Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kingpin, Luke Cage, and leveling news from me!

Stopped by the shop today in game and saw a couple new things for sale. First up, the Kingpin mission!

Awesome! I'd like to break out my Daredevil and Spider-Man heroes for this one and give it a spin. I'm sure if I poured through some of my old comic books I could find a kingpin issue or two. He's a classic, and it should be fun to lay the smack down in that direction. ;)

Also saw everyone's favorite Hero for Hire up in the shop for the bargain price of 300 gold!

Rock on, Luke Cage! If that's the going rate for a former Hero for Hire, sign me up! ;)

I need a few more heroes! I'm starting to run out of unmaxxed heroes at the moment. Speaking of that, Nova, aka the ultimate super space cop, just maxxed out the other day:

Don't you just hear the words, "It's a SUPERNOVA!" when you look at him? I'll admit, I've been turning the voice acting up a bit lately. (Opening doors still bugs me, but everything else is ok. I like being able to hear what heroes are near me around town. :))

Super Nova's play style in missions seems pretty standard fare . . . seems to be mostly "just out of" melee for the first part of his attack combo and finally coming in a little closer at the end as he slides forward. I'm not terribly familiar with his comic book line, but he seems to have an interesting story to him.

Of other heroes I'm not very familiar with, I decided to purchase Spider-Woman!

The moment in game that I saw she could not only wall crawl, but also could fly, I knew I wanted this hero in my collection. Awesome! Maybe I'll use my current Valkyrie and Spider-Woman characters to convince my daughter into playing this game with me again. ;)

Happy Dueling!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


SNAFY, you ask?  Sure!  Situation Normal, All For You!

Most of you noticed that the prices for the Heroes have dropped drastically during this "sale."  In fact the heroes marked as "sale" are going for 300 instead of their usual 350.  But the real sale that seems to be going on in the background are not from these "sale" heroes at all!  The real sale is how all of the prices on the other heroes have dropped from 1000 gold to 600 gold, or from 1,600 to 1,200 gold.  Now, a 50 gold cut in price is good, but a 400 gold cut in price is outstanding!

So, I asked my contact at The Amazing Society what's the deal?  Is this a bug? Why aren't the other heroes showing a Sale sign?  The answer I got back was surprising.  "Working as intended" Yup, these prices on heroes may in fact be their new price . . . period!  That isn't 100 percent yet though.  They're still looking at metrics and data behind the scenes to see how this affects certain . . . I don't know . . . factors(?) before making some of this official, but I personally find this a surprising and welcome move. I hope that is the case!

I'll be keeping an eye on those prices and continuing my daily play of Super Hero Squad Online.  From the feedback I got on my thread about the "sale," it looks to me like the players are welcoming the price breaks and buying up heroes left and right.

Happy Dueling!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Super Hero Squad Show Sunday (S: 1 E: 5) Enter Dormammu!

Here's the transcript from

00:00:01 Salutations and greetings.
00:00:04 [All]?
00:00:05 I am Dr. Stephen Strange.
00:00:07 I'll say.
00:00:08 Welcome to my Sanctum Sanctorum.
00:00:11 Sanctum Sanctorum. Sanctorum Sanctum.
00:00:14 She sells sea shells down by the sea shore!
00:00:15 Who is "she" anyway?
00:00:18 I've never met her! Come on!
00:00:19 Make yourselves at home, cowgirl!
00:00:21 Tea? Who wants tea, governor?
00:00:23 Hoo-hoo!
00:00:24 Ah, the Doc's usually not so, uh, what's the word? Off his rocker!
00:00:29 Back on to your rocker, wizard!
00:00:31 So speaks Thor!
00:00:33 I know why you've come.
00:00:35 [All] Ah!
00:00:37 The Eye of Agamotto sees all!
00:00:40 Even your innermost thoughts!
00:00:44 [thinking] Ah, magic freaks me out.
00:00:46 Although that Enchantress sure is a looker.
00:00:49 [thinking] He's the Sorcerer Supreme of our entire dimension?
00:00:51 Maybe the job stress is gettin' to him.
00:00:54 [thinking] Hulk smash!
00:00:55 [thinking] Hmm... doth these leggings make me look fat?
00:01:00 [laughing] You're just big-boned.
00:01:01 You seek the cause of the magical disturbances in the air, I take it.
00:01:06 Bingo! But do you know how to stop it?
00:01:10 The Orb of Agamotto shall reveal the culprit!
00:01:14 Eye of Agamotto, Orb of Agamotto, what was it? Buy one get one free at Magic Mart?
00:01:19 Shhh!
00:01:20 Ostendo sum nobis atrum dimension!
00:01:24 What be yon strange and terrible vistas?
00:01:27 Why, it be, er-- Ahem. I mean, it is an alternate realm known as the Dark Dimension!
00:01:35 Aw, how come its never the duckies and bunnies dimension?
00:01:43 [Dr. Strange] Behold the dream dormammu.
00:01:47 Ruler of the Dark Dimension!
00:01:49 He has been reaching into this world, trying to locate the Infinity Fractals!
00:01:55 ♪ Dormammu ♪
00:01:56 [Dr. Strange] ♪ Dormammu! sonnez la matine!
00:01:57 ♪
00:01:58 ♪ Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques!Dormammu!
00:01:59 ♪
00:02:02 Oh, I like a little brie, please?
00:02:04 No! He hates the singing!
00:02:05 Quiet!
00:02:06 Doc! We need to keep this Dormammy guy from magically messing with Super Hero City!
00:02:11 Ooh! Hulk smash!
00:02:13 [All] No!
00:02:15 How do we get to the Dark Dimension?
00:02:17 Step right up, my friends.
00:02:18 What you need is a portal to the Dark Dimension!
00:02:21 Step right up!
00:02:21 Be the first in your neighborhood to have one... yeah.
00:02:25 Patefacio a prodigium ut luxor miragum venetium dimension!
00:02:35 [Dormammu laughing] Something has broken the mind of your Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Stephen Strange!
00:02:46 Now, now nothing can stop the Dread Dormammu from conquering this dimension!
00:02:53 [laughing] The uniquely-glazedpops™alope: ..
00:04:59 In the numbersof its tasty pack.
00:05:03 ..
00:05:05 Of the chompodilelurking nearby.
00:05:07 Hungry for a crunch.
00:05:09 ..
00:05:12 ..
00:05:14 Over the deliciousyellow creatures.
00:05:16 ( chomping ) ..
00:05:20 Of this balanced breakfast.
00:05:21 ( roaring ) GOTTA HAVE MY POPS™.( pop! ) Here it comes!
00:06:26 The first cupcake cereal ever!
00:06:27 ♪ New cupcake pebbles, party in a box ♪
00:06:30 mmmmmm!
00:06:30 ♪ Tastes yummy like a cupcake ♪
00:06:32 ♪ makes you want to rock ♪
00:06:34 new post cupcake pebbles.
00:06:36 Part of a good breakfast.
00:06:37 ♪ Party in a box! ♪ yum yum!
00:07:20 [laughing] You set us up!
00:07:30 Psst.
00:07:31 Your head's on fire!
00:07:41 Now that I'm in this dimension, [Wolverine] You're goin' right back where you came from, bub!
00:07:45 We got enough trouble chasing down Infinity Fractals.
00:07:49 [growling] Uh!
00:07:55 Ah!
00:07:59 Dude! Your head is on fire!
00:08:05 No need to lower myself to battle the likes of you.
00:08:10 Mindless ones!
00:08:22 [Dormammu] The mindless ones!
00:08:24 Unliving creatures who do my bidding!
00:08:28 [growling] Uh!
00:08:34 [struggling] Dormammu and the Mindless Ones.
00:08:43 I have all your albums.
00:08:44 Well here's another one-hit wonder!
00:08:47 Ah!
00:08:50 Huh?
00:08:51 Oh, right! Magic!
00:08:54 I hate magic!
00:08:55 Ah!
00:08:59 [struggling] Hulk smash!
00:09:09 [roaring] Uhh!
00:09:12 Uhh!
00:09:17 Fly mindless ones!
00:09:19 Claim this world for Dormammu!
00:09:27 Time to Hero Up, Squaddies!
00:09:32 ♪ When the bad guys are out, all you have to do is shout, now, ♪
00:09:35 ♪ "Who's gonna Hero up?" ♪
00:09:36 ♪ Who'll save the day? The Super Hero Squad!
00:09:37 ♪
00:09:42 ♪ They'll Hero Up... again! ♪
00:09:46 ♪ Super Hero Squad! [Hero Up!] ♪
00:09:52 Split up and get him!
00:09:56 [roaring] Hey!
00:10:20 Flame on!
00:10:21 I'll show you who's a mindless one!
00:10:24 Ha!
00:10:34 Uhh!
00:10:41 My thanks, Johnny Storm!
00:10:42 But, you were blasting into your own headquarters.
00:10:45 Eh, Reed will just fix it like he always does.
00:10:48 If you are sure this is appropriate human behavior.
00:10:51 C'mon! Light this puppy up!
00:11:03 Ah!
00:11:04 [laughing] [Dormammu] Knock, knock.
00:11:19 Who dares?
00:11:21 Huh?
00:11:25 The spells of protection around this fortress are feeble, but they mark you a threat to Dormammu!
00:11:32 Uh!
00:11:33 Before I end your useless existence, tell me... what is an Infinity Fractal?
00:11:48 [people screaming] Can't a girl design a simple cocktail dress without some fashion victim attacking the city?
00:12:04 Have at thee, base creature.
00:12:09 Uhh!
00:12:13 Uh!
00:12:24 [Hulk] Incoming!
00:12:26 Dumb one leave Bug Girl alone!
00:12:30 Uh!
00:12:36 He did warn ya!
00:12:37 So he did.
00:12:41 Good team work, Hulk!
00:12:42 [kissing] Who's a good boy?
00:12:52 Ahhh!
00:12:57 Yeah.
00:13:01 Ha!
00:13:02 Need a hand, Thor?
00:13:03 No. I'm good. I got it.
00:13:09 I'd say we got 'em!
00:13:11 Yeah? [laughing] What did you do?
00:13:14 [growling] It was just a question.
00:13:16 Just a question.
00:13:17 That's only the last of the stooges.
00:13:18 The main guy's still around!
00:13:20 [Dormammu, laughing] The main guy is everywhere!
00:13:26 This pathetic dimension is ended!
00:13:31 We have a big problem!
00:13:33 [laughing] Huh?
00:17:23 Cap!
00:17:25 [Dr. Doom screaming] Dr. Doom?!
00:17:29 Dormammu must have been to the Vault and taken all the fractals we've recovered!
00:17:33 [screaming] [laughing] Careful. Every known Infinity Fractal is embedded in Dormammu's collar.
00:17:41 He's the most powerful villain in town.
00:17:44 Tough break, Doom.
00:17:46 [screaming] Dormammu reigns supreme!
00:17:53 [laughing] [laughing] [Wolverine] Uh!
00:18:03 [laughing] [laughing] [Wolverine] No problem, adamantium skeleton!
00:18:08 Uh!
00:18:13 Salutations and greetings.
00:18:14 About time you showed up, Stephen.
00:18:17 Ho? Ho? Who?!
00:18:19 Ha! Think again, Doorman Moo!
00:18:22 That's Dor-Mam-Mu!
00:18:24 We got a Sorcerer Supreme on our side!
00:18:27 [giving raspberry] Hibbity-Bobbity, baby!
00:18:28 I'm not gonna stand for you and who and you and all your-- [yodeling] [screaming] Oh!
00:18:39 [gobbling] [screaming] Eh?
00:18:51 Uh!
00:18:56 Aah!
00:18:57 Huh?
00:19:01 What is this foolishness?!
00:19:04 All right, now I'm really steamed.
00:19:05 I don't mean to press you, but don't play dumb with us.
00:19:09 You two magic boys are obviously working together.
00:19:12 Plus, your clothes are all wrinkly.
00:19:15 Nonsense!
00:19:16 Dr. Strange will be the first I destroy!
00:19:18 He's right! I'm left.
00:19:20 You are gone! I'm late for a bus! Still here?
00:19:21 Not really.
00:19:24 Oh, yeah? Prove it, crazy pants.
00:19:26 Make your Eye of Agamotto show us your true nature!
00:19:30 All right! But I warned ya!
00:19:33 Bbbbb-b-b-b-b-b-b!
00:19:36 Bbbb-b-b-b-b!
00:19:38 I'm starting to understand him.
00:19:43 [Dormammu] An infinity fractal!
00:19:46 Inside the Eye of Agamotto!
00:19:47 So that's why the Doctor has been acting so, well, strangely.
00:19:52 Even for a guy named Strange!
00:19:54 I must have it!
00:19:55 [Falcon] Oh, no, you mustn't!
00:19:56 Give the Infinity Fractal to me, Dr. Strange, and I will allow you to live!
00:20:04 [Bbb-b-b-b-b-b] This is crazy!
00:20:06 Relinquish the fractal!
00:20:08 Can you not see? Dormammu is enormous!
00:20:17 [Hulk] Hulk fry flame head!
00:20:19 [grunting] A non-stick pan I may be, but a non-stick pan imbued with the power cosmic!
00:20:25 I call upon the Flames of the Faltine!
00:20:29 Hey, Flames!
00:20:36 Feel the power of Iron Man!
00:20:38 On the cotton setting!
00:20:40 [grunting] Dr. Strange... [grunting] don't you get it? There's something in your eye!
00:20:49 You dirty Mary-Margaret! How dare you!
00:20:52 Kumalatta Veesta!
00:20:56 More magic. Great.
00:20:58 Uhh! Ooh!
00:21:00 Ooh!
00:21:02 [laughing] I have it!
00:21:07 And I am free of the fractal's power!
00:21:20 Dormammu, how dare you enter this dimension?
00:21:23 Fool! You summoned me forth!
00:21:26 Fourth?
00:21:27 Hulk thought him summoned you first!
00:21:29 Well, I'm un-summoning you now!
00:21:32 Alstentendo Sunobus Altrum Dimensions!
00:21:38 Ahhh!
00:21:39 [Dr. Strange] Return to your world of evil.
00:21:40 [screaming] [Dr. Strange] Your powers are weakening, evil one!
00:21:44 Now Dr. Strange is master, and you are lost!
00:21:50 No!
00:21:53 By the mighty Vishanti, begone!
00:21:57 Propinguius prodigium ut atrum dimension!
00:22:00 You cannot defeat the Dread Dormammu!
00:22:05 I shall return!
00:22:07 Well, if you do, we'll be sure to bring more marshmallows.
00:22:11 Because seriously, your head is on fire.
00:22:14 Fire!
00:22:15 Like that's weird.
00:22:17 [growling] Oomp! [grunts] Thanks for the save, lady.
00:22:21 Oh, these liberated women of today.
00:22:23 Equal pay for equal work, I say!
00:22:26 See you around the USO!
00:22:27 Fools! Doom will prevail!
00:22:33 Now we just have to get all these fractals to the Vault before Doom's goons come back.
00:22:37 Restituo!
00:22:47 Magic does have its uses.
00:22:49 Huh. You've never been abra-cadabra-ed into a putter.
00:22:52 I'll stick to hi-tech, thanks.
00:22:54 Yeah, leave the magic to the experts.
00:22:57 Abraca-presto!
00:22:58 Hey!
00:22:59 [Dr. Strange] leave magic to the Sorcerer Supreme!
00:23:03 David Copperfield?
00:23:05 [squawks] Uh?
00:23:08 Uhhh...
00:23:13 [moaning] [ghostly moaning] [screaming, panicked chatter] [Dr. Strange] Even as my friends, the super Hero Squad, exit post-haste, I sense an eerie presence creeping from my kit-- Mighty Vishanti! My brownies!
00:23:39 I left them in the-- [coughing] I left them in the-- [coughing] the oven!
00:23:43 Closed-captioned ByJ.R. Media Services, Inc.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Sale, article, Punisher, and Max FF Spidey

First thing today, we have a sale on all the 350 gold heroes in the shop! They are all currently going for 300 gold.

The only one of those I haven't purchased yet is Valkyrie. Hmm, I may go ahead and save the 50 gold there and purchase her, but I really have my eyes set on Spider Woman. Hmmm.

Next, wrote a great intro article to Super Hero Squad Online yesterday. If you're feeling it, you should add to the comments on this post. Good time to support our favorite game, and it's nice to have MMORPG write an article (that's some prime coverage).

My favorite quote from the article is, "The colors and environments of MSHSO are vibrant as would be expected. What is surprising is the obvious effort that Gazillion and The Amazing Society have put into making the spell/hero effects really impressive looking. Dr. Doom’s lightning sizzles with awesome purple power. Wolverine’s roar is loud and literally earth shaking. Phoenix’s AOE Hero Up attack dazzles in fiery fury (and does some pretty amazing damage too!). I was very impressed overall."

My favorite quote from the comments is, "One of the metagames that would really appeal to adults is the card playing "PvP" battles. Building decks with the right combo of cards is an elegant and complex work. :)"

I like Suzie Ford, the author of the article. I actually met her in real life once, but that's a story for a different time.

I bought Punisher yesterday!

He's all about the guns there, isn't he? I've been filming his play a bit, and I'll probably put together a short game play video of him soon. Pretty much it feels like Punisher just wants to be in the thick of the battle. His normal attack has him firing off rounds in every direction and his heroup attack has him blasting a hole in the earth all around him. Good times!

My Future Foundation Spidey finally hit max level!

Haha! Took me long enough! FF Spidey is an absolute blast to play. He's a really nice reward for finishing your challenge quest series. His attacks in combat are solid, he makes travel around town super fast, he's hilarious, and you're sure to get friend invite after friend invite when you're running around with him because it's just a really cool status symbol in game as well.

And that's all I've got for today. Let me know what you're up to!

Happy Dueling!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

HOT!! Punisher LIVE tomorrow and Deadpool card quest

Got 600 gold handy? I hope you do because that's the price tag I'm hearing Punisher will go for, and the release date? Inside sources tell me you'll see Punisher in the shop shortly after midnight tonight!

It's going to take me a couple more days of spinning the wheel to earn my Punisher (I did just get Ghost Rider after all), but I'm psyched to add him to my squad. :)

Also of note, the Deadpool card quests will be introduced to the game after tonight as well. I'm not 100 percent sure on the price, but I would expect the standard gold pricing given to most card quests to apply here.

Get ready for tomorrow, squaddies!!

Happy dueling

Ghost Rider at Last!

WOOT! Made a new purchase yesterday! :)

After just a few trips to the Prize Ticket wheel, I finally had my (introductory price of) 1000 gold and was ready to buy mr. flaming skull head himself!

I decided to video just a bit of me running a daily mission with him and trying out his emotes for the first time.

I couldn't quite get the hang of positioning his motorcycle to take out a strand of enemies. In fact, the line he makes with his bike seemed really narrow to me. But, throwing that chain around was super fun. I love the crowd thrashing he can deliver!

Hope to experiment more with him over the next few levels and see which power attack is my favorite. For coolness factor though, I'm loving Ghost Rider! (Now if I could just shake this feeling like Nicolas Cage is hovering over my shoulder ...)

Happy dueling!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Invisible Woman, Shadowcat, Iron Patriot, and Wasp (TO THE MAX)

As predicted, I had a few more heroes max out over the weekend. WOOT!

First up, Invisible Woman.

Maxing out IW also unlocked her third power emote, which is the best way to walk places I've discovered.

Why run places when you can just plod your way through the game laying waste to all in your path?

Next, Ms. Shadowcat.

It's so awesome she gets to bring out Lockheed to blast stuff as her first power. Lockheed is awesome! He should be his own super hero squad character! He was a member of Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers after all. ;)

Did you know you can read all four issues of Pet Avengers for free online at Marvel's website? LOL! Here's links!

Pet Avengers 1
Pet Avengers 2
Pet Avengers 3
Pet Avengers 4

Good to get Shadowcat finally leveled to max. :) Did you know Shadowcat and Illayana were roomies back at the X-men Academy? See! More evidence they should put a couple New Mutants into the game! ;)

Iron Patriot was third to level to max. Um, I did take a picture of Iron Patriot hitting max, but . . . uh . . . it got moofed, so . . .

This JR SHIELD hero was also good to finally put to bed as a max level hero. I really like Iron Patriot's first star power the most in missions. For the cost of one star, there's a lot of push and shove crowd control. That may just be me though. :)

As for playing the hero himself? It feels kind of awesome to know you get to play a highly confused bad guy in SHSO. Norman's wacky, which makes for a lot of fun possibilities with this character.

Finally, Wasp hit max level:

I have to say her final power emote is officially awesome.

SHSO has a couple of reoccurring jokes running through it, one of them being pigeons. A handful of hero emotes have something to do with pigeons, and Wasp riding on a pigeon cowgirl style cracked me up. :)

Playing all these heroes was fun, and I enjoyed each and every one for different reasons. Hope you're all having fun with your squads!

Happy Dueling

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Super Hero Squad Show Sunday (S 1: E 4) Hulk Talk Smack!

Here you go SHS fans!

And transcript from

00:00:00 Wow, and I thought your face was ugly!
00:00:10 Uh! I've had just about-- [whispering] I've had enough.
00:00:15 I'm getting out of here.
00:00:20 Wait for me!
00:00:25 Certainly! You could run after them!
00:00:27 Or you could stay here and help the bystanders.
00:00:34 Hulk is right.
00:00:36 And that's just wrong.
00:00:38 Sh!
00:00:53 It wasn't my fault, Dr. Doom. It was-- It was Mimi's fault!
00:00:57 My fault? You were the one crying all the way here.
00:01:00 Oh, Wasp! Please don't sting me there!
00:01:04 I have sensitive-- Silence!
00:01:06 Bet you he calls us fools.
00:01:09 [Dr. Doom] I heard that.
00:01:10 Fool.
00:01:12 Head to the sewers, and rendezvous with Toad and the Melter.
00:01:17 Do not fail me again!
00:01:22 [Iron Man] No, falcon, it's out of the question!
00:01:25 Fractals have to be kept in the vault!
00:01:26 But if you take the fractal away from him, Iron Man, then we go back to dumb Hulk!
00:01:31 And this new Hulk is sharp as a tack.
00:01:33 No more explaining everything three or four times, no more fouled-up missions, and no more buying a new fridge every other day.
00:01:38 Are you saying that Stark Industries doesn't make a sturdy fridge?
00:01:42 Hey, fractals are dangerous.
00:01:44 Period.
00:01:45 I assure you, Iron Man, the fractal will be completely safe in my pocket.
00:01:50 Do you honestly think someone is going to steal my pants?
00:01:54 Yeah, good point.
00:01:55 Uh, did I just lose an argument With the Hulk?
00:01:58 Told you.
00:01:59 I'm sorry to interrupt, but the old me kept a collection of comic books.
00:02:06 Could anyone help me transport these infantile tomes to the recycling center?
00:02:11 Absolutely!
00:02:12 Lead the way, new and improved Hulk!
00:02:14 Oh, wait up! I'll get my price guide!
00:02:16 [electronic humming] Nuts.
00:02:21 [laughing] Guys, the Toad and the Melter are stanking up the sewers.
00:02:27 Doom must have a line on another fractal!
00:02:30 Super Hero Squad,Hero up!
00:02:34 ♪ When the bad guys are out, all you have to do is shout, now ♪
00:02:38 ♪ "Who's gonna Hero Up?" ♪
00:02:40 ♪ Who'll save the day? The Super Hero Squad!
00:02:41 ♪
00:02:45 ♪ They'll Hero Up, again ♪
00:02:49 ♪ Super Hero Squad! ♪ ♪ Hero Up! ♪
00:02:56 They're supposed to be here somewhere.
00:03:01 [laughing] [Melter] Knock it off, toad.
00:03:04 [laughing] Ah, smell that stale air!
00:03:10 Disgusting.
00:03:11 Come on, let's hurry up and get this over with.
00:03:13 What does that do?
00:03:14 Booby traps. If any of those heroes try to follow us, they will be blasted into pieces.
00:03:59 WE'RE ALVIN AND THE MIPCHUNKS--( laughs ) I mean,alvin and the big skunks.
00:04:03 ( laughing ) CUT!
00:04:04 Stop fooling aroundfor one minute.
00:04:06 Alvin, move.
00:04:08 Can we stick to the old script here? cut!
00:04:09 Please stop getting caramel sauce on your fur.
00:04:12 !!
00:04:15 Let's go to lunch.
00:04:16 ( bell rings ) ..
00:04:20 Helloooooo gorgeous.
00:04:21 From alvin and the chipmunks,the squeakquel, rated pg.
00:04:25 ONLY IN your McDonald'shappy meal.
00:04:26 ♪ BA DA BA BA BA ♪ ( crash ) CUT!
00:07:05 [Thor] Ugh! by mine handsome nordic nostrils!
00:07:09 Yon stench is nigh o'erpowering!
00:07:11 My eyes doth water!
00:07:13 It's just a sewer, Thor.
00:07:13 Didn't realize it would offend your delicate sensibilities.
00:07:17 Ha! The brawny Son of Odin be not delicate!
00:07:20 Yet it will take a fortnight or more to wash such odious corruption from mine hair!
00:07:25 So these tunnels allow water to carry things away.
00:07:29 Cosmic.
00:07:30 What exactly do they carry?
00:07:32 Sludge.
00:07:33 What is sludge?
00:07:34 Uh, sludge is, uh...
00:07:36 It's everything. All mixed together.
00:07:39 Whoa! Did that tomato peel just move its legs?
00:07:42 That's just some sewer gas bubbling up.
00:07:45 [sniffs] Wait! Something doesn't smell right.
00:07:48 Gee, you think? Whew!
00:07:50 Something else.
00:07:53 I dealt it not!
00:07:55 [Iron Man] Booby traps! all over the tunnel!
00:07:59 Oh, this really stinks!
00:08:00 Perhaps the power cosmic will remove the threat!
00:08:07 Uh! Zounds, Surfer!
00:08:08 Canst thou wield the power cosmic to freshen the air?
00:08:12 It dost reekith so!
00:08:13 It is the power cosmic, not magic.
00:08:22 Has anybody seen all my books and video games?
00:08:26 Hm. Unfortunately, I did.
00:08:28 Fortunately, I threw them out for you.
00:08:31 No need to thank me.
00:08:32 You threw out my stuff. How could you do that?
00:08:34 Your belongings were all so childish.
00:08:37 I didn't throw out anything important.
00:08:39 You-- You threw out Redwing?!
00:08:41 Did I? Hm.
00:08:42 Your attachment to lesser creatures demeans you, Falcon.
00:08:46 Hulk, you don't just throw out someone else's pet.
00:08:49 My dear Wasp, is that a new costume?
00:08:53 You noticed? Do you like it?
00:08:55 Oh, my goodness, no.
00:08:57 It makes you look a little matronly.
00:08:59 You should ask for your money back.
00:09:02 But I made this costume myself!
00:09:05 Ah, I see.
00:09:06 Well, we all make mistakes.
00:09:08 You know, he may be smart, but the new Hulk is kind of self-centered.
00:09:12 No, he's kind of a jerk!
00:09:16 [Wolverine breathing heavily] I've got their scent! Up ahead!
00:09:22 I need to catch my breath!
00:09:24 They're going to be on us!
00:09:26 We need a diversion! Toad!
00:09:27 [laughing] Keep your eyes open for-- Uh!
00:09:34 [laughing] Da! Forsooth!
00:09:38 [laughing] [laughing] Disgusto has the home court advantage down here.
00:09:58 Uh! Not this time, bub!
00:10:04 [grunts] Uh! Now Toad!
00:10:10 Feel the power of mine enchanted hammer!
00:10:16 So that is what happens to a toad when it is hit by lightning.
00:10:21 What a let-down.
00:10:29 Aw, man.
00:10:36 Save your strength, shellhead.
00:10:37 By the time we move that rock, they'll be long gone.
00:10:40 We gotta take the long way around.
00:10:45 Just the thing to pay Hulk back.
00:10:48 A good one.
00:10:49 What are you doing?
00:10:51 Punking a punk.
00:10:58 I believe this is yours?
00:11:00 Really, Falcon.
00:11:01 The old Hulk might have been fooled by your childish pranks, but new Hulk is not amused.
00:11:07 My pranks are not childish, they're genius!
00:11:08 So there! Bleh.
00:11:13 Falcon, Falcon, Falcon.
00:11:15 You will never put one over on me.
00:11:18 The sooner your fine, feathered brain gets that, the happier we'll all be.
00:11:24 Uh!
00:11:29 Ah!
00:11:34 Rest assured, I shall file an official protest with Shield.
00:11:37 A good, swift mediation will deal with you.
00:11:43 He, uh, he didn't do anything.
00:11:45 He's not only annoying, now he's chatty.
00:11:48 Yeah, what's good is a Hulk that won't smash?
00:11:56 Uh, the city reservoir?
00:11:58 [laughing] Slight changes in the water temperature suggest a fractal directly on the other side of the dam.
00:12:10 Melter!
00:12:11 When the reservoir is empty, the first fractal will be mine.
00:12:26 [Dr. Doom] And as we speak, the Abomination and MODOK are en route to retrieve a second fractal.
00:12:35 Not only will the flood wash away the city and make it easier to find other fractals, but Iron Man and his foolish cohort will never be seen again!
00:17:13 Wolverine!
00:17:17 I say thee nay!
00:17:21 This volume of water, It will overfill the sewers and flood the city above!
00:17:25 Mjolnir cannot hold for long!
00:17:28 Falcon! Falcon!
00:17:29 Falc! You up there? Tony! It's the Wasp!
00:17:31 [Iron Man] Oh. who?
00:17:33 The Wasp! Who?
00:17:34 The Wasp!
00:17:35 Oh! Wasp! Wasp, we're trapped until we can find a safe place to put this water!
00:17:39 The reservoir must have taken a hit!
00:17:41 We'll join you there as soon as we can!
00:17:47 All too easy.
00:17:49 Bow before the macrocephalic power of...
00:17:52 Modok!
00:17:54 Uh, and me.
00:17:55 Oh, and him.
00:17:56 This will lead us to where they're keeping the fractal!
00:17:59 Do you mind?
00:18:01 Some of us are trying to-- Ah, I see we have unwelcome guests.
00:18:11 What are you on about, man?
00:18:12 ♪ I know where the fractal is! I know where the fractal is! ♪
00:18:17 Ah, MODOK.
00:18:18 M-o-d-o-k.
00:18:19 The mental organism designed only for kickball.
00:18:23 I'm so clever.
00:18:24 Yes. Hey, that's not what it stands for!
00:18:27 And my old arch-nemesis.
00:18:31 He's talking to you, luppy buns.
00:18:35 Speak English!
00:18:45 [strange sound effects] Uncultured oaf!
00:18:50 Have at you!
00:18:53 I laugh at your insignificance!
00:19:03 [strange sound effects] Be careful, Wasp!
00:19:18 Don't want to see you get smashed!
00:19:20 Dude, just 'cause I'm small doesn't mean I'm not tough!
00:19:29 [Wasp] Falcon! go find hulk!
00:19:31 Hulkmeister! Come on, buddy.
00:19:34 What's the point?
00:19:35 So that dimwit in there can beat on me?
00:19:38 No, no! You become the Hulk again!
00:19:40 The real one, I mean. With, uh, friends.
00:19:42 Just drop the fractal, Hulk, and you'll be back to normal.
00:19:45 Normal? I was dumb!
00:19:47 And my clothes were hideous!
00:19:49 Look, if you stay smart, you'll get beat, and Doom gets the fractal.
00:19:53 Well, then you get dumb again anyway.
00:19:54 Or you can be yourself.
00:19:56 [Abomination] Hello!
00:19:59 Give it to me, now!
00:20:06 [laughing] Not talking smart anymore.
00:20:10 Touche.
00:20:15 [Hulk roaring] [Wasp] Uh!
00:20:21 Zap!
00:20:26 [Abomination] Uh!
00:20:34 [both screaming] Hulk smash!
00:20:39 Dat better, Bird?
00:20:41 Oh yeah.
00:20:42 Iron Man's last orders were to get to the reservoir!
00:20:46 Hulk go!
00:20:52 The dope is back.
00:20:59 Hold that pose, Thor!
00:21:01 Ah! I have something!
00:21:02 An abandoned subway tunnel, big enough to hold all this water!
00:21:04 Problem. We just have to find a way to get it there.
00:21:09 Leave that to the power cosmic.
00:21:15 Now, Thor!
00:21:16 Verily! You betcha!
00:21:18 Surfing on water? Truly an odd sensation.
00:21:47 Oh! Another sparkly!
00:21:50 We should probably get out of here.
00:22:25 [Falcon] I got your back, green guy!
00:22:31 Whoa!
00:22:37 Do you see it? The water! It's headed for the city!
00:22:46 Whoa, the Wasp grows big too?
00:22:49 No fair!
00:23:00 Still think I'm fragile?
00:23:02 You are tougher than all of us, Wasp!
00:23:06 Please don't step on me.
00:23:30 Ha-Ha! Way to go!
00:23:32 Wooo!
00:23:33 We may have lost a fractal, but we saved Super Hero City!
00:23:37 Well, we'll get them all someday!
00:23:38 At least we got Hulk's strength factor back up to "off the charts".
00:23:41 I'd hate to room with a giant rampaging goon who's only kind of strong.
00:23:46 You got that right, Iron bub.
00:23:51 Your crew did an excellent job rebuilding the library.
00:23:53 [Iron Man] I made the check out to john porter, is that okay?
00:23:58 Yo, steely.
00:23:58 This check is short by a couple hundred sheckles.
00:24:00 [Iron Man] squaddies calling me!
00:24:04 You don't have to come here if you don't want to!
00:24:07 We can go somewhere else, Hulk.
00:24:09 Nah.
00:24:10 Hulk put book on hold.
00:24:17 The Effects of Theoretical Quantum Astrophysics in the Negative Zone, by Amadeus Cho?
00:24:32 Are you still feeling the effects of being the Gray Hulk?
00:24:36 You sure you wouldn't rather have a book with pictures?
00:24:39 Bleh! No pictures!
00:24:42 Pictures taste bleh!
00:24:50 [Hulk] Oh,bibliography!
00:24:54 Encyclopedia! All you can eat buffet!
00:25:00 Oh!
00:25:02 [librarian screams] Be quiet!
00:25:05 [echoing] Be quiet!
00:25:07 [echoing] Be quiet!
00:25:09 [Hulk] Oopsie.
00:25:10 Closed-Captioned ByJ.R. Media Services, Inc.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jr. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Again! More Max Heroes :)

That's right! I'm back in Jr. SHIELD agent status again. :) That meant it was time to finally get Hulkbuster here to max level!

He was only 200 experience points from 11th anyway. ;-)

I still have a few levels left to gain on Shadowcat and Iron Patriot out of my Jr. SHIELD agents.

From my main pool of heroes, it was also time for Reptil to hit max level.

Yay, Reptil! Reptil is great. I've always been more of a New Mutant reader than a Avengers Academy reader, but he may convert me, yet! (Would it kill 'em to throw Illyana in the game to hang out with her brother, Colossus? ;))

Also of note, I finally saved up enough silver to purchase Bucky here:

Last time I had that much silver in my bank account, I blew it all on Jr SHIELD heroes until I had nothing left. hehe. Egads, how many more spins until I get the surfers?! I really do need an auto-spin feature.

Next up to level to Max for me will be Invisible Woman, Shadowcat, Iron Patriot, and Wasp. They're all around ninth level as of today. I'm shooting to get Ghost Rider before he turns 1,200 gold. :)

Oh! And before I forget, one of my friends was finally nice enough to invite me to the Bullseye mission finally! And what's this? Punisher as the narrator?


The mission itself didn't seem to bad, but yeah, you really don't want to get caught in the path of those lasers. There's a couple giant ones you have to avoid while fighting Bullseye that's incredibly dangerous.

Hope you all are having fun with Super Hero Squad Online!

Happy Dueling!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

GHOST2012 Winners!

With the release of Ghost Rider today also comes a list of all those who won the GHOST2012 Code giveaway. The Amazing Society was kind enough to pass along the names of all the winning squads.

Crazy Ferocious Bat
Confusing Admiral
Breaking Skull Prime
Mister Surfer Architect
Warlike Ultra Paladin
Rover Tiger
Grand Prince Rover
Baron King Captain
King Kraken Racer
Lieutenant Despair
Invincible Captain
Blur Fire Tiger
Icy Defender Mason
Mr. Confused Cowboy
Count Intellect Emperor
Count Egret Wyrm
Colossal Magnificent Berserker
Mist Iguana Racer
Fast Invincible Panther
General Beast Tiger
Nova Admiral Machine
Magnetic Hornet Nightmare
Battle Shark Wyrm
Commander Bio Tank
Forest Pirate Prophet
Master Emerald Dart
Toxic Breaker
Spectacular Desert Weevil
Bionic Plains Ghost
Iron Gardener Crane
Loud Martian Driver
Defending Sailing Skull
Marvelous Samurai Bunny
King Boxing Mosquito
Hornet General
Dazzle Omega Crow
Sergeant Rex Drool
Rebel Sea Bane
Impossible Tornado Crusader
Chihuahua Fish
Magnetic Space Bureaucrat
Nova Snipping Ghost
Primal Torch Roamer
Sergeant Golem Smasher
Duke Bionic Berserker
Aqua Theta Sorceress
Simple Spy Librarian
Squire Sea Colossus
Fantastic Galaxy Marmot
Impossible Singing Cyclone

Congrats to all the winners! (Ohhhh, we're all so jealous. Hehe)

Happy Dueling

New Card Quests! Ghostrider Hero!

To celebrate Valentine's Day yesterday, The Amazing Society placed four new card quests into the shop:

It's everyone's favorite couple, Daredevil and Elektra! Awww! I've added those to the Price guide up top. Take a look!

Also this morning there's a new 1,000 gold hero available for purchase. It's the long anticipated Ghost Rider!

Oh man, that's going to push me over the edge I think. I might need to resubscribe so I can try him out. So awesome. If any of my readers purchases Ghost Rider today, please let us know about it!

Happy dueling!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Price Guide!

I've added a new button up top:

This leads to a SHSO Price Guide I just created and uploaded to Google Docs. It's simply a list of all the items you can purchase in Super Hero Squad Online as of 14 February 2012 (I'll try to keep it up to date). Hopefully it'll be something you can take a quick look at if you're ever wanting to just get an item price without logging into the game.

How'd this come about? Well, I was starting a new character to see how long it would take me to earn 200 gold for the new Bullseye Mission (just curious I suppose) and while enjoying all the new player challenges all over again, I realized that some of this information might be helpful to a new player.

Side note of the day!: If you're not familiar with our Happy Dueling Hour monthly podcast, please go take a listen! Although the majority of the time we talk about Wizard101, I do mention my recent adventures in Super Hero Squad Online along with the other games we play (it's mainly just for fun and to be goofy): If you've got an hour to kill with nothing better to listen to, go check it out!

Thanks and happy dueling!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Super Hero Squad Show Sunday! (S:1 E:3)

Heya! I'm having the worst time finding this complete episode online, but I did manage to find 2/3rds of it on Youtube. :/ Unfortunately doesn't have this episode loaded up as advertised.

As always, you can download the entire episode on iTunes! (And if you have a good link to the full episode, please share in the comments below!)

Here's the transcript from

00:00:00 ave the day? The Super Hero Squad ♪
00:00:05 ♪ They'll Hero up again ♪
00:00:08 ♪ Super Hero Squad! Hero up ♪
00:00:11 ♪ Super Hero Squad! Hero up ♪
00:00:13 ♪ Super Hero Squad! Hero up ♪
00:00:16 ♪ Super Hero Squad ♪
00:00:18 I hate those Squaddies.
00:00:29 Silver Surfer, you almost crashed Ms. Marvel's favorite toy.
00:00:32 And heck hath no fury like a woman whose Helicarrier has been scorned.
00:00:39 I'm only trying to do my best.
00:00:41 Yeah, well, some of your best worries me lately. Lately?
00:00:52 [giggles] Sorry.
00:01:00 I am merely making an effort to fit in with earth culture.
00:01:04 Well, that explains why you had "upside down day" in the Shield cafeteria.
00:01:12 Uhh!
00:01:15 I thought perhaps zero gravity would give you a more...
00:01:18 cosmic dining experience.
00:01:21 I had to steam-clean my armor!
00:01:23 Three times!
00:01:25 Uh! Those gravy stains!
00:01:26 Mmm. Makes Hulk hungry!
00:01:29 [gulping] Oh! It's coming back up!
00:01:32 No, it's going back down.
00:01:34 [Hulk belches] Alas! Just a fortnight ago, yon spaceborne sentinel denied me his surfboard as a mirror.
00:01:46 Why are you all looking at me?
00:01:47 It's because I'm fat, isn't it?
00:01:49 You don't look fat, Goldilocks.
00:01:52 The surfboard adds ten pounds.
00:01:54 Surfer, we appreciate your enthusiasm. However-- Say no more, Iron Man.
00:01:58 I must wander the earth for a time-- alone.
00:02:02 [sniffling] Hulk love that story.
00:02:05 Look, uh-- Hey, that's not what I meant...
00:02:09 At least take my GPS.
00:02:19 Still unstable.
00:02:21 How will I meld this fractal dagger without more cosmic energy?
00:02:26 Perhaps my powerful brain-- Silence!
00:02:29 Your powerful brain more often gives me a headache.
00:02:33 Where? Where can I find a source of more cosmic energy?
00:02:38 Wait! Wait! What's this?
00:02:41 The Silver Surfer's power should do the trick!
00:02:45 Elderly human, I will assist you.
00:02:48 Ahhh!
00:02:48 I wanted to cross in the other direction, you-- you silver stumblebum!
00:02:53 [screams] No need to thank me, good citizen.
00:02:56 [splash] Let me help you in your endeavors.
00:03:08 That plant creature will harass you no longer.
00:03:11 [crying] I shall assist!
00:03:23 [Foreman] But we were just supposed to put on a new roof!
00:03:27 You're welcome!
00:03:30 Ahh. A whole grape jelly, onion, and tuna fish pizza, all for me.
00:03:44 Hey, sparkly, Doc Doom needs you.
00:03:47 Perhaps, but I do not need him.
00:03:50 Oooh!
00:03:51 [groaning] Tremble at the power of Modok, he who brought down the Helicarrier with one shot!
00:03:59 I'm afraid that was me. Ahh!!
00:04:02 Ohh! Aah! Aah! Aah!
00:04:04 Ohh!
00:04:05 [grunting] Tremble! Tremble in fear!
00:04:10 Of Modok!
00:04:11 Hey, ya chrome dome, what gives?
00:04:14 Uhh!
00:04:15 I give!
00:04:16 I also take away!
00:04:19 [laughing] Uhh!
00:04:26 Aah!
00:04:28 Uhh!
00:04:37 Modok!
00:04:38 Deploy the cosmic containment field.
00:04:45 My brilliantly designed containment field has him, um, contained within its field.
00:04:52 Hey! I ain't in love with chrome dome, but you gotta let him go!
00:04:58 Criminy!
00:04:58 They took the beach bum. I gotta go tell Iron Man.
00:05:04 Oomp!
00:05:06 Ahhh!
00:05:07 [Abomination whimpering] trade?
00:06:33 [ Male Announcer ]RESPECT THE POUCH, Respect it!
00:07:09 Cough, cough.
00:07:09 hang on, honey, it's gotta be in here somewhere.
00:07:10 Anncr vo: you know you're gonna need it.
00:07:14 Anncr vo: why not stock up for less at walmart?
00:07:15 Save an average of 25% on theseproducts compared to leadingnational drug store chains.
00:07:19 Vo: save money. live
00:07:25 Up!
00:07:27 the for Honey Nut Cheerios will finally be mine!
00:07:33 Not if I can help it, Yellow Jacket.
00:07:35 Ugh...Keep him busy boys I don't think so!
00:07:39 Ugh! MMMMMM!
00:07:40 Ugh! Yummy! Yummy! (slurp, slurp) Well that backfired a little bit.
00:07:44 I'll get that honey yeeeeeeeeeeeet!
00:07:47 (announcer) The honey is safe this time...
00:07:50 ...for Honey Nut Cheerios!
00:07:51 Part of this good breakfast!
00:08:09 WE'RE ALVIN AND THE MIPCHUNKS--( laughs ) I mean,alvin and the big skunks.
00:08:14 ( laughing ) CUT!
00:08:14 Stop fooling aroundfor one minute.
00:08:17 Alvin, move.
00:08:18 Can we stick to the old script here? cut!
00:08:19 Please stop getting caramel sauce on your fur.
00:08:22 !!
00:08:25 Let's go to lunch.
00:08:27 ( bell rings ) ..
00:08:30 Helloooooo gorgeous.
00:08:32 From alvin and the chipmunks,the squeakquel, rated pg.
00:08:35 ONLY IN your McDonald'shappy meal.
00:08:36 ♪ BA DA BA BA BA ♪ ( crash ) CUT!
00:08:40 tonight, sweetie.
00:08:41 You've had chef every night this week.
00:08:43 But I love chef.
00:08:46 ( sharp whistle ) ( barks ) Mother: What do you want for dinner?
00:09:05 Announcer:CHEF BOYARDEE. BOY, THIS STUFF Is good.
00:09:20 This place. It is dank, dark, and draining my energy.
00:09:26 It is the pit of my despair.
00:09:28 It's a dungeon!
00:09:29 We weren't going for curb appeal!
00:09:31 What did you expect? Ice cream and cookies?
00:09:38 What need do you have for my cosmic powers?
00:09:41 Silence!
00:09:42 Heh heh! I love saying that.
00:09:44 When Doom's not around. He's gone, right?
00:09:46 [chuckles] You have no need to know of my villainous plan for you!
00:09:50 Uhh...I thought it was the Doc's plan.
00:09:55 Oh...his plan.
00:09:56 My plan. I did all the legwork.
00:09:58 Legwork? But you only got teeny-tiny legs.
00:10:02 [Doctor Doom] Modok! ahh!
00:10:03 Keep draining his cosmic energy!
00:10:05 When we have taken ninety percent of his power, the fractal dagger will be complete!
00:10:11 And...what will the dagger do?
00:10:13 A miniature version of the Infinity Sword's power to reshape the universe.
00:10:19 With this, I will be able to deconstruct entire cities at the molecular level!
00:10:28 Just drain his cosmic power at a constant rate. Understand?
00:10:34 "Understand?" Yes, I understand everything! Ooh!
00:10:36 I'd kick your butt if my legs weren't so tiny!
00:10:40 Uh, can we suck out his powers faster?
00:10:42 Uh, I could give you some tips, my friends.
00:10:45 Twenty percent is customary.
00:10:48 Say, why would you help us?
00:10:50 The faster my powers are drained, the faster this ordeal is over.
00:10:55 [sighing] Would you not at least wish to have my torment complete?
00:11:01 [Thing] You know, I don't have a great history with that shiny space case, but, uh... this ain't right.
00:11:06 Look, the only reason Doom would take him, is to somehow drain his cosmic powers.
00:11:11 He could use that energy to bind together several fractals.
00:11:15 Uh, yeah.
00:11:16 What is all this fractal stuff, anyway?
00:11:18 Sheesh! Where have you been?
00:11:19 The fractals are the remnants of the most powerful item in the universe-- The Infinity Sword.
00:11:23 I'll never forget the day that Doom opened the rift-window to retrieve the Infinity Sword.
00:11:29 [laughing] [laughing hysterically] [grunts] I couldn't let that much power fall into Doom's hands.
00:11:38 I did what I could, but it wasn't enough.
00:11:41 Since then, we've battled Doom at every turn for those fractal pieces.
00:11:44 And now, the foul evildoer has taken our friend.
00:11:47 And my wallet!
00:11:48 Yeah, after we drove him out because we thought he was weird.
00:11:52 He is weird.
00:11:53 Said the man who smells like a rodent and has built-in machetes.
00:11:56 [growling] Hey! The thing of it is, we can't let him rot in Doom's dungeon!
00:12:00 Yeah. The Thing's thing is the main thing.
00:12:02 I made a new cloaking device.
00:12:04 The Stark Stealthizer 7.
00:12:06 Don't ask about the first six.
00:12:07 If I can hook it up to the Helicarrier, we should be able to get close enough to Doom's HQ that we can bust out the Silver Surfer.
00:12:13 A prison break from Villainville.
00:12:15 Now we're talkin'!
00:12:26 Yes.
00:12:26 I can feel the energy draining from me.
00:12:29 Work your legs faster.
00:12:30 Explain to me again. How does this help to drain your powers?
00:12:34 Why, your motions create a-- a cosmic antenna, which enhances the power-draining effect.
00:12:41 Uhh, that don't make any sense.
00:12:44 Not to you, it doesn't. Oaf!
00:12:47 But isn't there something else we can do?
00:12:49 Something less... aerobic?
00:12:52 Well...let's see.
00:12:53 Proper nutrition helps.
00:13:03 Yes!
00:13:04 The world's biggest chocolate brownie!
00:13:07 Now, eat up and drain your energy!
00:13:09 Cosmic!
00:13:10 But you misunderstood.
00:13:12 You must eat the brownie.
00:13:14 What?! [laughs] I've been waitin' for this!
00:13:18 [laughing] Ohh! Mmm! [burps] Isn't there something we can do that involves our brains?
00:13:27 [beeping] Okay.
00:13:37 Next question.
00:13:39 What gets wetter the more it dries?
00:13:42 Yes, yes! I know this!
00:13:43 There is a silicon-based creature on a moon of Anthos 12 that has-- A towel? Ahhh!
00:13:50 [Silver Surfer] Indeed!
00:13:51 A towel gets wetter the more it dries!
00:13:54 You win again! Oooh!
00:13:56 A tow-- Ask a real question this time!
00:13:59 Very well.
00:14:00 Where is the ocean deepest?
00:14:02 Wait. I'm running the numbers.
00:14:04 The Marianas Trench.
00:14:05 It reaches depths of 6.8 miles and-- [buzzer sounds] Oh!
00:14:09 The ocean's deepest... at the bottom!
00:14:12 Correct!
00:14:12 What? The bottom?
00:14:14 You can't be serious!
00:14:16 [Doctor Doom] Modok!
00:14:17 What is going on down there?
00:14:20 No matter.
00:14:21 The fractal dagger... is almost complete!
00:14:26 Good work.
00:14:30 They dare to attack me?
00:14:32 They will pay once my fully-powered infinity dagger blasts them out of the sky and Super Hero City off the face of the earth!
00:14:43 [Doctor Doom laughing evilly] I've got a bead on the Silver Surfer.
00:14:50 He's in that dungeon! Time to Hero Up, Squaddies!
00:14:55 ♪ When the bad guys are out, all you have to do is shout now ♪
00:14:58 ♪ Who's gonna Hero Up? ♪
00:15:00 ♪ Well, they may not get along, but they're always fighting strong now ♪
00:15:03 ♪ Who's gonna Hero Up? ♪
00:15:05 ♪ Super Hero Squad! Hero Up ♪
00:15:08 ♪ Super Hero Squad ♪
00:15:10 Hulk, make a hole.
00:15:12 [laughs, grunts] Belly flop!
00:15:15 [grunts] [grunting loudly] Yo! Need a hand?
00:15:28 How about two hands?
00:15:32 I need only a few more minutes for the fractal dagger to be complete.
00:15:38 What about the Silver Surfer?
00:15:40 He's of no more use to us.
00:15:42 [Doctor Doom laughing] [laughing] Hold off those heroes!
00:15:57 Concentrate on freeing the Surfer!
00:16:08 Huh!
00:16:11 Unh! Redwing! Do something about that stone in his forehead!
00:16:16 Hey! That's unsanitary, you flying vermin!
00:16:20 [grunting] Ahhh!
00:16:25 [Modok screaming] [screams] [Abomination grunting] [grunts, growls] [grunts] [Wolverine] Nice try!
00:16:36 Ha! [grunts] Moves pretty well for a big guy.
00:16:43 [laughing] Yes! Yes!
00:16:46 My fractal dagger is comete!
00:16:54 [Hulk yells] Come on, sparkles.
00:16:59 Let's get you back to where the sun shines, huh?
00:17:03, my board.
00:17:18 Hey, Tin Man, we found him!
00:17:20 He's in bad shape, but he'll live.
00:17:22 Excellent work, heroes. Now we can turn our attention to-- Aah! [Doctor Doom laughing] My fully charged fractal dagger will make you pay for your insolence.
00:17:35 Uhh!
00:17:36 Uhh!
00:17:46 Iron Man! Doom almost cut you in half with that thing!
00:17:49 Whoo! Pick, pick, pick.
00:17:51 [Iron Man] Let's cloak before doom nails us again.
00:17:54 [laughing] Yes!
00:17:58 [Silver Surfer] Cosmic waves, washing over me, making me stronger!
00:18:03 Returning my power cosmic!
00:18:08 Uhh!
00:18:10 'Tis a reprehensible weapon!
00:18:12 Yon dagger hath the power to de-molecularize 'most anything!
00:18:16 Yeah! Wait. That means us, right?
00:18:19 Aren't we made of molecules?
00:18:27 I am the only one with the cosmic energy to stop Doom.
00:18:35 [Dr. Doom laughing] Soon, every fractal will be in plain sight, once I obliterate the city around them!
00:18:42 Farewell... Superhero Squad!
00:18:47 Aah!
00:18:48 [screaming] The power of this object was not intended for any earthly being!
00:19:06 That is not for you to say!
00:19:08 In fact, it is.
00:19:10 Aaahh!
00:19:15 Aaaahhh!
00:19:22 [cheering] All right! Yeah!
00:19:33 Back! [grunts] I shattered the infinity dagger into fractals again.
00:19:42 Doom has not one fractal left.
00:19:44 You know we can find them before Doom can.
00:19:46 How about for now, we go home.
00:19:48 Yes. With you, my friends, I have found a home.
00:19:55 The Silver Surfer taught me stuff, like, what goes up, but never comes down?
00:20:02 Wait. I know this.
00:20:03 The Cetaurans have an anti-gravity missile that-- Unh-unh. Your age.
00:20:08 Silence!
00:20:16 As an offering of thanks, I've brought you your favorite pulpated tomato and cheese-covered disks.
00:20:21 Whoa! That's real big of you, silver britches!
00:20:37 [eating noises] He has an appetite, like, unto Galactus!
00:20:41 Yeah, it's an issue sometimes.
00:20:42 Hey, let's go out, and I'll buy youse a slice!
00:20:43 What do ya say?
00:20:47 Cosmic.
00:20:48 [Thing] What kinda cheese do ya like?
00:20:49 Like, Mozzarella's good, right? Sweet.
00:22:14 Amazing things can happen when you taste watch this. wow!

Happy dueling!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Three More Max Heroes, Some Reactions, and Badge Improvements Please!

The latest updates are now live in the game and I think it's good news that the introductory price of classic daredevil is a bargain as far as gold priced heroes go!

You can also see pictured there the new Bullseye mission. Anyone tried that?

Also good news is that you can turn these new voices down or off completely:

They aren't that bad, but extended play with them can be a bit . . . distracting? There were some interesting choices made that I'm not sure I like. I don't really think my character should say something every time he/she opens a door or heads to the sky. I wish the frequency was tuned down just a little bit. Like maybe every tenth time I opened a door it would say something or every fifth time I hit a flight spot. Either way, that volume slider for voices is a welcome sight. I was kind of getting annoyed at Invisible Woman this morning as she wondering "Hmm, I wonder what's in here" while I opened the door to the Baxter building. yeah. She's not that ditsy.

Anyway, I do have three more max heroes in my back pocket!

First up is Street Clothes Wolverine:

Next to ding max was The Beast:

And finally, just this morning I dinged max on The Human Torch:

All three heroes were fun to play. Beast's double jump makes him great around town. Human Torch has one of the coolest looks in the game. Street Clothes Wolverine was free! ;p Give me a free hero, and I will play it to max!

I played both Beast and Wolverine in missions (and they were fun), but I think all I did while leveling The Human Torch was collect tokens, kill troublebots, and click chasables. I need to play a few missions with him still. That's on my "fun agenda" in game. hehe.

Here's a quick idea: I wish earning badges in game meant more. Like, if I unlocked a badge on a hero, it should equal something like 5-10 gold or a bunch of tickets. It would really give me some extra incentive to revisit my heroes after they've hit max. Tying rewards (any kind of reward) to unlocking badges would be such an awesome motivator.

What do you think of the new voiceovers and updates?

Happy Dueling!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Voice-overs Incoming!!

The press release went out just last night. The big news? Voice-overs are coming to Super Hero Squad Online!

Here's a link to MMORPG, who picked up the story this morning: click!

It'll be interesting to see how this is applied in SHSO. The good news here is that the Super Hero Squad Show has some extremely talented voice actors. Tom Kenny who does the voice of Iron Man for the show is also the guy behind the genius of Spongebob Squarepants.

Alimi Ballard who does the voice of Falcon has a long list of credits as well. What I like about Alimi is that he's rumored to be a huge comic collector himself!

Charlie Adler who does Doctor Doom in the shows is probably one of the hardest working Voice actors in the biz. The man has worked for everything from Aladdin to A Pup Named Scooby Doo and back again.

In other words, this is a lot of excellent talent coming soon to our little online world! I can't wait to see how it's actually applied in game.

Happy Dueling!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Window into The Amazing Society!

The Amazing Society sounds like a pretty cool company. Have you ever checked out their website? There's just so much creativity going on there, it's awesome. :)

I was haunting Google Maps the other day wondering what it would be like to visit their studios someday. Looks like they rent a space in this building here. Nice place!

If only we could peer inside those windows, right? Well, thanks to the Amazing Society's Senior Producer, Ellen B., I've got some great pictures to show you all. Here's what she sent over . . .

Ellen describes this shot as THE TOY PHOTO!

Having toys at the ready is just a part of the job at The Amazing Society. You gotta have some toys, right? Apparently everybody has their own personal collection of toys at their desk.

This next picture shows the driving force behind all that creativity at TAS . . . coffeebot. ;)

I for one, welcome our new evil overlord, coffeebot.

Lore junkies rejoice! The people at The Amazing Society have a bookshelf chock full of Marvel reference material to read through.

Looks like I could spend hours at this thing reading up on all the lore that goes into Super Hero Squad Online.

This is Kaitlin. Everybody say hi to Kaitlin! *wave*

Miss Kaitlin here is one of the animators that works on Super Hero Squad Online. She's showing off one of her latest creations. :) Keep up the good work, Kaitlin! Angel is a blast to play.

And I saved the best for last. This is Matt, who is the Art Director at The Amazing Society.

Hmmmm. What could this be that Matt is working on today? Looks an awful lot like Punisher, and you know what . . . Punisher has a friend! What the heck?! Awesome! HAHA! Check that out!


Thanks for the great photos, Ellen! Those were awesome.

Hope you all enjoyed this quick peek inside The Amazing Society. From my short time talking with Ellen, I can tell this is a great place to work, and everyone there puts a lot of heart into what they do.

From the Time Hound Times and the readers here, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

Happy Dueling!

Monday, February 6, 2012


Winner of the best blog post title, ever!

So I have a lot of stuff rolling around in my head today about Super Hero Squad Online. I'll just start typing and let's see where this post goes.

1- Cable. I've been asking about how soon we might see Cable come into the game. In talking a bit with my sources at The Amazing Society, I found out THE REAL story about Cable and a few other super heroes. The fact of the matter is, Cable *is* coming to the game (not just a rumor), and I think anyone that saw the leaked character concept art realizes that. After that point, the question is "when!!" Sadly, concepts take a long time to flesh out and put into production, and the leaked information that some SHSO fans saw was very early in the stages of creation. The answer is that Cable isn't planned to be out for the next few months, but eventually, you'll see Cable. Patience, friends. :/

2- New mission this week! Sources tell me that there is something awesome coming to the game this week to coincide with the release of classic Daredevil! It's suppose to play awesome as well, so here's a little teaser to get you excited about the update coming this week:

RAWR! Load up Elektra or Black Widow, and let's go kick some butt!

3- My month subscription ran out! GASP! Aww well. I'm back to earning a measly 5 gold a day and one spot on the prize wheel. Man that's painful after having the joys of the daily gold rush, isn't it?

unsubbed rewards:


subbed rewards:


I'll have to contemplate another month subscription here soon. As for now, my family has a ton of catching up to me to do, and I still have a handful of heroes to max out (including Future Foundation Spider-Man).

It's kind of sad to see what happens to your Jr. SHIELD heroes when you cross the unsubscribed barrier. They just kind of fade out with a Jr. SHIELD symbol over the top of them, so you can't select them anymore. At least their levels still count toward your squad level though, right?

. . . and I never finished leveling Iron Patriot too. Well, luckily I got most of those leveled up to max before losing the sub.

When I was subscribed I purposefully avoided buying the 350 gold heroes so that I could save those for a goal when I was unsubscribed. I still have to purchase Nova and Valkyrie. I also am just right around the corner from earning the silver I need to purchase Bucky Cap, so . . . there is that to look forward to, right?

And that's it for today!

Keep me in the loop on all the cool stuff you guys are doing in game!

Happy dueling!

Super Hero Squad Show Sunday (S. 1 E. 2)

Here you go, this one comes from the Simply Superheroes website.

Here's the transcript (and sorry it's a day late) from

00:00:08 [beeping] Come on. Hold still.
00:00:19 Super Hero Megaslam!
00:00:21 You dare befoul Doom's spying equipment by playing a child's video game?
00:00:29 You're not even playing it right!
00:00:30 Here, let me show you how it's done.
00:00:33 No, it's still my turn!
00:00:34 This joystick shall be mine!
00:00:37 [beeping] [beeping] controlling powers!
00:00:44 [laughing] [gasping] Look at what you did!
00:00:50 Uhh...
00:00:53 Oooh. Hey, look.
00:00:55 I found the Super Hero Squad.
00:00:58 [laughing] What are they doing at the Water and Power building?
00:01:03 Uh, paying their Super Power bill?
00:01:06 Uh! Want to...hit you, but...arms... too short!
00:01:10 [toilet flushing] Who dares to disturb Doom?
00:01:15 [cat screeches] [cries out painfully] [laughing] Ah, finally, my foolhardy foes have found a fractal.
00:01:27 Fascinating.
00:01:28 Hey, that's pretty good. Try this one.
00:01:32 Mr. Sinister sold six stacks of silk slacks to Silver Surfer!
00:01:37 Mr. Sinister sold si-- Stop wasting our brilliant leader's time when he is about to order an attack!
00:01:44 [groaning] [shouting painfully] I saw that one comin'. [chortles] And Modok got a boo-boo. [laughs] Aw, do we have to?
00:01:58 They're all dirty. I don't wanna!
00:02:02 Aah! Don't blast me!
00:02:03 Good point. With a bit of guile, those Super Simpletons will do our dirty work for us.
00:02:10 Clearly, O Doom, our great minds think as one.
00:02:13 Abomination is merely repeating my words, which he doesn't understand.
00:02:18 [crying out] I didn't see that coming.
00:02:21 No one knows Doom's mind!
00:02:24 And nothing can be hidden from Doom.
00:02:27 You owe me a controller-- No,twocontrollers.
00:02:33 [laughing] [coughing and wheezing] Lo, though Mjolnir is mighty indeed, as a shovel, it supremely sucketh eggs.
00:02:51 Right tool for the right job, I always say.
00:02:54 [sighs] Unfortunately.
00:02:59 Ahhh!
00:03:01 Eureka!
00:03:02 Yes, and you reek of machine oil. What about it?
00:03:04 What? Hand me the magnetic jar.
00:03:11 [groaning] Somethin' you wanna share, Rat Tail?
00:03:15 I joined the Squad to incarcerate dirty villains, not to excavate dirty dirt. I mean-- Unhh! This stinks.
00:03:21 Indeed, 'tis not the most glorious of tasks, but what are you gonna do?
00:03:26 No, no, no, no. Itreallystinks.
00:03:29 Even worse than before. Pee-yoo! That's a crime.
00:03:32 [sniffing] That ain't just a crime, bub.
00:03:36 It's an Abomination!
00:03:38 [growling] [laughing] Zoinks!
00:03:42 Abomination!
00:03:43 Get thee hence, vile dog!
00:03:45 I'll show you who's a dog.
00:03:47 [grunting] [roaring] [nervously laughing] ♪ Na na-na na-na ♪
00:03:59 Ohh!
00:03:59 No way are you getting away with that!
00:04:01 Back it up, Reptil! Do not pursue!
00:04:04 Velociraptor legs!
00:04:08 Ha! Now I get to show 'em I'm a self-starter, not a ditch digger!
00:04:14 Aah! Aahhh...
00:04:16 Huh? Hiya, kid.
00:04:18 I'm the Wrecker.
00:04:19 This here is my Wrecking Crew.
00:04:23 [nervously laughs] what taste gets athletes ( wild cheering ) Frosted flakes!
00:05:59 ♪♪♪
00:06:02 ♪ we are tigers ♪
00:06:02 crunchy flakes perfectly coated with sweet ..
00:06:05 Makes them a great tasting part of a nutritious breakfast.
00:06:08 ♪ Mighty, mighty tigers ♪
00:06:11 ♪♪♪
00:06:12 kellogg's frosted flakesare more than good.
00:06:14 ..
00:06:19 Grrrrr-eat!
00:06:21 ♪♪♪
00:07:23 st be a wayout of here, iq.
00:07:25 There is, gilbert, and you're about to see it!
00:07:27 [Vacuum noise] whoa, whoa, whoa!
00:07:29 Up there!
00:07:30 A hole!
00:07:34 Uh!
00:07:35 It's a message to my friends!
00:07:37 That I'm okay!
00:07:39 Ooh!
00:07:41 Cruel fate.
00:07:42 Done in by a bubble blower.
00:07:44 Ours was a brief but rich friendship.
00:07:46 That was cool!
00:07:47 Try goldfish grahams.
00:07:48 Baked with whole grain and a touch of sweetness.
00:07:50 ♪ The snack thatsmiles back ♪
00:07:52 goldfish.
00:08:03 We usually concentrate on wrecking stuff, but for you, we made an exception and built something.
00:08:10 Right, Thunderball?
00:08:12 Yeah, Wrecker. A trap.
00:08:13 Which is probably why Iron Man told me not to follow you.
00:08:17 I was using my strag-ety.
00:08:20 From my brain...
00:08:22 my head.
00:08:23 Too bad only the most gullible chump fell for it.
00:08:27 Oh, well. We'll take turns.
00:08:30 You first, Piledriver.
00:08:33 Yeah.
00:08:34 Stegosaurus armor! Ahh!
00:08:36 [screaming] [sobbing] Nice move, kid.
00:08:39 You might've had a shot against one of us.
00:08:42 Bulldozer?
00:08:43 Yeah. You got it, boss.
00:08:45 Triceratops horn!
00:08:46 [screams painfully] [laughing] All over now, pipsqueak.
00:08:52 It is four against one.
00:08:56 Aahh!
00:08:56 Hulk don't do math! Hulk smash!
00:08:59 The Super Hero Squad?
00:09:01 And we weren't even wearing "Hello my name is" stickers!
00:09:04 And, once again, I did not get the memo.
00:09:08 Glad you could join our little party.
00:09:11 It is gonna be a gas!
00:09:14 [coughing] Gas!
00:09:17 Hey, wasn't me. Uh, this time.
00:09:23 He's mine, mine, mine! I smell a bonus!
00:09:25 Uh, thanks for doin' our work for us...Heroes!
00:09:30 [laughing] [laughing] Uh! Brachiosaurus tail!
00:09:38 [grunts] The fractal!
00:09:47 [groaning] Me thinketh this stinketh.
00:09:52 Mighty wind, bloweth! Knockout gas, goeth!
00:09:56 [nervously laughing] Wow, is that the time?
00:09:59 Gotta go. Got this date [roaring] Well, at least Doom didn't get that fractal, thanks to Reptil. Yeah, but neither did we, thanks to me.
00:10:08 Well, now it looks like we got two messes to clean up.
00:10:22 Yeah. Outstanding.
00:10:23 My Stark Industries Probabilit-E-valuator is working like a dream! The Proba-whatzin-whozit?
00:10:28 That fractal was swept into the city's water system.
00:10:31 This machine calculates where it's most likely to show up.
00:10:35 These two blips are the most probable locations.
00:10:38 I'll take Falcon and Hawkeye if Shield can spare you.
00:10:41 Surfer, you, Thor, and Hulk take the other one.
00:10:44 Okay, well what's this one?
00:10:45 A less-probable location. An Ice Rink.
00:10:47 Perfect. Me and the kid'll check that one out.
00:10:51 Uh, no, no.
00:10:52 Don't you need a...
00:10:53 a Squaddie here minding the store?
00:10:55 I think the Squirt is tuckered out from the fight, Tony.
00:10:59 [baby-talking] Does the baby need a little nap?
00:11:02 [laughing] Well, he doesn't need some chatty archer teasin' him.
00:11:06 Come on, let's Hero Up.
00:11:07 ♪ Super Hero Squad! Hero Up ♪
00:11:12 ♪ When the bad guys are out, all you have to do is shout now ♪
00:11:15 ♪ Who's gonna Hero Up? ♪
00:11:18 ♪ Who'll save the day? ♪
00:11:20 ♪ The Super Hero Squad ♪
00:11:23 ♪ They'll Hero Up again ♪
00:11:26 ♪ Super Hero Squad! Hero Up ♪
00:11:32 Look, kid. You're not the first hero to be afraid.
00:11:35 Who says I'm-- I can smell it.
00:11:38 [sniffing] But you can't hide in here forever.
00:11:42 You wanted to be a hero. Then you gotta-- you know, Hero Up.
00:11:48 [door closes] [machinery humming] Holy guacamole.
00:12:06 I can't believe it. Not only do I walk into a trap and practically hand Doom a fractal, but I'm too chicken to go back for more.
00:12:14 Some hero I am.
00:12:15 Aah! Stupid state-of-the-art bolted-down trash can!
00:12:18 [Wolverine] I got trouble with a capital "T"!
00:12:21 Wolverine, go ahead. Is anybody there? Can you read me?
00:12:25 Aw, for cryin' out loud. Wolverine, I-I said-- I'm outnumbered! Send backup! You got that?
00:12:29 Send-- Ah, Hulk.
00:12:34 Iron Man! Cap! Come in! Wolverine needs help!
00:12:37 Oh, man. Nobody knows he's in trouble.
00:16:25 What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?
00:16:29 [door closes] [yawning] Hulk! Thank goodness.
00:16:32 What are you doing back here?
00:16:33 Hulk forgot to put lid down.s in terrible danger, and I can't contact the rest of the Squad.
00:16:38 Understand?
00:16:42 Bleh. Claw in trouble?
00:16:45 [roaring] [grunting] Hulk!
00:16:47 [roaring] But I haven't told you where he is!
00:16:51 [sighing] I don't have a choice.
00:16:53 I gotta Hero Up!
00:16:59 Pterodactyl wings!
00:17:05 WhereisHulk?
00:17:07 I'm not down there. Hmm.
00:17:10 I'm not down there...
00:17:13 [honking] Ah! Hop in!
00:17:19 Now, did you get the fractal or not?!
00:17:22 Like I told you, I came here 'cause I thought it was hockey night.
00:17:27 [crash] [Reptil grunts] Allosaurus tail!
00:17:31 [all groaning] Told ya. Just have to face down that fear.
00:17:38 Well, it didn't work. I'm still scared.
00:17:41 I got news for you, Junior.
00:17:42 I'm scared, too. Raptor claws!
00:17:45 So's Shellhead, Falcon, and the rest.
00:17:47 Maybe not the Surfer. He's a little woo-woo.
00:17:48 [grunting] You're scared? Scared of what'll happen if Doom gets those fractals.
00:17:55 But we keep fighting.
00:17:56 That's what makes us heroes.Capice?
00:17:58 Then we better find it first, huh? Tyrannosaurus eyes!
00:18:01 I get it. Big predator, great eyesight.
00:18:05 Good call, kid.
00:18:11 Right there! Under the ice!
00:18:17 [grunting] Velociraptor legs!
00:18:19 Uhhh! Ahhh!
00:18:27 Uhhh!
00:18:31 Oh! It's mine! I-- I got it!
00:18:35 Hands off!
00:18:36 These things got some seriously unstable juju.
00:18:39 You never know what they'll do.
00:18:41 Okay! Let's rock and roll.
00:18:43 What's happening to me?
00:18:46 Ah! Gotta go! [grunting] [all groan] [all] Uh? Huh? Uh?
00:18:56 [laughing] Aah! Go! Let's go! Let's go!
00:18:59 Let's go! Let's go! Back at ya! That's right.
00:19:00 Reptil for the save.
00:19:04 [laughing] Don't get cocky, kid.
00:19:06 Doom tends to have a fallback plan.
00:19:08 [sniffing] Ah, speakin' of the devil.
00:19:11 That fractal is mine!
00:19:12 Oh, yeah? There's only one of you and two of us!
00:19:21 Doombots.
00:19:22 I thought I smelled Robot grease.
00:19:25 ♪♪
00:19:29 ♪ [mariachi] No fractal here. Maybe the others are having better luck.
00:19:43 Ahhh! [grunts] Oh, for crying out loud! You can't throw a cow in this town without hitting a superhero.
00:19:52 You do, and you'll be arrested by a superhero, tiny.
00:19:56 Oh, don't just stand there. Wreck 'em!
00:20:00 [growling] By Baldur's manly earlobes!
00:20:07 Our blip was naught but naught!
00:20:09 Look! A group of construction workers seem to be playing with our teammates! Fun!
00:20:15 Uhh! [grunting] Hey, Thunderwimp, aren't you missing something?
00:20:19 Like your ball? Uhh! Uhh!
00:20:21 Uhh! Uhh! Don't worry.
00:20:21 There'll be a nice cold boo-boo buddy on your head... while we interrogate you.
00:20:27 I'm afraid not, Archer, for I have need of them.
00:20:32 You see, I'm doing a little remodeling, and, as evil as I am...
00:20:39 even I recycle.
00:20:40 Gone! And they didn't leave behind a single clue!
00:20:47 Okay, all we have to do is keep this fractal from falling into the hands of all those Doombots...
00:20:53 uh...without touching it.
00:20:56 Any ideas?
00:20:56 As a matter of fact, yes.
00:20:58 Stegosaurus plates! On my feet!
00:21:00 Another good call, kid.
00:21:03 [growling] Huh? 'Bout time to show 'em some unnecessary roughness.
00:21:22 [grunting] Wolverine! Ain't one of Shellhead's fancy containers, but...
00:21:33'll do. [cheering] [cheering, laughing] Way to go, guys.
00:21:43 What do you know?
00:21:44 Baby boy did all right.
00:21:46 What'd you expect?
00:21:47 They never stood a chance...
00:21:50 against two heroes.
00:21:51 You done good, Reptil. Ha!
00:21:54 Like I said before...
00:21:55 I have a little more brain power-- W-w-whoa!
00:22:00 Whoa!
00:22:05 Itisyour turn to go get him.
00:22:11 Uhh! Hulk home!
00:22:14 Iron Man? Lobster! [phone ringing] Uurgh! Phone and phone! Hulk sick of you!
00:22:22 [grunting] [Hulk roaring] R-r-r-ring!
00:22:30 R-r-r-ring!
00:22:35 R-r-r-r-r-ring!
00:22:36 Closed-Captioned ByJ.R. Media Services, Inc.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Introducing Super Spy Genie!

Yesterday I talked my wife into making a Super Hero Squad Online account. It was kind of funny. For some reason our two-year-old really just doesn't want mom to play this game with him. He wanted DAD to play the game with him. In fact, he went as far as turning off the computer on her. LOL.

As with all two-year-olds, they are easily distracted and he was off playing on the Wii, and I was able to help my wife get set up and talk her through some of the controls on screen. Before you knew it, Super Spy Genie was on the prowl for bad guys!

She's digging Ms. Marvel.

She actually had a really good suggestion for The Amazing Society. It would be nice to be able to select whether you were a girl or a boy before you selected your squad name (it's reversed right now), and then you would be given your choice of more "girl" sounding squad names. It took us a while to find Super Spy Genie, but when we landed on it, it was perfect.

Before you knew it, she was running through her first mission as Ms. Marvel with a guy who was playing Thing. She liked it, and from the sidelines it was pretty entertaining to watch. :)

I logged on after her mission and we met up to add each other to our friend lists (I really wish I could have more friends on my list--I have that same problem in Wizard101).

I can't wait to see if she gets into it like I did. It'll be fun to run some missions with her or maybe have a card battle. If we ever do that, I'll probably video it and share it. ;)

Happy Dueling

Friday, February 3, 2012

Ding 554!

There it is!

For once I'm actually at kind of a loss for words! I was pretty freaking excited about it last night after it happened. It felt really good for that final challenge to be won. Here's how it played out (hehe, playing my brand new Wasp purchase at the time):

I definitely spent too much time indoors earning that level. ;) The sunlight, it burns!

I just want to thank you all for reading along with me as I worked toward that final challenge. Hopefully I've covered any "advice" I'd give along the way already. Really, it's all about leveling and buying those heroes, working out a good deck for the challenges involving card battles, and having a lot of Marvel super hero fun along the way.

The game's challenges encourage you to discover all that you can do in Super Hero Squad Online. I think the ultimate goal of the challenge quests was to help players answer the question, "what can I do here?" whether that included being rude in a pond, playing through some missions, scoring reasonably well on an arcade mini-game, or just making friends. It's all one can ask for in an MMO like Super Hero Squad Online.

The big question you have to face after completing the final challenge is probably similar to what people were asking when the game didn't have a challenge quest line. What's the point? What I believe the designers are hoping you do is continue doing everything you've done up to this point, just without the golden carrot at the end (but with a promise of something greater coming in the future). What do I do? Go be rude in a pond, play through some missions, score reasonably well on those arcade mini-games, and just make friends! :) There are still 30 (and growing) heroes or so that I've never played before, right? Right.

I'm sure the future will bring more challenges and more changes to the game. It will all continue to grow, and I'm pretty sure the fans of the game will help direct its future. So don't be quiet! Let them know what you want to see in the game. Inspire them to greater programming, finer design, more beautiful art, killer marketing, and streamlined production. That's a fan's job.

That's what I say at least.

Did I say I was at a loss for words?

Happy Dueling