Sunday, March 4, 2012

Super Hero Squad Show Sunday (S: 1 E: 6) - A Brat Walks Among Us

If someone knows where you can get the full episode online for free, let me know! Otherwise, there is always iTunes . . .

Transcript from Livedash follows:

00:00:02 [clicking] [fight grunt] Ooh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
00:00:06 [gwling] [growling] Hulk, don't worry about them!
00:00:12 Grab the girl and get that fractal!
00:00:15 Uhh...
00:00:17 [laughing] [screaming, whining] [crying] [crying] Quick! Grab that brat! I mean Save that girl!
00:00:30 Do not fear, my teammate.
00:00:33 [whining] Huh?
00:00:36 [groaning] Uhh!
00:00:40 Whoa! Whoa!
00:00:41 [thud] [groans] Huh?
00:00:43 [grunting] No!
00:00:46 Put me down! Oh, man.
00:00:49 [groans] [laughing] Careful!
00:00:52 That fractal makes her stronger, but weakens those around her!
00:00:56 Then I'd better hit her real hard!
00:01:00 Uhh!
00:01:01 Velociraptor legs!
00:01:04 [growling] Hey!
00:01:07 Ooh!
00:01:08 You got a pretty-pretty, just like me!
00:01:11 But mine's a fossil, not a fractal.
00:01:13 Thanks, little girl, for not de-powering it.
00:01:18 Yeah!
00:01:18 [panting] Slow down!
00:01:25 With my massive psionic blast, I will destroy you all!
00:01:30 [laughing] Coming through!
00:01:33 Waaayy...out.
00:01:36 [grunting] [clang] Ooh...
00:01:39 Uhh! Uhh!
00:01:40 [grunting, muttering] No, wait!
00:01:42 Uh, this is...awkward.
00:01:45 Ooh!
00:01:47 What's your name, sweetie?
00:01:48 Brynnie. Brynnie Bratton.
00:01:51 [laughing] Hah!
00:01:52 Last one.
00:01:53 Unh!
00:01:57 Ohh, Hulk lose?
00:02:00 Cheer up, my giant green friend.
00:02:02 You got MVP.
00:02:03 Hulk got MVP?
00:02:05 Oh, call doctor!
00:02:08 Hulk has MVP!
00:02:10 [crying] No!
00:02:19 [Doctor Doom] I will have that fractal!
00:02:22 It'll be mine. Mine, mine!
00:02:24 Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!
00:02:27 Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!
00:02:30 Whoa! Whoa! Hey!
00:02:31 Um, Brynnie? Can you put the cosmic being down?
00:02:34 Please?
00:02:35 Uh, sweetie. How about if Uncle Iron Man makes you a pretty new tiara?
00:02:39 Like the one Luke Cage wears?
00:02:40 It's a headband.
00:02:42 It's a tiara. We've all discussed it.
00:02:44 [crying] Mine!
00:02:46 [crying and whining] My daddy found this and gave it to me!
00:02:49 [screaming] I want my daddy!
00:02:51 We want what you want. Where is he?
00:02:54 [crying] I don't know.
00:02:56 He's working, and I miss him.
00:02:58 I wanted the Heroes for Hire to help me find him.
00:03:02 Why didn't you say so, cutie pie?
00:03:04 Ooh! Oh...oh...Ooh!
00:03:06 Falcon, your speed factor would sure be a help in findin' her pops.
00:03:10 Okay. There, there.
00:03:12 [crying] [screams, cries] Somebody, take her.
00:03:22 What does this do?
00:03:23 No! Don't touch that!
00:03:24 Uh-uh! No way.
00:03:28 [Ms. Marvel screams] Ms. Marvel! Hi!
00:03:32 [giggling] Ooh! I like that! That's mine!
00:03:36 Ooh, shake it!
00:03:37 Eh, don't touch that either! No, no! No, no!
00:03:40 [giggling] Again.
00:03:43 Falcon, did you find "little brat the invincible's" daddy?
00:03:48 Found him!
00:03:57 [Falcon] Turns out brynnie's old man's a fireman.
00:03:59 What do you know about that?
00:04:00 I think he should come over here and extinguish his little brat.
00:04:03 Firefighters!
00:04:04 As your Mayor, I-I must inform you, I was using this section of the Great Wall to store packing material. It's, uh, it's very flammable.
00:04:12 Oh, it's, uh, what do you call that stuff?
00:04:13 Uh, uh, excelsior!
00:04:24 Huh! Ha!
00:04:26 Ahhh!
00:04:28 Uhh!
00:04:29 Hup! Hey!
00:04:31 Way to go! Major props!
00:04:33 Major props!
00:04:34 No! [laughing] Captain America.
00:04:37 I didn't come here to make cracks.
00:04:38 Except in those super-villains' skulls!
00:04:42 All lit up here, Doomie.
00:04:49 [Brynnie giggling] Ooh, this shiny. What's this do?
00:04:52 [Iron Man] That one's the windshield wipers.
00:04:54 Pretty. What does this one do?
00:04:56 And that one ignites a fusion reaction that will end all life on earth as we know it.
00:05:00 Ooh, pretty!
00:05:01 [mechanical clunking] Aah!
00:05:03 [laughing] She pushes it anyway.
00:05:08 This is why I don't wanna have any Iron kids.
00:05:10 [laughing] Yeah! Again! Again!
00:05:15 A little help here!
00:05:16 [Brynnie laughs] Again! again!
00:05:18 [Reptil] Tyrannosaurus head.
00:05:20 [laughing] Ah! Again! [laughing] Again!
00:05:25 [sighing] Tyrannosaurus head!
00:05:28 [Brynnie laughs] [laughing continues] [laughing] Not here.
00:05:48 Where kid?
00:05:50 [laughing] [growling] [laughing] Again! Again!
00:06:00 Trade ya.
00:06:02 Mmmhh!
00:06:03 [sighing] Okay.
00:06:06 How 'bout this one?
00:06:07 [on verge of crying] [screaming] [screaming] Urrgh! [grunts] Look here, fire bub!
00:06:29 It's Pyro!
00:06:32 [Pyro] Ahhh!
00:06:34 And that's for interruptin' me.
00:06:37 I-N-terruptin'.
00:06:39 Wow, Luke sure is strict!
00:06:41 Unh!
00:06:49 With these two out of it, this mess'll be under control soon.
00:06:53 How's Falcon doin'?
00:06:58 Fireman Bratton! Unh!
00:07:00 Kinda busy.
00:07:01 It's about your daughter.
00:07:02 Oh, now I'mreallybusy.
00:07:08 [Brynnie laughing] [continues laughing] [cat screeches] [snoring] [Brynnie] [laughs] [Thor moaning fearfully] [teeth chattering] [Brynnie chattering in distance] Daddy!
00:07:31 [whimpering] Daddy!
00:07:34 [Brynnie crying] I want my daddy!
00:07:38 [whimpering] I'm going to find my daddy.
00:07:44 Ahhh!
00:07:46 [laughing] Whooo-hooo!
00:07:50 [laughing] Daddy!
00:08:01 [overly friendly] Hello, little girl.
00:08:04 [screaming] Can I skip school? absolutely not.
00:09:33 Can I get a mohawk? absolutely not.
00:09:35 Nunchucks? absolutely not.
00:09:37 Can I get a dirt bike? can I have a tattoo?
00:09:40 Join a band? a monkey?
00:09:42 Head shaved? nose pierced?
00:09:43 .. lutely. not.
00:09:45 Can I have jalapenos?
00:09:46 Absolutely.
00:09:47 " you get exactly what you want.
00:09:50 An awesome sub piled highwith everything you like, and nothing you don't.
00:09:55 fresh.
00:09:56 ( music blasting, off ) Look!
00:11:15 It's the shrine of the selfish fruit master!
00:11:18 Yum!
00:11:18 HOI! IF YOU WANT MY DELICIOUS Froot Loops®® Cereal, you'll have to defeat my kung fu style.
00:11:26 Uh oh.
00:11:27 ♪♪ ♪♪
00:11:29 here, fish!
00:11:30 My tasty colors!
00:11:32 Mmm!
00:11:34 [ screams ] Try this bowl.
00:11:36 [ Male Announcer ] Kellogg's Froot Loops®® Cereal: The irresistilicious part of this balanced breakfast.
00:11:40 Just follow your nose!
00:12:28 Huh?
00:12:29 [gasping] [eating sounds] [excited chatter] Yum yum.
00:12:37 [growls angrily, indistinct] [growls] Oh! Ahhh!
00:12:44 [laughing] [Doctor Doom screaming] [laughing] [laughing] [gulps] Mmm?
00:12:51 Mmhh! Mmhh! Mmhh!
00:12:53 [spitting] [screaming, muttering] Yuck!
00:12:58 Ooh! Uhh!
00:12:59 [screaming] Someone, stop that little brat! And get that fractal!
00:13:06 [giggling] [growling] You smell bad.
00:13:11 Uh, thank you.
00:13:13 [grunts] [Abomination] Ooh!
00:13:16 Ooh! Ohh!
00:13:21 Ohh! Uh-- Ow! It tickles! Stop!
00:13:27 Ohh! [gasping] Uhh!
00:13:30 [gurgling] Now you smell good!
00:13:34 [crying] [crying] My skin's sensitive.
00:13:40 Ohh... [sobbing] Uhh!
00:13:44 Oh...
00:13:44 it's okay, little baby!
00:13:47 Ohh... [burping] [laughing] That's you!
00:13:52 [laughing] What are you laughing at?
00:13:55 You have bad breath.
00:13:57 Stinky teeth!
00:13:59 Uhh! This isn't right!
00:14:02 Aah!
00:14:03 Oh! Oh! Ooh! Ahh!
00:14:05 Aaaaaahh!
00:14:11 Aah!
00:14:11 ♪ Brush around and round ♪
00:14:13 ♪ And up and down ♪
00:14:15 ♪ Get every tooth ♪
00:14:16 ♪ That's the truth! ♪
00:14:18 [shouting indistinctly] Uhh!
00:14:22 And now, I'm gonna burp you, too.
00:14:25 There you go.
00:14:26 [burping] [laughing] Brat's...powers... too strong.
00:14:31 Uhh...
00:14:32 Can't...fight.
00:14:42 Well, it's back to the vault with these two.
00:14:43 Good job, Squaddies.
00:14:47 I'm the only Squaddie.
00:14:48 [laughing] Roger that!
00:14:50 Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup!
00:14:51 Yo, Iron Man. We got our props.
00:14:54 Well, uh...frankly we've, uh...
00:14:56 [laughing] Funny story.
00:15:08 [grunting] [Brynnie] Again! again!
00:15:13 [laughing] Uhh!
00:15:16 [giggling] Again! Again!
00:15:19 Ha ha ha! Again!
00:15:24 [screaming] Ooh!
00:15:29 [laughing] Wheee!
00:15:31 [laughing] Ooh! I'm glad she'sgone.
00:15:37 You idiot!
00:15:38 We need that fractal!
00:15:41 Bring me everyone!
00:15:43 What do you mean, "everyone"?
00:15:44 Hmm. Let's see.
00:15:46 [yelling] Everyone!
00:15:49 Oh, and get Abomination off me...
00:15:54 now!
00:16:01 Daddy!
00:16:02 Daddy! Where are you?!
00:16:08 Daddy?
00:16:12 Daddy?
00:16:16 Daddy!
00:16:17 Where are you?!
00:16:28 [Brynnie] Daddy!
00:16:30 [echoing] Where are you?!
00:16:33 Falcon. We're in the mobile control center now.
00:16:35 Tell her father not to worry. We'll find her.
00:16:38 Wait. I'm picking up something.
00:16:39 It's coming from the park!
00:16:42 [crying] Get that fractal!
00:16:50 Save that Brynnie!
00:16:52 Uhh!
00:16:53 Ohh!
00:16:56 [grunting] Sabertooth's got her.
00:17:01 Argh!
00:17:02 [screaming] But Wasp has just swooped in for a big steal!
00:17:05 Uhh!
00:17:06 [Reptil] juggernaut puts wasp down and just grabbed Brynnie!
00:17:09 [grunts] But the Thing lands a powerful hit! Fumble!
00:17:12 It's a fumble! Brynnie could be anybody's!
00:17:13 Fumble!
00:17:15 [laughing] And...Toad comes up with her. Yuck!
00:17:19 [laughing] Melter and Screaming Mimi are blocking for Toad.
00:17:23 Things look bad for our Super Heroes.
00:17:25 But Mr. Fantastic and Storm have made an opening!
00:17:28 And here comes Colossus!
00:17:30 Yes! Colossus grabbed Brynnie!
00:17:32 What a play, folks! What a play!
00:17:35 Yeah!
00:17:36 Are you done?
00:17:38 Come on, Reptil!
00:17:39 Get your dino-tail in the game!
00:17:40 You got it, coach!
00:17:44 Huh?
00:17:45 [screaming] [Reptil] Tyrannosaurus head!
00:17:47 [Brynnie screaming, whimpering] [roaring] I want my daddy!
00:18:02 [grunting] [whining] Uhh!
00:18:13 This isn't fun!
00:18:15 I don't wanna play anymore!
00:18:19 [grunting] [Brynnie grunting] Whoa! She's going nuclear!
00:18:27 No, she's overloading the fractal with bratty emotion!
00:18:30 This is big trouble! How big?
00:18:33 Infinitely big!
00:18:34 It's an Infinity Fractal!
00:18:36 It'll wipe out six dimensions!
00:18:38 [Iron Man] Cage! get over here! fast!
00:18:41 [siren] Whooo!
00:18:46 Dog. I gotta get me one of these.
00:18:48 [Luke Cage] Woo-hoo!
00:18:50 [horn blares] [screaming] Daddy!
00:18:57 I have always loved you.
00:19:00 Uhh!
00:19:02 [Brynnie screaming] [panicky wailing] [screaming] [siren] [screaming] Daddy!
00:19:17 Huh?
00:19:18 Daddy! Ha ha ha!
00:19:21 [laughing] Oh, Daddy! I missed you so much!
00:19:29 Ah, she's a real sweet kid, Fireman Bratton.
00:19:31 You must be very proud. Whew, that was close.
00:19:36 Uh, yeah. Listen, sweet pea, I want to give your tiara to the nice Super Heroes. Okay?
00:19:44 Okay, Daddy! Sure!
00:19:47 [Squaddies gasping] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Not good!
00:19:49 Not good! Hulks and fractals... do not mix!
00:19:55 [chatter] I know a lot of big green guys couldn't pull that...
00:19:58 [Iron Man] That's great.
00:20:01 [laughing] Hulk pretty!
00:20:03 Um, that might be stretching the definition of "pretty" just a little.
00:20:08 Bah. Lobster jealous!
00:20:09 Closed-Captioned ByJ.R. Media Services, Inc.


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  2. Nice! Isn't it weird that nobody ever uploads the third part? By the way, it looks like your price guide needs updating. :)