Sunday, February 12, 2012

Super Hero Squad Show Sunday! (S:1 E:3)

Heya! I'm having the worst time finding this complete episode online, but I did manage to find 2/3rds of it on Youtube. :/ Unfortunately doesn't have this episode loaded up as advertised.

As always, you can download the entire episode on iTunes! (And if you have a good link to the full episode, please share in the comments below!)

Here's the transcript from

00:00:00 ave the day? The Super Hero Squad ♪
00:00:05 ♪ They'll Hero up again ♪
00:00:08 ♪ Super Hero Squad! Hero up ♪
00:00:11 ♪ Super Hero Squad! Hero up ♪
00:00:13 ♪ Super Hero Squad! Hero up ♪
00:00:16 ♪ Super Hero Squad ♪
00:00:18 I hate those Squaddies.
00:00:29 Silver Surfer, you almost crashed Ms. Marvel's favorite toy.
00:00:32 And heck hath no fury like a woman whose Helicarrier has been scorned.
00:00:39 I'm only trying to do my best.
00:00:41 Yeah, well, some of your best worries me lately. Lately?
00:00:52 [giggles] Sorry.
00:01:00 I am merely making an effort to fit in with earth culture.
00:01:04 Well, that explains why you had "upside down day" in the Shield cafeteria.
00:01:12 Uhh!
00:01:15 I thought perhaps zero gravity would give you a more...
00:01:18 cosmic dining experience.
00:01:21 I had to steam-clean my armor!
00:01:23 Three times!
00:01:25 Uh! Those gravy stains!
00:01:26 Mmm. Makes Hulk hungry!
00:01:29 [gulping] Oh! It's coming back up!
00:01:32 No, it's going back down.
00:01:34 [Hulk belches] Alas! Just a fortnight ago, yon spaceborne sentinel denied me his surfboard as a mirror.
00:01:46 Why are you all looking at me?
00:01:47 It's because I'm fat, isn't it?
00:01:49 You don't look fat, Goldilocks.
00:01:52 The surfboard adds ten pounds.
00:01:54 Surfer, we appreciate your enthusiasm. However-- Say no more, Iron Man.
00:01:58 I must wander the earth for a time-- alone.
00:02:02 [sniffling] Hulk love that story.
00:02:05 Look, uh-- Hey, that's not what I meant...
00:02:09 At least take my GPS.
00:02:19 Still unstable.
00:02:21 How will I meld this fractal dagger without more cosmic energy?
00:02:26 Perhaps my powerful brain-- Silence!
00:02:29 Your powerful brain more often gives me a headache.
00:02:33 Where? Where can I find a source of more cosmic energy?
00:02:38 Wait! Wait! What's this?
00:02:41 The Silver Surfer's power should do the trick!
00:02:45 Elderly human, I will assist you.
00:02:48 Ahhh!
00:02:48 I wanted to cross in the other direction, you-- you silver stumblebum!
00:02:53 [screams] No need to thank me, good citizen.
00:02:56 [splash] Let me help you in your endeavors.
00:03:08 That plant creature will harass you no longer.
00:03:11 [crying] I shall assist!
00:03:23 [Foreman] But we were just supposed to put on a new roof!
00:03:27 You're welcome!
00:03:30 Ahh. A whole grape jelly, onion, and tuna fish pizza, all for me.
00:03:44 Hey, sparkly, Doc Doom needs you.
00:03:47 Perhaps, but I do not need him.
00:03:50 Oooh!
00:03:51 [groaning] Tremble at the power of Modok, he who brought down the Helicarrier with one shot!
00:03:59 I'm afraid that was me. Ahh!!
00:04:02 Ohh! Aah! Aah! Aah!
00:04:04 Ohh!
00:04:05 [grunting] Tremble! Tremble in fear!
00:04:10 Of Modok!
00:04:11 Hey, ya chrome dome, what gives?
00:04:14 Uhh!
00:04:15 I give!
00:04:16 I also take away!
00:04:19 [laughing] Uhh!
00:04:26 Aah!
00:04:28 Uhh!
00:04:37 Modok!
00:04:38 Deploy the cosmic containment field.
00:04:45 My brilliantly designed containment field has him, um, contained within its field.
00:04:52 Hey! I ain't in love with chrome dome, but you gotta let him go!
00:04:58 Criminy!
00:04:58 They took the beach bum. I gotta go tell Iron Man.
00:05:04 Oomp!
00:05:06 Ahhh!
00:05:07 [Abomination whimpering] trade?
00:06:33 [ Male Announcer ]RESPECT THE POUCH, Respect it!
00:07:09 Cough, cough.
00:07:09 hang on, honey, it's gotta be in here somewhere.
00:07:10 Anncr vo: you know you're gonna need it.
00:07:14 Anncr vo: why not stock up for less at walmart?
00:07:15 Save an average of 25% on theseproducts compared to leadingnational drug store chains.
00:07:19 Vo: save money. live
00:07:25 Up!
00:07:27 the for Honey Nut Cheerios will finally be mine!
00:07:33 Not if I can help it, Yellow Jacket.
00:07:35 Ugh...Keep him busy boys I don't think so!
00:07:39 Ugh! MMMMMM!
00:07:40 Ugh! Yummy! Yummy! (slurp, slurp) Well that backfired a little bit.
00:07:44 I'll get that honey yeeeeeeeeeeeet!
00:07:47 (announcer) The honey is safe this time...
00:07:50 ...for Honey Nut Cheerios!
00:07:51 Part of this good breakfast!
00:08:09 WE'RE ALVIN AND THE MIPCHUNKS--( laughs ) I mean,alvin and the big skunks.
00:08:14 ( laughing ) CUT!
00:08:14 Stop fooling aroundfor one minute.
00:08:17 Alvin, move.
00:08:18 Can we stick to the old script here? cut!
00:08:19 Please stop getting caramel sauce on your fur.
00:08:22 !!
00:08:25 Let's go to lunch.
00:08:27 ( bell rings ) ..
00:08:30 Helloooooo gorgeous.
00:08:32 From alvin and the chipmunks,the squeakquel, rated pg.
00:08:35 ONLY IN your McDonald'shappy meal.
00:08:36 ♪ BA DA BA BA BA ♪ ( crash ) CUT!
00:08:40 tonight, sweetie.
00:08:41 You've had chef every night this week.
00:08:43 But I love chef.
00:08:46 ( sharp whistle ) ( barks ) Mother: What do you want for dinner?
00:09:05 Announcer:CHEF BOYARDEE. BOY, THIS STUFF Is good.
00:09:20 This place. It is dank, dark, and draining my energy.
00:09:26 It is the pit of my despair.
00:09:28 It's a dungeon!
00:09:29 We weren't going for curb appeal!
00:09:31 What did you expect? Ice cream and cookies?
00:09:38 What need do you have for my cosmic powers?
00:09:41 Silence!
00:09:42 Heh heh! I love saying that.
00:09:44 When Doom's not around. He's gone, right?
00:09:46 [chuckles] You have no need to know of my villainous plan for you!
00:09:50 Uhh...I thought it was the Doc's plan.
00:09:55 Oh...his plan.
00:09:56 My plan. I did all the legwork.
00:09:58 Legwork? But you only got teeny-tiny legs.
00:10:02 [Doctor Doom] Modok! ahh!
00:10:03 Keep draining his cosmic energy!
00:10:05 When we have taken ninety percent of his power, the fractal dagger will be complete!
00:10:11 And...what will the dagger do?
00:10:13 A miniature version of the Infinity Sword's power to reshape the universe.
00:10:19 With this, I will be able to deconstruct entire cities at the molecular level!
00:10:28 Just drain his cosmic power at a constant rate. Understand?
00:10:34 "Understand?" Yes, I understand everything! Ooh!
00:10:36 I'd kick your butt if my legs weren't so tiny!
00:10:40 Uh, can we suck out his powers faster?
00:10:42 Uh, I could give you some tips, my friends.
00:10:45 Twenty percent is customary.
00:10:48 Say, why would you help us?
00:10:50 The faster my powers are drained, the faster this ordeal is over.
00:10:55 [sighing] Would you not at least wish to have my torment complete?
00:11:01 [Thing] You know, I don't have a great history with that shiny space case, but, uh... this ain't right.
00:11:06 Look, the only reason Doom would take him, is to somehow drain his cosmic powers.
00:11:11 He could use that energy to bind together several fractals.
00:11:15 Uh, yeah.
00:11:16 What is all this fractal stuff, anyway?
00:11:18 Sheesh! Where have you been?
00:11:19 The fractals are the remnants of the most powerful item in the universe-- The Infinity Sword.
00:11:23 I'll never forget the day that Doom opened the rift-window to retrieve the Infinity Sword.
00:11:29 [laughing] [laughing hysterically] [grunts] I couldn't let that much power fall into Doom's hands.
00:11:38 I did what I could, but it wasn't enough.
00:11:41 Since then, we've battled Doom at every turn for those fractal pieces.
00:11:44 And now, the foul evildoer has taken our friend.
00:11:47 And my wallet!
00:11:48 Yeah, after we drove him out because we thought he was weird.
00:11:52 He is weird.
00:11:53 Said the man who smells like a rodent and has built-in machetes.
00:11:56 [growling] Hey! The thing of it is, we can't let him rot in Doom's dungeon!
00:12:00 Yeah. The Thing's thing is the main thing.
00:12:02 I made a new cloaking device.
00:12:04 The Stark Stealthizer 7.
00:12:06 Don't ask about the first six.
00:12:07 If I can hook it up to the Helicarrier, we should be able to get close enough to Doom's HQ that we can bust out the Silver Surfer.
00:12:13 A prison break from Villainville.
00:12:15 Now we're talkin'!
00:12:26 Yes.
00:12:26 I can feel the energy draining from me.
00:12:29 Work your legs faster.
00:12:30 Explain to me again. How does this help to drain your powers?
00:12:34 Why, your motions create a-- a cosmic antenna, which enhances the power-draining effect.
00:12:41 Uhh, that don't make any sense.
00:12:44 Not to you, it doesn't. Oaf!
00:12:47 But isn't there something else we can do?
00:12:49 Something less... aerobic?
00:12:52 Well...let's see.
00:12:53 Proper nutrition helps.
00:13:03 Yes!
00:13:04 The world's biggest chocolate brownie!
00:13:07 Now, eat up and drain your energy!
00:13:09 Cosmic!
00:13:10 But you misunderstood.
00:13:12 You must eat the brownie.
00:13:14 What?! [laughs] I've been waitin' for this!
00:13:18 [laughing] Ohh! Mmm! [burps] Isn't there something we can do that involves our brains?
00:13:27 [beeping] Okay.
00:13:37 Next question.
00:13:39 What gets wetter the more it dries?
00:13:42 Yes, yes! I know this!
00:13:43 There is a silicon-based creature on a moon of Anthos 12 that has-- A towel? Ahhh!
00:13:50 [Silver Surfer] Indeed!
00:13:51 A towel gets wetter the more it dries!
00:13:54 You win again! Oooh!
00:13:56 A tow-- Ask a real question this time!
00:13:59 Very well.
00:14:00 Where is the ocean deepest?
00:14:02 Wait. I'm running the numbers.
00:14:04 The Marianas Trench.
00:14:05 It reaches depths of 6.8 miles and-- [buzzer sounds] Oh!
00:14:09 The ocean's deepest... at the bottom!
00:14:12 Correct!
00:14:12 What? The bottom?
00:14:14 You can't be serious!
00:14:16 [Doctor Doom] Modok!
00:14:17 What is going on down there?
00:14:20 No matter.
00:14:21 The fractal dagger... is almost complete!
00:14:26 Good work.
00:14:30 They dare to attack me?
00:14:32 They will pay once my fully-powered infinity dagger blasts them out of the sky and Super Hero City off the face of the earth!
00:14:43 [Doctor Doom laughing evilly] I've got a bead on the Silver Surfer.
00:14:50 He's in that dungeon! Time to Hero Up, Squaddies!
00:14:55 ♪ When the bad guys are out, all you have to do is shout now ♪
00:14:58 ♪ Who's gonna Hero Up? ♪
00:15:00 ♪ Well, they may not get along, but they're always fighting strong now ♪
00:15:03 ♪ Who's gonna Hero Up? ♪
00:15:05 ♪ Super Hero Squad! Hero Up ♪
00:15:08 ♪ Super Hero Squad ♪
00:15:10 Hulk, make a hole.
00:15:12 [laughs, grunts] Belly flop!
00:15:15 [grunts] [grunting loudly] Yo! Need a hand?
00:15:28 How about two hands?
00:15:32 I need only a few more minutes for the fractal dagger to be complete.
00:15:38 What about the Silver Surfer?
00:15:40 He's of no more use to us.
00:15:42 [Doctor Doom laughing] [laughing] Hold off those heroes!
00:15:57 Concentrate on freeing the Surfer!
00:16:08 Huh!
00:16:11 Unh! Redwing! Do something about that stone in his forehead!
00:16:16 Hey! That's unsanitary, you flying vermin!
00:16:20 [grunting] Ahhh!
00:16:25 [Modok screaming] [screams] [Abomination grunting] [grunts, growls] [grunts] [Wolverine] Nice try!
00:16:36 Ha! [grunts] Moves pretty well for a big guy.
00:16:43 [laughing] Yes! Yes!
00:16:46 My fractal dagger is comete!
00:16:54 [Hulk yells] Come on, sparkles.
00:16:59 Let's get you back to where the sun shines, huh?
00:17:03, my board.
00:17:18 Hey, Tin Man, we found him!
00:17:20 He's in bad shape, but he'll live.
00:17:22 Excellent work, heroes. Now we can turn our attention to-- Aah! [Doctor Doom laughing] My fully charged fractal dagger will make you pay for your insolence.
00:17:35 Uhh!
00:17:36 Uhh!
00:17:46 Iron Man! Doom almost cut you in half with that thing!
00:17:49 Whoo! Pick, pick, pick.
00:17:51 [Iron Man] Let's cloak before doom nails us again.
00:17:54 [laughing] Yes!
00:17:58 [Silver Surfer] Cosmic waves, washing over me, making me stronger!
00:18:03 Returning my power cosmic!
00:18:08 Uhh!
00:18:10 'Tis a reprehensible weapon!
00:18:12 Yon dagger hath the power to de-molecularize 'most anything!
00:18:16 Yeah! Wait. That means us, right?
00:18:19 Aren't we made of molecules?
00:18:27 I am the only one with the cosmic energy to stop Doom.
00:18:35 [Dr. Doom laughing] Soon, every fractal will be in plain sight, once I obliterate the city around them!
00:18:42 Farewell... Superhero Squad!
00:18:47 Aah!
00:18:48 [screaming] The power of this object was not intended for any earthly being!
00:19:06 That is not for you to say!
00:19:08 In fact, it is.
00:19:10 Aaahh!
00:19:15 Aaaahhh!
00:19:22 [cheering] All right! Yeah!
00:19:33 Back! [grunts] I shattered the infinity dagger into fractals again.
00:19:42 Doom has not one fractal left.
00:19:44 You know we can find them before Doom can.
00:19:46 How about for now, we go home.
00:19:48 Yes. With you, my friends, I have found a home.
00:19:55 The Silver Surfer taught me stuff, like, what goes up, but never comes down?
00:20:02 Wait. I know this.
00:20:03 The Cetaurans have an anti-gravity missile that-- Unh-unh. Your age.
00:20:08 Silence!
00:20:16 As an offering of thanks, I've brought you your favorite pulpated tomato and cheese-covered disks.
00:20:21 Whoa! That's real big of you, silver britches!
00:20:37 [eating noises] He has an appetite, like, unto Galactus!
00:20:41 Yeah, it's an issue sometimes.
00:20:42 Hey, let's go out, and I'll buy youse a slice!
00:20:43 What do ya say?
00:20:47 Cosmic.
00:20:48 [Thing] What kinda cheese do ya like?
00:20:49 Like, Mozzarella's good, right? Sweet.
00:22:14 Amazing things can happen when you taste watch this. wow!

Happy dueling!

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