Inc.

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