Monday, April 2, 2012

Super Hero Squad Show Sunday (S1:E8) Night in the Sanctorum!

Here's what I could find of the show on Youtube (Again, this is the first 2/3rds of the show . . . If you have a link to the full show, let me know)

In my searching for a full episode on stumbled on to a blog of the writer who crafted the script for this particular episode: check it out!

Transcript from LiveDash is as follows:

00:00:00 Hey, you've got your parents' house, okay?
00:00:03 The rest of us need to figure out where we're sleeping tonight.
00:00:06 Well, for now, we can bunk at Stark Industries.
00:00:13 [hum] Huh?
00:00:21 [grunts] What mechanical folderol be this?
00:00:36 This is some welcome, Iron Man!
00:00:38 Will you hold onto your claws!
00:00:40 Lasers off, robot drones off, E.M. bursts-- yeah, what else?
00:00:45 Flamethrowers.
00:00:49 [Iron Man] Everyone, back off!
00:00:53 Huh? That was weird.
00:00:57 Something's wonky.
00:00:59 It'll take hours to switch my auto defenses on and off every time we come or go.
00:01:03 We're going to have to try somewhere else.
00:01:05 Mmm. Me thinks I doth have the answer.
00:01:08 Leave all to Thor.
00:01:10 Everything is working perfectly, Modok.
00:01:12 While they exhaust themselves searching for a new base, we strike!
00:01:18 [laughs] Excellent, Enchantress!
00:01:20 Then the Fractals hidden within Super Hero City will be mine!
00:01:26 I mean Doom's.
00:01:27 Sure, what else?
00:01:34 Super Heroes groaning, complaining] Thanks, Punisher.
00:01:39 We really appreciate this.
00:01:40 Huh!
00:01:41 We're nothing but white blood cells, hunting the infection called crime.
00:01:46 A sickness that sneaks in through the cracks the way that Brussels sprouts sneak onto a plate of delicious macaroni and cheese.
00:01:53 Sure, the city looks safe.
00:01:55 Just push the Brussels sprouts to one side, right?
00:01:58 Wrong! No matter where you put them, their vile, vegetable juices corrupt the whole plate.
00:02:04 Ooh.
00:02:05 [Punisher] I'm out here to keep those stinking sprouts off the mac and cheese!
00:02:09 Keep them from leaving the store in the first place!
00:02:12 [alarm blaring] [all yelling] Look out!
00:02:30 Your van smelled like dirty laundry anyway!
00:02:34 Hulk want mac and cheese.
00:02:36 [object whizzing] Anyone else have any bright ideas?
00:02:42 Let's make prank phone calls!
00:02:44 [growls] [doorbell rings] [gasps] Oh, uh, hi. Is Reptil home?
00:02:56 Hey, guys!
00:02:56 Mami, Papi, Is it okay if my friends spend the night
00:02:59 Es importante.
00:03:03 This'll be awesome!
00:03:07 We can stay up all night planning new ways to capture the bad guys.
00:03:11 We can order pizza, and-- oh, I just got this new video game that is off the hook.
00:03:16 The second someone suggests we make s'mores, I'm ditching.
00:03:20 S'mores!
00:03:22 Hulk love!
00:03:24 Oh, what are s'mores?
00:03:26 Oh, brace thyself, Alien friend.
00:03:28 'Tis a snack like unto ambrosia!
00:03:31 Lo, bring forth the marshmallows!
00:03:38 [laughs] As you can see, I live, breathe, and dream Super Heroes.
00:03:44 Okay, now I'm scared.
00:03:47 You got Ant-Man on your wall and not me?
00:03:51 The Texas Twister? Now I'm just hurt.
00:03:53 Let's try the dream part first.
00:03:56 [Wolverine grunts] Scoot your glutes, thunder Lord!
00:04:00 Crowd me not, furry friend!
00:04:02 [water flushing] Can broken.
00:04:04 Oh! Hulk calls top bunk!
00:04:07 [rumbling, glass shattering] [all groaning] That smarts!
00:04:12 No worries. Adimantium skeleton.
00:04:14 Can someone turn on a night light?
00:04:16 Gosh. I didn't even do anything wrong.
00:04:18 [Wolverine] We shouldn't have done this.
00:04:19 Totally not cosmic.
00:04:20 [Thor] It's not going to be good for my back.
00:04:22 Hulk, it's your fault.
00:04:23 No s'mores?
00:04:26 See you tomorrow, right?
00:04:28 [Wolverine] Why did we bring him along?
00:04:31 [Hulk yawns] [Iron man] inhumans?
00:04:35 No, too out of the way.
00:04:36 Brother Voodoo? No, too creepy.
00:04:40 She-Hulk?
00:04:41 Hmm, well, maybe if it was just me.
00:04:44 This is the worst.
00:04:46 Aye.
00:04:46 Odin would weep-- and write me out of the will-- and Loki rejoice to see our mighty band struck so low.
00:04:52 Oh! Hulk got idea!
00:04:56 [Sniffs] Huh?
00:04:58 [laughing] Uh, Hulk?
00:05:00 Hulk, heel! Hulk, heel!
00:05:06 No way.
00:05:07 Magic Man!
00:05:09 Odin wept!
00:05:10 Not-- Wait for it-- the sanctum sanctorum
00:07:12 ] Whoa...
00:07:16 Today's special...
00:07:17 the Absofruitalicioustaste of two colors in every Puff!
00:07:22 Rasporangey Orange!
00:07:24 A Fruitly symphony.
00:07:27 Lemony green, tasty with a twist!
00:07:30 And Berry, Berry, Blueee!
00:07:34 Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids!
00:07:36 [ Male Announcer ] Trix swirls the ..Absofruitalicious...
00:07:37 [ Male Announcer ] Part of a good breakfast.
00:07:40 )] auto!
00:07:42 finding everything okay?
00:07:44 I work for a different insurance company.
00:07:47 My auto policy's just getting a little too expensive.
00:07:49 With progressive, you get the "name your price" option, so we build a policy to fit your budget.
00:07:54 Wow! the price gun.
00:07:55 ♪
00:07:55 wish we had this.
00:07:56 We'd just tell people what to pay.
00:07:58 Yeah, we're the only ones that do.
00:08:00 I love your insurance!
00:08:01 Bill?
00:08:03 Tom?
00:08:03 Hey! it's an office party!
00:08:06 The freedom to name your price.
00:08:07 Only from progressive.
00:08:08 Call or click today.
00:09:04 Squaddies stay here!
00:09:06 Uh, bad idea.
00:09:07 Dr. Strange doesn't like to be bothered.
00:09:09 Besides which he keeps really off hours.
00:09:12 Hey, I hear Molecule Man has reformed.
00:09:15 I vote we try him.
00:09:16 [yawn] Let's just do this.
00:09:18 I'm so tired I could sleep in Hulk's armpit if I had to.
00:09:22 [Sniffs] Ew.
00:09:25 Hulk not lemony fresh.
00:09:26 Good, since you're the one who got us into this mess.
00:09:30 [Iron Man] Hulk, door.
00:09:32 [door splintering] [Hulk] Oopsie.
00:09:34 Uh, okay.
00:09:37 Huh. Hulk like Hulk's way better.
00:09:41 [growls] If we had something like that on the Helicarrier, I'd be asleep in my own bed right now.
00:09:56 [Dr. Strange] Greetings.
00:09:57 The Eye of Agamotto has revealed to me that trouble of a magical nature has brought you before me.
00:10:03 Either the Eye of Agamotto is wonky again, or crashing the Helicarrier was one of Falcon's lame magic tricks.
00:10:11 [growls] Actually, Doctor, we're looking for a place to crash, but I know it's a huge inconvenience, and we're kind of a big group, so, uh, it's okay if you say no.
00:10:19 You are welcome to stay for as long as you need.
00:10:23 Darn! I mean, great.
00:10:32 [caw echoes] [growl rumbles] It's plumbing.
00:10:36 Yeah, that's it, just the plumbing.
00:10:40 [thunder cracks] Yeah, wood creaks in old houses when the temperature changes at night
00:10:45 Yeah.
00:10:46 [howling bellows] [shrieks] [Iron Man] Just traffic out on the street.
00:10:51 [laughs nervously] Beep, beep.
00:10:53 [snarls] The supernatural is anything but super
00:10:58 I hate magic.
00:11:00 [Wolverine snoring] [raspy howl] [yells] Bloody fingers.
00:11:11 Bloody fingers!
00:11:13 Metal bones, bub.
00:11:15 Metal bones!
00:11:16 [shrieks] Hmm.
00:11:22 [growls] Aw, great.
00:11:25 Now I can't sleep.
00:11:27 [snoring] [shrieks] [caws] [neighs] [whimpers] [snoring] Cosmic.
00:11:49 [resumes snoring] [wolves howl] [resumes snoring] Magic man must have magic can somewhere.
00:12:09 Uh-uh! [chuckles] Hulk use door!
00:12:26 This not can.
00:12:31 Is it?
00:12:35 [sighs] Nay. Won't eat that.
00:12:38 Nor that-- Oh!
00:12:39 That should not be.
00:12:40 The good doctor be passing strange, not only in name but in pantry.
00:12:46 Ah, let's see.
00:12:48 Ah, a fizzy beverage fit to slake the thirst of an Asgardian.
00:12:52 [gasps] Ah, free at last!
00:12:57 Long have I, Baron Mordo, dwelled on my revenge against my enemy, Dr. Strange!
00:13:03 Nah! It's a spooky can!
00:13:05 Begone, gaseous spirit!
00:13:07 To thee I say nay!
00:13:09 I call upon thee-- [belches] [gulps] The dark lords of Varf Mandra and the - [belches] Excuse me-- ...legions of Shuma Gorath-- [belches] Curse the carbonated-- [belches thunderously] [objects crash and shatter] ...soft drink that was my prison!
00:13:34 [both grunting] [Dr. Strange] By the hoary hosts of hoggoth, what is going on here?
00:13:42 By Astototh, and Vernor, and the Vishanti, back to your beverage, Mordo!
00:13:48 No!
00:13:50 [Dr. Strange] I rescind my invitation.
00:14:00 I'm so tired I could eat a horse.
00:14:02 Wait, that would be hungry, wouldn't it?
00:14:04 [Modok] Your sorcery has brought results at last, Enchantress.
00:14:09 [sighs] Men.
00:14:10 You all have such big heads.
00:14:12 Without their Helicarrier, exhausted from lack of sleep, the good guys cannot stop us!
00:14:19 Behold!
00:14:20 My winged primates of peril sow chaos across the City!
00:14:27 Soon, my minions will sift through the wreckage for fractals.
00:14:31 The minions are Doom's, Modok.
00:14:34 Of course, Doom's minions. What did I say?
00:14:36 [shrieking] Look, flying kitty cats! [laughs] Wake up and smell the Doom, Squaddies.
00:14:46 The city's under attack!
00:15:26 alright.
00:15:27 greedy I gotta tastethe fruity riches!
00:15:31 Whoa! they're monumentally colorful!
00:15:34 Uh oh.
00:15:35 That's mydelicious breakfast!
00:15:37 It's yummyin a mummy's tummy!
00:15:40 RUN! ( panting ) ( shouting ) This should straighten things out.
00:15:47 Kellogg's® froot loops® cereal: The yumfully coloricious part of this balanced breakfast.
00:15:51 ™ for the fruity tastethat shows!
00:17:26 Hello? hello?
00:17:29 Whoa! oh, no.
00:17:31 Wh is it?
00:17:32 Get, get away.
00:17:34 Ahhh!
00:17:35 Greetings, friend.
00:17:37 I'm iq, collector of rare and valuable objects.
00:17:40 This, for instance, absolutely priceless.
00:17:43 I need to find my friends.
00:17:44 Would you settle for dust bunnies?
00:17:46 You can pet them!
00:17:47 Fluffy! puffy!
00:17:49 They never listen.
00:17:50 Goldfish crackers.
00:17:51 Always baked and made with real cheese.
00:17:52 ♪ The snack thatsmiles back ♪
00:17:54 goldfish.
00:17:58 él [bombs whistling] Those fruit-tossing chimps are going to wreck the town.
00:19:12 Time to hero up!
00:19:14 It's not like I was sleeping anyway.
00:19:18 ♪
00:19:21 ♪ When the bad guys are out ♪
00:19:22 ♪ All you have to do is shout now ♪
00:19:24 ♪ Who's gonna hero up? ♪
00:19:25 ♪ Well, they may not get along ♪
00:19:27 ♪ But they're always fighting strong now ♪
00:19:29 ♪ Who's gonna hero up? ♪
00:19:31 ♪ Super Hero Squad ♪ ♪ Hero up! ♪
00:19:34 ♪ Super Hero Squad ♪
00:19:38 [gibbering] Surfer, help me with the pineapple grenades and banana bombs!
00:19:43 Thor, you and Falcon take care of the monkey squadron.
00:19:46 Verily it shall be done!
00:19:49 You know, Thor gazes sorely upon the mistreatment of animals, but thine monkeyshines must be halted.
00:19:56 [growls] Die, Simian! Nah!
00:19:58 What devilry is this?
00:19:59 [Falcon] You got me, but they're all popping on impact.
00:20:02 [Silver Surfer] These simian simulacrums may be illusions, but the fruit bombs are very real!
00:20:07 Whew. There must be thousands of them!
00:20:10 We could be at this all night
00:20:12 Maybe not.
00:20:13 Come on, get them to follow me!
00:20:14 [Modok] Enchantress, are these your best monkeys?
00:20:17 Their fragile nature is a side effect of crafting so many.
00:20:21 Their numbers tire the heroes even further, making their defeat all the easier.
00:20:26 Well, can't you make one big one?
00:20:33 This way, everybody!
00:20:34 S.H.I.E.L.D. shelters in the park!
00:20:37 [Iron Man] Now, hang back and herd them my way.
00:21:02 [Falcon] Now we're talking!
00:21:03 At this rate, our monkey problem will be over in moments.
00:21:08 Ah, forsooth, 'tis done.
00:21:12 [together] Yeah!
00:21:16 [Modok] You're in trouble, you're in trouble.
00:21:21 [laughs] For once Dr. Doom is going to call you a fool and not me.
00:21:26 He wouldn't dare!
00:21:27 The only fools are those heroes!
00:21:29 You're in trouble, you're in trouble.
00:21:33 Quit it!
00:21:34 [Modok yells] [Thor] 'Tis a sensation twin to that which vexed us on the Helicarrier at the dawn of this day's trials.
00:21:44 In other words, this has happened before.
00:21:47 [Falcon] See! I told you it wasn't me!
00:21:49 Super Heroes yell dizzily] There! Bad magic lady is shaking Hulk's friends.
00:21:56 Yeah, and she's too high up for our fastball special.
00:22:01 You may have triumphed over my enchanted minions, but I am another matter altogether.
00:22:08 Farewell, Super Hero Squad
00:22:11 I only regret that handsome Thor calls himself a hero instead of standing at my side.
00:22:17 Who dares?
00:22:20 I dare.
00:22:22 I told you that magic was behind all your troubles, but no one listens to me.
00:22:27 The Enchantress, at the bidding of Dr. Doom, caused your Helicarrier to crash.
00:22:33 [Dr. Strange yells] Ha! Ha!
00:22:49 [grunting] Her power is great.
00:22:55 You have no idea how messed up you made my day, witch!
00:22:59 Now it's my turn to return the favor.
00:23:04 [grunts] [grunts] Ha.
00:23:15 [Iron Man] Enchantress, even in defeat you're a striking woman.
00:23:18 What say you and I have a little dinner and talk about changing those evil ways.
00:23:21 You dare suggest the Enchantress dally with a mere mortal?
00:23:26 Yes. Just think about it.
00:23:28 Our odd but mystic ally doth stir.
00:23:31 Heroes, fly aside!
00:23:34 In the name of the eternal Vishanti I call upon the shades of the seraphim and the omnipotent Oshtur to defeat you!
00:23:47 [grunts] Ha! Be gone, sorceress of the dark.
00:23:53 This isn't over!
00:23:55 I will return, stronger than ever!
00:23:59 We have been terribly rude.
00:24:01 I'll bake you some apology cookies. I think you say, our bad?
00:24:03 Sorry, dude.
00:24:04 You're still a lousy driver.
00:24:06 Yay, bird!
00:24:06 Hulk knew bird know how to fly!
00:24:10 All right, big fellow.
00:24:13 I owe you an apology, too.
00:24:16 Just don't let it happen again.
00:24:18 Hey, Falc, you know that whole "you're on probation" thing was just to satisfy Ms. Marvel, right?
00:24:23 Whatever you say, bucket head.
00:24:25 Hulk want to know, where we go nappy-nappy?
00:24:29 I have an idea.
00:24:34 Falc, you've been hanging out with that bird a little bit too long.
00:24:38 [others grunting] [Silver Surfer, sarcastically] Great idea.
00:24:42 That hurts if you do that.

Happy dueling!

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