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Super Hero Squad Show Sunday (S 1: E 9) This Forest Green

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00:00:12 [all yelping] So Doom's gotten hold of a shrinking ray.
00:00:28 Yeah, but I know where to get a whole shrinking guy.
00:00:39 [computer voice] Scan complete.
00:00:41 Airlock contains one source of Pym particles.
00:00:49 [Iron Man] Ah, the man who discovered pym particles, Dr. Hank Pym, better known as Ant-Man.
00:04:35 What's all this about shrunken villains?
00:04:39 Doom's using one of your generators.
00:04:41 It has to be one of Egghead's cheap dollar-store knockoffs.
00:04:44 Follow me.
00:04:56 [Ant-Man] their vehicle leaves a faint trail.
00:05:01 When you find them, I'll stomp the little stinkers.
00:05:05 Most unjust, my friend. We do not seek revenge.
00:05:08 Now don't even think about stomping the baddies, Wolverine.
00:05:12 There's a fractal in there.
00:05:13 You wanna end up with claws made out of rubber or bone?
00:05:20 In here?
00:05:21 That's the way the quantum resonance scans.
00:05:24 The kitchen. Great.
00:05:25 We're gonna have to search every culinary inch of it!
00:05:28 Yeah, but even if we catch those teeny meanies, the fractal will be too small to see.
00:05:32 Unless we lower ourselves to their level.
00:05:35 Makes sense.
00:05:36 All right, squaddies, hero up!
00:05:40 ♪ When the bad guys are out All you have to do is shout now ♪
00:05:44 ♪ Who's gonna hero up? ♪
00:05:46 ♪ Superhero squad Hero up ♪
00:05:48 ♪ Superhero squadHero up ♪
00:05:51 Or shall we say hero down?
00:06:04 Look!
00:06:12 Falc, check the window. See if it'll hold.
00:06:16 [M.O.D.O.K.] I knew we should have gotten an SUV.
00:06:18 Remove your finger from my nose.
00:06:21 [Egghead] that is my thumb and part of Abomination's ear.
00:06:27 Oh, no. I just had it washed.
00:06:31 You just had Abomination's ear washed?
00:06:34 Thanks.
00:06:36 [whimpering] [grunts] Get behind the craft. We'll blast our way out.
00:06:46 Egghead's got a high-intensity explosive rocket, and look where it's aimed!
00:06:54 Oh, what a revolting development this is!
00:06:58 Shrunk in our enemies' kitchen, led by this pinhead!
00:07:04 Relatively speaking.
00:07:08 Quickly! Falcon's hindquarters are in danger!
00:07:16 [chortles] Egghead, you jughead! Do something!
00:07:21 I have a plasma blaster in the Eggmobile.
00:07:29 [Egghead] The fractal!
00:07:30 [M.O.D.O.K.] Don't touch it!
00:07:32 It's powerful and unpredictable.
00:07:34 Oh, how sloppy of me.
00:07:35 I'll just activate the Egghead Hover-orb.
00:07:39 [Ant-Man] Hover orb?
00:07:40 You stole another one of my inventions?
00:07:42 Correction-- I improved your invention.
00:07:54 [Iron Man] we got a dip in the salsa!
00:07:58 Whoops! Butterfingers!
00:08:01 Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
00:08:07 Ow.
00:08:08 [electronic beeps] [computer voice] Entry denied.
00:08:11 Helicarrier has been sealed.
00:08:14 Hey.
00:08:16 Ow.
00:08:17 S.H.I.E.L.D. officer override.
00:08:21 [M.O.D.O.K.] Hey, the door's open! Forget bonehead!
00:08:24 [Abomination] But what will doctor doom say when we show up with no fractal?
00:08:29 Who cares?
00:08:30 Turn around. Let's go get bonehead.
00:08:37 Dang flies.
00:08:38 Now, let's see how you make these fancy quesadillas.
00:08:41 Not just quesadillas, Ms. Marvel.
00:08:43 Reptilla quesadilla supremos.
00:08:46 First we heat the tortilla.
00:08:56 Blasted peppers! Jalapeños make me hurl.
00:08:59 Man, I could really go for some chips.
00:09:03 He's headed this way!
00:09:04 Whoa. That piece of onion!
00:09:09 Well, I'll be dipped in salsa.
00:09:11 It's Egghead!
00:09:13 Or should I say, deviled Egghead!
00:09:16 [laughing] Yeah, nice smack-talk.
00:09:19 [M.O.D.O.K.] How about less talk and one big smack!
00:09:27 Imira!doesn't that look good?
00:09:29 Next we make sure the salsa's mixed.
00:09:52 [snoring] Mm.
00:10:07 Ah. Seems well mixed now.
00:10:10 [sniffing] Hulk smell something yummy!
00:10:16 Mm.
00:10:20 Oh.
00:10:23 Whoa! This is one fiesta I don't want to be a part of!
00:11:08 now in session!
00:11:08 Your honor you got to keep Cocoa Puffs away from me!
00:11:11 But, why?
00:11:12 I call my first witness...
00:11:14 Cocoa Puffs!
00:11:15 Chocolate in the court!
00:11:17 I'm cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.
00:11:18 [ Male Announcer ] Chocolaty Cocoa Puffs, part of a good breakfast.
00:11:23 your mother's advice.
00:11:26 Your own instincts.
00:11:27 There are some things you know you can trust.
00:11:29 ..
00:11:32 With the unique no more tears®® formula, the most trusted way to bathe your baby.
00:13:53 We all do it. but you don't have to.
00:13:59 Thanks to time releasedodor protection from secret.
00:14:02 Secret flawless renewal.
00:14:03 It's still working,so you can stop checking.
00:14:27 Ah-ah-ah, Hulk. You sit and wait until it's done.
00:14:31 Yellow Hair not Hulk's mommy.
00:14:33 Okay, now, we spread the salsa on the tortilla.
00:14:40 [all screaming] Aah! Aah! Aah!
00:14:47 A spoon? You need to mash down with a fork-- you know, really get the juice out of the peppers.
00:14:54 Help me! Aah!
00:14:56 Neato mosquito.
00:14:58 Uh, what's tiny noise?
00:15:00 [Reptile] Ah, that's the crunch of the flavors being released.
00:15:09 Aah! Fork! Fork!
00:15:12 Hulk hungry.
00:15:14 Whoa!
00:15:17 The fractal!
00:15:22 Help me!
00:15:25 Correction-- I am the Queen of Spain.
00:15:28 He's getting away! Hey, Ant-Man!
00:15:30 I'm not a hundred percent on this whole shrinking plan.
00:15:34 Yeah, here's the thing, though.
00:15:36 The Pym particle generator's full of salsa.
00:15:40 Do you mean we're all trapped at this size?
00:15:44 Yeah, go figure.
00:15:45 All right, so here we have some killer Mexican cheese, queso blanco, mixed with my favorite cheese, Quesada Joe.
00:15:54 Oh, boy! My favorite!
00:15:58 Cheese named Joe is Hulk's friend.
00:16:01 Quesada Joe. It's super cheesy!
00:16:08 Hulk hungry!
00:16:09 Ah! Jalapeño-- straight from the heart of Mexico!
00:16:17 Raptor claws!
00:16:20 I'll make myself bigger and crush those heroes myself!
00:16:31 Aah!
00:16:32 Ooh! Food green like Hulk.
00:16:35 Uh, careful. That's a genetically modified psycho-piquant jalapeño.
00:16:43 [gibbering] [grunting] Ew! A bug.
00:16:53 Missed! You really shouldn't leave food out too long.
00:16:59 Super Hero Squad! Rendezvous on Hulk's finger!
00:17:03 [Falcon] Get outta there! he's gonna sniff!
00:17:12 Ehh.
00:17:14 Uh-oh, he's moving into the interior.
00:17:23 Are you planning on getting bigger and saving them?
00:17:25 Me? My Pym particle generator's full of salsa, and my helmet's out of gas.
00:17:30 How can I get six guys out of a nose without picking it?
00:17:37 Hmm. Extra volcanic pepper. That might do it.
00:17:44 [chuckles] [hums] Oopsie.
00:17:47 Uh, have you washed your hands?
00:17:49 Why? Food not dirty.
00:17:53 Bombs away!
00:17:58 Hulk nose burns!
00:18:02 Turn your head!
00:18:04 Ah-choo!
00:18:11 Interesting substance. Semi-liquid state full of organic molecules.
00:18:16 Uh, yeah, it's called snot.
00:18:19 Ooh.Muy caliente.
00:18:22 Ah-ah-ah. Hulk.
00:18:23 Okay, Hulk eat this one.
00:18:25 What a guy.
00:18:27 Ah! Save me, Iron Man!
00:18:29 I've never been to Europe!
00:18:33 Man.
00:18:35 Look before you eat!
00:18:38 Bird? Bah! Bugs.
00:18:41 Ew. It's infested! Some kind of chiggers.
00:18:45 Tyrannosaurus eyes! Hey, wait a minute.
00:18:50 Oh, look!
00:18:51 Iron Man, Wolverine, Silver Surfer, some guy with a big head. Huh. M.O.D.O.K.
00:18:57 Hi.
00:18:57 Bugs not squaddies. Bugs bugs. Hulk stomp!
00:19:02 [both] Wait!
00:19:03 [grunting] Servos failing! Power at lowest ebb!
00:19:11 He's the Hulk. Oh, well, okay, there we go.
00:19:15 Acid from the tomatoes gunked up the tesler coil.
00:19:21 Stop, thief!
00:19:29 Hulk don't understand.
00:19:30 We got Lethal Legion in your mess, bub.
00:19:38 Let 'em stew in there for a while.
00:19:42 Oops. The generator's transmission had mucous particles.
00:19:47 The organic molecules will break the stasis in a delayed reaction.
00:19:51 I'm no scientist, but that sounds like-- [all] Eww!
00:20:00 [Abomination] Chunky waterslide!
00:20:05 [Doom]!
00:20:09 I'll take the fractal.
00:20:11 This was fun.
00:20:12 Can I hang out with you guys more often?
00:20:14 Uh. No.
00:20:15 You saved us all, Falcon.
00:20:17 Without superpowers, and shrunk to the size of an insect.
00:20:19 Never too weak to hero up, right? Or prank the Hulk.
00:20:23 Bird prank Hulk? When?
00:20:25 Here. Fill him in while you clean up.
00:20:30 [Hulk sneezes] Closed-Captioned ByJ.R. M

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