Sunday, March 25, 2012

Super Hero Squad Show Sunday (S1 : E7) From the Atom . . . it Rises!

Transcript from Livedash:

00:00:00 [grunts] Why didn't I become a hairdresser?
00:00:00 We're here to help. Follow us.
00:00:00 [metal clangs] [grunts] Spread ou
00:00:00 [grunts] ♪ [humming] ♪ [humming] Zounds, this magical formula cleans as it shines.
00:00:17 [Computer Voice] Armor detoxification complete.
00:00:19 Speak for yourself. I can still smell it!
00:00:22 Mole Man? They ought to call him Skunk Man!
00:00:24 [Computer Voice] Have you tried tomato juice?
00:00:26 Is the place ship-shape yet?
00:00:28 Eew! You call this clean?
00:00:31 It reeks in here!
00:00:32 Oh, that's my armor.
00:00:34 Uh-oh, this is bad!
00:00:35 You're telling me.
00:00:36 I can smell you through the comm link!
00:00:38 Not the smell, Ms. Pris The plans Scorpio stole were for my top secret particle collider.
00:00:43 Very dangerous in the wrong hands.
00:00:47 [whirring] Well, well, well, finally we meet, Scorpio.
00:00:53 I am-- Doctor Doom, I presume?
00:00:56 You presume too much.
00:00:58 What would you say if I told you I was about to harness the power of a black hole?
00:01:06 I'd say you have an active imagination.
00:01:09 [chuckles] I do.
00:01:12 I do.
00:01:13 Imagine it-- a black hole at my fingertips that I can manipulate for my evil purposes...
00:01:20 and unlimited minutes!
00:01:22 How is all this possible?
00:01:23 I had Mole Man hollow out a large circular chamber deep under Super Hero City.
00:01:29 Circular?
00:01:30 He couldn't get the shape right at first.
00:01:32 Shh! Shh! It started as a square.
00:01:33 Then it was a triangle.
00:01:34 Modok! [gasps] I have constructed all I need to operate an advanced particle collider.
00:01:41 I even have a fractal with which to power it.
00:01:46 There's only one thing I lack to make my plan work.
00:01:52 [clears throat] Let me guess-- the collider control program I stole from Stark's labs.
00:01:57 Oo this is the start of a beautiful and fiendish friendship!
00:02:04 [laughs] [coughs] "A beautiful and fiendish friendship"?
00:02:10 Ha! I can be just as good a spy-guy as that Scorpio.
00:02:14 See? I, Modok, am master of disguise!
00:02:18 Does this one make my head look big?
00:02:19 They all make your head look big.
00:02:24 [yells] Got to be faster than that, hairball.
00:02:31 Thou art toast!
00:02:36 [grunts] [birds chirping] [moans] Of course, father Odin, what small child would not prefer a hammer to a new bicycle-- Ooh, rainbow bridge.
00:02:46 That was fun!
00:02:48 Can we try it again?
00:02:49 [groans] Okay, okay.
00:02:52 Virtual off!
00:02:55 We're all gonna do it again until we learn how to fight Scorpio on his terms.
00:02:58 [grunts] That's for your "hairball" crack.
00:03:09 That controller program is the final piece I need.
00:03:14 Glad I could help out.
00:03:15 Modok! Abomination!
00:03:17 Install the fractal!
00:03:20 [Modok] Oh! busted again!
00:03:21 How does he even know it's me in this clever disguise?
00:03:30 [whirring] Wow. Scorpio was planting a bomb!
00:03:37 I had a suspicion he wasn't all bad!
00:03:41 Oh, well, well, well.
00:03:44 It's Nick Fury, the super-spy in charge of S.H.I.E.L.D.
00:03:49 We'd gotten word of your plans, Doom.
00:03:50 We just needed to get inside to confirm the location.
00:03:54 Thanks for the help.
00:03:55 Well, "thanks for the help." Too bad it won't do you any good.
00:04:01 This is precisely where the black hole will open.
00:04:06 And you, Mr. Fury-- [laughs] You will be its first victim.
00:04:12 [beeping softly] Oh no, Fury's in trouble!
00:08:30 [Iron Man] m, if this is about the detergent spill down on deck 18, I can explain.
00:08:35 No, Iron Man, I'm afraid this is much more serious.
00:08:44 I have to reveal to you that Scorpio is really the head of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury-- Nick Fury, the spy?
00:08:51 No way! Really?
00:08:52 Nick Fury, the world-famous secret agent?
00:09:00 [lasers zap] [fists smack, body thumps] [Ms. Marvel] He infiltrated villainville to uncover Doom's latest scheme, and now he's in trouble.
00:09:13 Fury's activated his emergency beacon.
00:09:15 We've got to save him!
00:09:16 No problem.
00:09:17 I can modify my Scorpio Seeker X1 to be my Fury Finder X1.5, now with lemon scent!
00:09:23 Hurry, Iron Man, I-- [sniffing] [growls] You tin head!
00:09:28 You spilled non-biodegradable soap on my beautiful deck 18?
00:09:32 Thank you, Surfer.
00:09:34 Hey, uh, you think Nick Fury would sign my armor?
00:09:37 No. Oh. Either way, time to hero up!
00:09:40 ♪
00:09:43 ♪ When the bad guys are out ♪
00:09:44 ♪ All you have to do is shout now ♪
00:09:46 ♪ Who's gonna hero up? ♪
00:09:48 ♪ Well, they may not get along ♪
00:09:49 ♪ But they're always fighting strong now ♪
00:09:51 ♪ Who's gonna hero up? ♪
00:09:52 ♪ Super Hero Squad! ♪ ♪ Hero up! ♪
00:09:55 ♪ Super Hero Squad! ♪ ♪ Hero up! ♪
00:09:57 ♪ Super Hero Squad! ♪ ♪ Hero up! ♪
00:10:18 [grunting] Abomination, move him!
00:11:20 [grunting] Once you open a black hole, Doom, you'll never be able to control it.
00:11:29 This specially designed gauntlet will-- [beeping] [imitates airplane] [laughing] Doh!
00:11:43 Ow! Hey.
00:11:45 This specially designed gauntlet will let me manipulate the black hole at will.
00:11:51 But why tell you, when I can show you!
00:11:55 [ceiling booms, rumbling] [roars] [laughs] Hulk crash!
00:12:05 Huh, that's new.
00:12:06 Wolverine, Falcon, and Reptil, you rescue Fury while we hold off the baddies.
00:12:10 With pleasure.
00:12:11 You're with us, scaly shorts.
00:12:13 Hold them off until the black hole forms!
00:12:19 [growling] [cackles] This is for stinking-up my best Sunday armor!
00:12:29 Now I'm repulsed!
00:12:31 [passing gas] [cackling] [others gasping, groaning] It's too easy!
00:12:38 Ugh!
00:12:38 I think Mole Man ate something dead for breakfast.
00:12:41 [grunts] [grunts] [cackling] [growls] [laughs] [yells] [energy zapping] Fie, foul Modok, away thy inferior forehead beams!
00:13:01 How did you recognize me in my disguise?
00:13:13 [yells] [Iron Man] Doom's opened his black hole!
00:13:18 [grunts] [screaming] [grunts] Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!
00:13:31 I have the power of the universe at my fingertips!
00:13:41 [laughing] [Iron Man] We have to knock that fractal out of position so that black hole doesn't get much bigger!
00:13:48 Yea! Though it doth pull at me like a stormy vortex!
00:13:52 Ah, my wristwatch!
00:13:54 [laughing] [grunts] Whoa!
00:14:10 [growls] [roaring] [laughing continues] [grunts] Ow! Hey! My over-sized hat!
00:14:33 [glass shatters] Yeah, perfect shot!
00:14:43 [controls beeping] [alarm blaring] What? I can't control it!
00:14:52 [crackling] Huh?
00:14:54 [grunting] [growls] [yells] [loud clang] [yelling] Black hole strong!
00:15:07 But nothing stronger than Hulk!
00:15:14 Now's our chance.
00:15:15 Get them closer to that black hole!
00:15:19 [Mole Man yelling] [Doctor Doom] No! bend to my will!
00:15:28 You can't see me!
00:15:29 I'm in disguise!
00:15:31 [screams] [screams] Phew! Thanks, Iron Man.
00:15:52 Sorry for all the sneaking around.
00:15:54 Oh, are you kidding?
00:15:55 That's what you super-spy, man-of-a-thousand-faces guys do.
00:16:00 It's awesome!
00:16:04 [Ms. Marvel] Ready to begin your inspection tour, Mr. Fury, sir?
00:16:08 Yea! The cleanliness of this vessel would please even Odin's body-servant, Gary.
00:16:13 Uh, excuse me, Nick?
00:16:14 I can call you Nick, right?
00:16:15 That one time you blew up that undersea Hydra base with nothing but a penlight and two cough drops and saved the hot Russian girl?
00:16:21 That was awesome!
00:16:23 Awesome!
00:16:25 Would you mind, um, signing-- Stow it, fan boy.
00:16:28 [giggles] As you can see, the Super Hero Squad are model tenants.
00:16:35 [shrieks] [munching and growling] [shatters] Oh, Hulk was hungry from cleaning.
00:16:46 Sorry.
00:16:47 Eww. My, my!
00:16:49 I'm so sorry, sir.
00:16:51 Um, Nick?
00:16:53 Nick Fury? Sir?
00:16:54 [Nick Fury] The inspection will have to wait.
00:16:55 I've been called back to Washington on an urgent assignment.
00:16:58 Fury out. [radio beeps] Aw, now I'll never get my armor signed.
00:17:02 Iron Man, look!
00:17:03 "Stay awesome." Signed Nick Fury, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
00:17:06 There's a word for guys like him-- awesome.
00:17:09 Hey, what do you suppose happened to Doom and his buddies?
00:17:14 [Doctor Doom] We must return to my infinity fractals!
00:17:18 Well, at least you can signal your FTL rocket to come get us.
00:17:23 Is that lucky or what?
00:17:25 Lucky?
00:17:25 This is the most horrific outcome of a brilliant and nefarious plan ever.
00:17:32 Ever!
00:17:33 Oh, could be worse.
00:17:34 Worse?
00:17:35 Really?
00:17:37 What could be worse?
00:17:38 [Mole Man passes gas] Ugh! That's how!
00:17:42 My eyebrows are melting.
00:17:43 Abomination, open a window!
00:17:44 Open a window!
00:17:45 [Mole Man] No! no! no!

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