Friday, March 9, 2012

Pure Elecktra and New Splash Screen Shows New Heroes

A new build of Super Hero Squad Online went into the game today and with it came the new Pure Elecktra hero.

I actually thought she would have come into the game earlier since this was one of the heroes I reviewed for my Beckett's Game Strategyst article I wrote. Good to see her coming in at 300 gold. She's marked as a sale, so I'm not exactly sure what her final resting price will be.

Also, we got a couple new loading screens that show off what will most likely be five upcoming heroes.

Check it out!

That looks to be Captain Steve Rogers, Hawkeye, Vision, Original Iron Man, and Ant Man? Nice!

Also, this loading screen suggests a new Mole Man mission.

Can't wait to see those super heroes in action!

Happy Dueling


  1. I Was Verry Excited This Morning When I Got On And Seen The New Splash Screen...Cant Wait For Hawkeye and Vision....Classic Ironman and Captin America Also Look Pretty Sweet and Ant Man Is Just A Nice Extra LoL...The Moleman Mission Will Be Pretty Awsome 2 Im Sure

  2. Can't wait to see whether the big monster behind Moleman is one of his minions or a completely different boss! :D