Sunday, April 8, 2012

Super Hero Squad Show Sunday (S 1: E 9) This Forest Green

Transcript from

00:00:12 [all yelping] So Doom's gotten hold of a shrinking ray.
00:00:28 Yeah, but I know where to get a whole shrinking guy.
00:00:39 [computer voice] Scan complete.
00:00:41 Airlock contains one source of Pym particles.
00:00:49 [Iron Man] Ah, the man who discovered pym particles, Dr. Hank Pym, better known as Ant-Man.
00:04:35 What's all this about shrunken villains?
00:04:39 Doom's using one of your generators.
00:04:41 It has to be one of Egghead's cheap dollar-store knockoffs.
00:04:44 Follow me.
00:04:56 [Ant-Man] their vehicle leaves a faint trail.
00:05:01 When you find them, I'll stomp the little stinkers.
00:05:05 Most unjust, my friend. We do not seek revenge.
00:05:08 Now don't even think about stomping the baddies, Wolverine.
00:05:12 There's a fractal in there.
00:05:13 You wanna end up with claws made out of rubber or bone?
00:05:20 In here?
00:05:21 That's the way the quantum resonance scans.
00:05:24 The kitchen. Great.
00:05:25 We're gonna have to search every culinary inch of it!
00:05:28 Yeah, but even if we catch those teeny meanies, the fractal will be too small to see.
00:05:32 Unless we lower ourselves to their level.
00:05:35 Makes sense.
00:05:36 All right, squaddies, hero up!
00:05:40 ♪ When the bad guys are out All you have to do is shout now ♪
00:05:44 ♪ Who's gonna hero up? ♪
00:05:46 ♪ Superhero squad Hero up ♪
00:05:48 ♪ Superhero squadHero up ♪
00:05:51 Or shall we say hero down?
00:06:04 Look!
00:06:12 Falc, check the window. See if it'll hold.
00:06:16 [M.O.D.O.K.] I knew we should have gotten an SUV.
00:06:18 Remove your finger from my nose.
00:06:21 [Egghead] that is my thumb and part of Abomination's ear.
00:06:27 Oh, no. I just had it washed.
00:06:31 You just had Abomination's ear washed?
00:06:34 Thanks.
00:06:36 [whimpering] [grunts] Get behind the craft. We'll blast our way out.
00:06:46 Egghead's got a high-intensity explosive rocket, and look where it's aimed!
00:06:54 Oh, what a revolting development this is!
00:06:58 Shrunk in our enemies' kitchen, led by this pinhead!
00:07:04 Relatively speaking.
00:07:08 Quickly! Falcon's hindquarters are in danger!
00:07:16 [chortles] Egghead, you jughead! Do something!
00:07:21 I have a plasma blaster in the Eggmobile.
00:07:29 [Egghead] The fractal!
00:07:30 [M.O.D.O.K.] Don't touch it!
00:07:32 It's powerful and unpredictable.
00:07:34 Oh, how sloppy of me.
00:07:35 I'll just activate the Egghead Hover-orb.
00:07:39 [Ant-Man] Hover orb?
00:07:40 You stole another one of my inventions?
00:07:42 Correction-- I improved your invention.
00:07:54 [Iron Man] we got a dip in the salsa!
00:07:58 Whoops! Butterfingers!
00:08:01 Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
00:08:07 Ow.
00:08:08 [electronic beeps] [computer voice] Entry denied.
00:08:11 Helicarrier has been sealed.
00:08:14 Hey.
00:08:16 Ow.
00:08:17 S.H.I.E.L.D. officer override.
00:08:21 [M.O.D.O.K.] Hey, the door's open! Forget bonehead!
00:08:24 [Abomination] But what will doctor doom say when we show up with no fractal?
00:08:29 Who cares?
00:08:30 Turn around. Let's go get bonehead.
00:08:37 Dang flies.
00:08:38 Now, let's see how you make these fancy quesadillas.
00:08:41 Not just quesadillas, Ms. Marvel.
00:08:43 Reptilla quesadilla supremos.
00:08:46 First we heat the tortilla.
00:08:56 Blasted peppers! Jalapeños make me hurl.
00:08:59 Man, I could really go for some chips.
00:09:03 He's headed this way!
00:09:04 Whoa. That piece of onion!
00:09:09 Well, I'll be dipped in salsa.
00:09:11 It's Egghead!
00:09:13 Or should I say, deviled Egghead!
00:09:16 [laughing] Yeah, nice smack-talk.
00:09:19 [M.O.D.O.K.] How about less talk and one big smack!
00:09:27 Imira!doesn't that look good?
00:09:29 Next we make sure the salsa's mixed.
00:09:52 [snoring] Mm.
00:10:07 Ah. Seems well mixed now.
00:10:10 [sniffing] Hulk smell something yummy!
00:10:16 Mm.
00:10:20 Oh.
00:10:23 Whoa! This is one fiesta I don't want to be a part of!
00:11:08 now in session!
00:11:08 Your honor you got to keep Cocoa Puffs away from me!
00:11:11 But, why?
00:11:12 I call my first witness...
00:11:14 Cocoa Puffs!
00:11:15 Chocolate in the court!
00:11:17 I'm cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.
00:11:18 [ Male Announcer ] Chocolaty Cocoa Puffs, part of a good breakfast.
00:11:23 your mother's advice.
00:11:26 Your own instincts.
00:11:27 There are some things you know you can trust.
00:11:29 ..
00:11:32 With the unique no more tears®® formula, the most trusted way to bathe your baby.
00:13:53 We all do it. but you don't have to.
00:13:59 Thanks to time releasedodor protection from secret.
00:14:02 Secret flawless renewal.
00:14:03 It's still working,so you can stop checking.
00:14:27 Ah-ah-ah, Hulk. You sit and wait until it's done.
00:14:31 Yellow Hair not Hulk's mommy.
00:14:33 Okay, now, we spread the salsa on the tortilla.
00:14:40 [all screaming] Aah! Aah! Aah!
00:14:47 A spoon? You need to mash down with a fork-- you know, really get the juice out of the peppers.
00:14:54 Help me! Aah!
00:14:56 Neato mosquito.
00:14:58 Uh, what's tiny noise?
00:15:00 [Reptile] Ah, that's the crunch of the flavors being released.
00:15:09 Aah! Fork! Fork!
00:15:12 Hulk hungry.
00:15:14 Whoa!
00:15:17 The fractal!
00:15:22 Help me!
00:15:25 Correction-- I am the Queen of Spain.
00:15:28 He's getting away! Hey, Ant-Man!
00:15:30 I'm not a hundred percent on this whole shrinking plan.
00:15:34 Yeah, here's the thing, though.
00:15:36 The Pym particle generator's full of salsa.
00:15:40 Do you mean we're all trapped at this size?
00:15:44 Yeah, go figure.
00:15:45 All right, so here we have some killer Mexican cheese, queso blanco, mixed with my favorite cheese, Quesada Joe.
00:15:54 Oh, boy! My favorite!
00:15:58 Cheese named Joe is Hulk's friend.
00:16:01 Quesada Joe. It's super cheesy!
00:16:08 Hulk hungry!
00:16:09 Ah! Jalapeño-- straight from the heart of Mexico!
00:16:17 Raptor claws!
00:16:20 I'll make myself bigger and crush those heroes myself!
00:16:31 Aah!
00:16:32 Ooh! Food green like Hulk.
00:16:35 Uh, careful. That's a genetically modified psycho-piquant jalapeño.
00:16:43 [gibbering] [grunting] Ew! A bug.
00:16:53 Missed! You really shouldn't leave food out too long.
00:16:59 Super Hero Squad! Rendezvous on Hulk's finger!
00:17:03 [Falcon] Get outta there! he's gonna sniff!
00:17:12 Ehh.
00:17:14 Uh-oh, he's moving into the interior.
00:17:23 Are you planning on getting bigger and saving them?
00:17:25 Me? My Pym particle generator's full of salsa, and my helmet's out of gas.
00:17:30 How can I get six guys out of a nose without picking it?
00:17:37 Hmm. Extra volcanic pepper. That might do it.
00:17:44 [chuckles] [hums] Oopsie.
00:17:47 Uh, have you washed your hands?
00:17:49 Why? Food not dirty.
00:17:53 Bombs away!
00:17:58 Hulk nose burns!
00:18:02 Turn your head!
00:18:04 Ah-choo!
00:18:11 Interesting substance. Semi-liquid state full of organic molecules.
00:18:16 Uh, yeah, it's called snot.
00:18:19 Ooh.Muy caliente.
00:18:22 Ah-ah-ah. Hulk.
00:18:23 Okay, Hulk eat this one.
00:18:25 What a guy.
00:18:27 Ah! Save me, Iron Man!
00:18:29 I've never been to Europe!
00:18:33 Man.
00:18:35 Look before you eat!
00:18:38 Bird? Bah! Bugs.
00:18:41 Ew. It's infested! Some kind of chiggers.
00:18:45 Tyrannosaurus eyes! Hey, wait a minute.
00:18:50 Oh, look!
00:18:51 Iron Man, Wolverine, Silver Surfer, some guy with a big head. Huh. M.O.D.O.K.
00:18:57 Hi.
00:18:57 Bugs not squaddies. Bugs bugs. Hulk stomp!
00:19:02 [both] Wait!
00:19:03 [grunting] Servos failing! Power at lowest ebb!
00:19:11 He's the Hulk. Oh, well, okay, there we go.
00:19:15 Acid from the tomatoes gunked up the tesler coil.
00:19:21 Stop, thief!
00:19:29 Hulk don't understand.
00:19:30 We got Lethal Legion in your mess, bub.
00:19:38 Let 'em stew in there for a while.
00:19:42 Oops. The generator's transmission had mucous particles.
00:19:47 The organic molecules will break the stasis in a delayed reaction.
00:19:51 I'm no scientist, but that sounds like-- [all] Eww!
00:20:00 [Abomination] Chunky waterslide!
00:20:05 [Doom]!
00:20:09 I'll take the fractal.
00:20:11 This was fun.
00:20:12 Can I hang out with you guys more often?
00:20:14 Uh. No.
00:20:15 You saved us all, Falcon.
00:20:17 Without superpowers, and shrunk to the size of an insect.
00:20:19 Never too weak to hero up, right? Or prank the Hulk.
00:20:23 Bird prank Hulk? When?
00:20:25 Here. Fill him in while you clean up.
00:20:30 [Hulk sneezes] Closed-Captioned ByJ.R. M

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vision Live in Game + This Week's Specials!

Here's a quick screenshot of this week's specials:

HEY! It's everybody's favorite android, Vision! Any android that can go against his programming is a friend of mine. :)

There's also a couple new card quests in there and a couple 300 gold hero specials going on too! I still need to pick up Thor. :) I've been extremely busy lately, but it looks like I need to find enough time to farm up a few tickets and take advantage of these specials. O.O

What have you all been up to? Anyone purchased Vision yet and have some comments to share on his playstyle? Wikispaces seems to indicate that he has an interesting armor boost skill as his second power. Interesting!

Happy dueling!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Super Hero Squad Show Sunday (S1:E8) Night in the Sanctorum!

Here's what I could find of the show on Youtube (Again, this is the first 2/3rds of the show . . . If you have a link to the full show, let me know)

In my searching for a full episode on stumbled on to a blog of the writer who crafted the script for this particular episode: check it out!

Transcript from LiveDash is as follows:

00:00:00 Hey, you've got your parents' house, okay?
00:00:03 The rest of us need to figure out where we're sleeping tonight.
00:00:06 Well, for now, we can bunk at Stark Industries.
00:00:13 [hum] Huh?
00:00:21 [grunts] What mechanical folderol be this?
00:00:36 This is some welcome, Iron Man!
00:00:38 Will you hold onto your claws!
00:00:40 Lasers off, robot drones off, E.M. bursts-- yeah, what else?
00:00:45 Flamethrowers.
00:00:49 [Iron Man] Everyone, back off!
00:00:53 Huh? That was weird.
00:00:57 Something's wonky.
00:00:59 It'll take hours to switch my auto defenses on and off every time we come or go.
00:01:03 We're going to have to try somewhere else.
00:01:05 Mmm. Me thinks I doth have the answer.
00:01:08 Leave all to Thor.
00:01:10 Everything is working perfectly, Modok.
00:01:12 While they exhaust themselves searching for a new base, we strike!
00:01:18 [laughs] Excellent, Enchantress!
00:01:20 Then the Fractals hidden within Super Hero City will be mine!
00:01:26 I mean Doom's.
00:01:27 Sure, what else?
00:01:34 Super Heroes groaning, complaining] Thanks, Punisher.
00:01:39 We really appreciate this.
00:01:40 Huh!
00:01:41 We're nothing but white blood cells, hunting the infection called crime.
00:01:46 A sickness that sneaks in through the cracks the way that Brussels sprouts sneak onto a plate of delicious macaroni and cheese.
00:01:53 Sure, the city looks safe.
00:01:55 Just push the Brussels sprouts to one side, right?
00:01:58 Wrong! No matter where you put them, their vile, vegetable juices corrupt the whole plate.
00:02:04 Ooh.
00:02:05 [Punisher] I'm out here to keep those stinking sprouts off the mac and cheese!
00:02:09 Keep them from leaving the store in the first place!
00:02:12 [alarm blaring] [all yelling] Look out!
00:02:30 Your van smelled like dirty laundry anyway!
00:02:34 Hulk want mac and cheese.
00:02:36 [object whizzing] Anyone else have any bright ideas?
00:02:42 Let's make prank phone calls!
00:02:44 [growls] [doorbell rings] [gasps] Oh, uh, hi. Is Reptil home?
00:02:56 Hey, guys!
00:02:56 Mami, Papi, Is it okay if my friends spend the night
00:02:59 Es importante.
00:03:03 This'll be awesome!
00:03:07 We can stay up all night planning new ways to capture the bad guys.
00:03:11 We can order pizza, and-- oh, I just got this new video game that is off the hook.
00:03:16 The second someone suggests we make s'mores, I'm ditching.
00:03:20 S'mores!
00:03:22 Hulk love!
00:03:24 Oh, what are s'mores?
00:03:26 Oh, brace thyself, Alien friend.
00:03:28 'Tis a snack like unto ambrosia!
00:03:31 Lo, bring forth the marshmallows!
00:03:38 [laughs] As you can see, I live, breathe, and dream Super Heroes.
00:03:44 Okay, now I'm scared.
00:03:47 You got Ant-Man on your wall and not me?
00:03:51 The Texas Twister? Now I'm just hurt.
00:03:53 Let's try the dream part first.
00:03:56 [Wolverine grunts] Scoot your glutes, thunder Lord!
00:04:00 Crowd me not, furry friend!
00:04:02 [water flushing] Can broken.
00:04:04 Oh! Hulk calls top bunk!
00:04:07 [rumbling, glass shattering] [all groaning] That smarts!
00:04:12 No worries. Adimantium skeleton.
00:04:14 Can someone turn on a night light?
00:04:16 Gosh. I didn't even do anything wrong.
00:04:18 [Wolverine] We shouldn't have done this.
00:04:19 Totally not cosmic.
00:04:20 [Thor] It's not going to be good for my back.
00:04:22 Hulk, it's your fault.
00:04:23 No s'mores?
00:04:26 See you tomorrow, right?
00:04:28 [Wolverine] Why did we bring him along?
00:04:31 [Hulk yawns] [Iron man] inhumans?
00:04:35 No, too out of the way.
00:04:36 Brother Voodoo? No, too creepy.
00:04:40 She-Hulk?
00:04:41 Hmm, well, maybe if it was just me.
00:04:44 This is the worst.
00:04:46 Aye.
00:04:46 Odin would weep-- and write me out of the will-- and Loki rejoice to see our mighty band struck so low.
00:04:52 Oh! Hulk got idea!
00:04:56 [Sniffs] Huh?
00:04:58 [laughing] Uh, Hulk?
00:05:00 Hulk, heel! Hulk, heel!
00:05:06 No way.
00:05:07 Magic Man!
00:05:09 Odin wept!
00:05:10 Not-- Wait for it-- the sanctum sanctorum
00:07:12 ] Whoa...
00:07:16 Today's special...
00:07:17 the Absofruitalicioustaste of two colors in every Puff!
00:07:22 Rasporangey Orange!
00:07:24 A Fruitly symphony.
00:07:27 Lemony green, tasty with a twist!
00:07:30 And Berry, Berry, Blueee!
00:07:34 Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids!
00:07:36 [ Male Announcer ] Trix swirls the ..Absofruitalicious...
00:07:37 [ Male Announcer ] Part of a good breakfast.
00:07:40 )] auto!
00:07:42 finding everything okay?
00:07:44 I work for a different insurance company.
00:07:47 My auto policy's just getting a little too expensive.
00:07:49 With progressive, you get the "name your price" option, so we build a policy to fit your budget.
00:07:54 Wow! the price gun.
00:07:55 ♪
00:07:55 wish we had this.
00:07:56 We'd just tell people what to pay.
00:07:58 Yeah, we're the only ones that do.
00:08:00 I love your insurance!
00:08:01 Bill?
00:08:03 Tom?
00:08:03 Hey! it's an office party!
00:08:06 The freedom to name your price.
00:08:07 Only from progressive.
00:08:08 Call or click today.
00:09:04 Squaddies stay here!
00:09:06 Uh, bad idea.
00:09:07 Dr. Strange doesn't like to be bothered.
00:09:09 Besides which he keeps really off hours.
00:09:12 Hey, I hear Molecule Man has reformed.
00:09:15 I vote we try him.
00:09:16 [yawn] Let's just do this.
00:09:18 I'm so tired I could sleep in Hulk's armpit if I had to.
00:09:22 [Sniffs] Ew.
00:09:25 Hulk not lemony fresh.
00:09:26 Good, since you're the one who got us into this mess.
00:09:30 [Iron Man] Hulk, door.
00:09:32 [door splintering] [Hulk] Oopsie.
00:09:34 Uh, okay.
00:09:37 Huh. Hulk like Hulk's way better.
00:09:41 [growls] If we had something like that on the Helicarrier, I'd be asleep in my own bed right now.
00:09:56 [Dr. Strange] Greetings.
00:09:57 The Eye of Agamotto has revealed to me that trouble of a magical nature has brought you before me.
00:10:03 Either the Eye of Agamotto is wonky again, or crashing the Helicarrier was one of Falcon's lame magic tricks.
00:10:11 [growls] Actually, Doctor, we're looking for a place to crash, but I know it's a huge inconvenience, and we're kind of a big group, so, uh, it's okay if you say no.
00:10:19 You are welcome to stay for as long as you need.
00:10:23 Darn! I mean, great.
00:10:32 [caw echoes] [growl rumbles] It's plumbing.
00:10:36 Yeah, that's it, just the plumbing.
00:10:40 [thunder cracks] Yeah, wood creaks in old houses when the temperature changes at night
00:10:45 Yeah.
00:10:46 [howling bellows] [shrieks] [Iron Man] Just traffic out on the street.
00:10:51 [laughs nervously] Beep, beep.
00:10:53 [snarls] The supernatural is anything but super
00:10:58 I hate magic.
00:11:00 [Wolverine snoring] [raspy howl] [yells] Bloody fingers.
00:11:11 Bloody fingers!
00:11:13 Metal bones, bub.
00:11:15 Metal bones!
00:11:16 [shrieks] Hmm.
00:11:22 [growls] Aw, great.
00:11:25 Now I can't sleep.
00:11:27 [snoring] [shrieks] [caws] [neighs] [whimpers] [snoring] Cosmic.
00:11:49 [resumes snoring] [wolves howl] [resumes snoring] Magic man must have magic can somewhere.
00:12:09 Uh-uh! [chuckles] Hulk use door!
00:12:26 This not can.
00:12:31 Is it?
00:12:35 [sighs] Nay. Won't eat that.
00:12:38 Nor that-- Oh!
00:12:39 That should not be.
00:12:40 The good doctor be passing strange, not only in name but in pantry.
00:12:46 Ah, let's see.
00:12:48 Ah, a fizzy beverage fit to slake the thirst of an Asgardian.
00:12:52 [gasps] Ah, free at last!
00:12:57 Long have I, Baron Mordo, dwelled on my revenge against my enemy, Dr. Strange!
00:13:03 Nah! It's a spooky can!
00:13:05 Begone, gaseous spirit!
00:13:07 To thee I say nay!
00:13:09 I call upon thee-- [belches] [gulps] The dark lords of Varf Mandra and the - [belches] Excuse me-- ...legions of Shuma Gorath-- [belches] Curse the carbonated-- [belches thunderously] [objects crash and shatter] ...soft drink that was my prison!
00:13:34 [both grunting] [Dr. Strange] By the hoary hosts of hoggoth, what is going on here?
00:13:42 By Astototh, and Vernor, and the Vishanti, back to your beverage, Mordo!
00:13:48 No!
00:13:50 [Dr. Strange] I rescind my invitation.
00:14:00 I'm so tired I could eat a horse.
00:14:02 Wait, that would be hungry, wouldn't it?
00:14:04 [Modok] Your sorcery has brought results at last, Enchantress.
00:14:09 [sighs] Men.
00:14:10 You all have such big heads.
00:14:12 Without their Helicarrier, exhausted from lack of sleep, the good guys cannot stop us!
00:14:19 Behold!
00:14:20 My winged primates of peril sow chaos across the City!
00:14:27 Soon, my minions will sift through the wreckage for fractals.
00:14:31 The minions are Doom's, Modok.
00:14:34 Of course, Doom's minions. What did I say?
00:14:36 [shrieking] Look, flying kitty cats! [laughs] Wake up and smell the Doom, Squaddies.
00:14:46 The city's under attack!
00:15:26 alright.
00:15:27 greedy I gotta tastethe fruity riches!
00:15:31 Whoa! they're monumentally colorful!
00:15:34 Uh oh.
00:15:35 That's mydelicious breakfast!
00:15:37 It's yummyin a mummy's tummy!
00:15:40 RUN! ( panting ) ( shouting ) This should straighten things out.
00:15:47 Kellogg's® froot loops® cereal: The yumfully coloricious part of this balanced breakfast.
00:15:51 ™ for the fruity tastethat shows!
00:17:26 Hello? hello?
00:17:29 Whoa! oh, no.
00:17:31 Wh is it?
00:17:32 Get, get away.
00:17:34 Ahhh!
00:17:35 Greetings, friend.
00:17:37 I'm iq, collector of rare and valuable objects.
00:17:40 This, for instance, absolutely priceless.
00:17:43 I need to find my friends.
00:17:44 Would you settle for dust bunnies?
00:17:46 You can pet them!
00:17:47 Fluffy! puffy!
00:17:49 They never listen.
00:17:50 Goldfish crackers.
00:17:51 Always baked and made with real cheese.
00:17:52 ♪ The snack thatsmiles back ♪
00:17:54 goldfish.
00:17:58 él [bombs whistling] Those fruit-tossing chimps are going to wreck the town.
00:19:12 Time to hero up!
00:19:14 It's not like I was sleeping anyway.
00:19:18 ♪
00:19:21 ♪ When the bad guys are out ♪
00:19:22 ♪ All you have to do is shout now ♪
00:19:24 ♪ Who's gonna hero up? ♪
00:19:25 ♪ Well, they may not get along ♪
00:19:27 ♪ But they're always fighting strong now ♪
00:19:29 ♪ Who's gonna hero up? ♪
00:19:31 ♪ Super Hero Squad ♪ ♪ Hero up! ♪
00:19:34 ♪ Super Hero Squad ♪
00:19:38 [gibbering] Surfer, help me with the pineapple grenades and banana bombs!
00:19:43 Thor, you and Falcon take care of the monkey squadron.
00:19:46 Verily it shall be done!
00:19:49 You know, Thor gazes sorely upon the mistreatment of animals, but thine monkeyshines must be halted.
00:19:56 [growls] Die, Simian! Nah!
00:19:58 What devilry is this?
00:19:59 [Falcon] You got me, but they're all popping on impact.
00:20:02 [Silver Surfer] These simian simulacrums may be illusions, but the fruit bombs are very real!
00:20:07 Whew. There must be thousands of them!
00:20:10 We could be at this all night
00:20:12 Maybe not.
00:20:13 Come on, get them to follow me!
00:20:14 [Modok] Enchantress, are these your best monkeys?
00:20:17 Their fragile nature is a side effect of crafting so many.
00:20:21 Their numbers tire the heroes even further, making their defeat all the easier.
00:20:26 Well, can't you make one big one?
00:20:33 This way, everybody!
00:20:34 S.H.I.E.L.D. shelters in the park!
00:20:37 [Iron Man] Now, hang back and herd them my way.
00:21:02 [Falcon] Now we're talking!
00:21:03 At this rate, our monkey problem will be over in moments.
00:21:08 Ah, forsooth, 'tis done.
00:21:12 [together] Yeah!
00:21:16 [Modok] You're in trouble, you're in trouble.
00:21:21 [laughs] For once Dr. Doom is going to call you a fool and not me.
00:21:26 He wouldn't dare!
00:21:27 The only fools are those heroes!
00:21:29 You're in trouble, you're in trouble.
00:21:33 Quit it!
00:21:34 [Modok yells] [Thor] 'Tis a sensation twin to that which vexed us on the Helicarrier at the dawn of this day's trials.
00:21:44 In other words, this has happened before.
00:21:47 [Falcon] See! I told you it wasn't me!
00:21:49 Super Heroes yell dizzily] There! Bad magic lady is shaking Hulk's friends.
00:21:56 Yeah, and she's too high up for our fastball special.
00:22:01 You may have triumphed over my enchanted minions, but I am another matter altogether.
00:22:08 Farewell, Super Hero Squad
00:22:11 I only regret that handsome Thor calls himself a hero instead of standing at my side.
00:22:17 Who dares?
00:22:20 I dare.
00:22:22 I told you that magic was behind all your troubles, but no one listens to me.
00:22:27 The Enchantress, at the bidding of Dr. Doom, caused your Helicarrier to crash.
00:22:33 [Dr. Strange yells] Ha! Ha!
00:22:49 [grunting] Her power is great.
00:22:55 You have no idea how messed up you made my day, witch!
00:22:59 Now it's my turn to return the favor.
00:23:04 [grunts] [grunts] Ha.
00:23:15 [Iron Man] Enchantress, even in defeat you're a striking woman.
00:23:18 What say you and I have a little dinner and talk about changing those evil ways.
00:23:21 You dare suggest the Enchantress dally with a mere mortal?
00:23:26 Yes. Just think about it.
00:23:28 Our odd but mystic ally doth stir.
00:23:31 Heroes, fly aside!
00:23:34 In the name of the eternal Vishanti I call upon the shades of the seraphim and the omnipotent Oshtur to defeat you!
00:23:47 [grunts] Ha! Be gone, sorceress of the dark.
00:23:53 This isn't over!
00:23:55 I will return, stronger than ever!
00:23:59 We have been terribly rude.
00:24:01 I'll bake you some apology cookies. I think you say, our bad?
00:24:03 Sorry, dude.
00:24:04 You're still a lousy driver.
00:24:06 Yay, bird!
00:24:06 Hulk knew bird know how to fly!
00:24:10 All right, big fellow.
00:24:13 I owe you an apology, too.
00:24:16 Just don't let it happen again.
00:24:18 Hey, Falc, you know that whole "you're on probation" thing was just to satisfy Ms. Marvel, right?
00:24:23 Whatever you say, bucket head.
00:24:25 Hulk want to know, where we go nappy-nappy?
00:24:29 I have an idea.
00:24:34 Falc, you've been hanging out with that bird a little bit too long.
00:24:38 [others grunting] [Silver Surfer, sarcastically] Great idea.
00:24:42 That hurts if you do that.

Happy dueling!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Iron Man MK I and New Sale Items

Oh, this is awesome news for Jr. SHIELD Agents (not so much for those who aren't). Check out the new sale items this week!

For those who subscribe, it's so nice that they added Iron Man MK I to their list of silver purchasable heroes. A mere 2,000 silver buys this awesome guy! (I'm also happy I was able to snag Red She Hulk for 300 gold as well . . . bargain!)

I had a blast lumbering around as Iron Man this morning. :) And that's exactly how it feels.

HAHA! He's awesome. He's a double jumper hero with no ability to fly. You can almost feel the stiffness of his armor as you bound around town.

Yay! My first token with MK I! I'll have to wait to take him on a test drive out in a mission since I have to go to work now. Looks like there's already a page for him over on Wikispaces.

Happy dueling!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Super Hero Squad Show Sunday (S1 : E7) From the Atom . . . it Rises!

Transcript from Livedash:

00:00:00 [grunts] Why didn't I become a hairdresser?
00:00:00 We're here to help. Follow us.
00:00:00 [metal clangs] [grunts] Spread ou
00:00:00 [grunts] ♪ [humming] ♪ [humming] Zounds, this magical formula cleans as it shines.
00:00:17 [Computer Voice] Armor detoxification complete.
00:00:19 Speak for yourself. I can still smell it!
00:00:22 Mole Man? They ought to call him Skunk Man!
00:00:24 [Computer Voice] Have you tried tomato juice?
00:00:26 Is the place ship-shape yet?
00:00:28 Eew! You call this clean?
00:00:31 It reeks in here!
00:00:32 Oh, that's my armor.
00:00:34 Uh-oh, this is bad!
00:00:35 You're telling me.
00:00:36 I can smell you through the comm link!
00:00:38 Not the smell, Ms. Pris The plans Scorpio stole were for my top secret particle collider.
00:00:43 Very dangerous in the wrong hands.
00:00:47 [whirring] Well, well, well, finally we meet, Scorpio.
00:00:53 I am-- Doctor Doom, I presume?
00:00:56 You presume too much.
00:00:58 What would you say if I told you I was about to harness the power of a black hole?
00:01:06 I'd say you have an active imagination.
00:01:09 [chuckles] I do.
00:01:12 I do.
00:01:13 Imagine it-- a black hole at my fingertips that I can manipulate for my evil purposes...
00:01:20 and unlimited minutes!
00:01:22 How is all this possible?
00:01:23 I had Mole Man hollow out a large circular chamber deep under Super Hero City.
00:01:29 Circular?
00:01:30 He couldn't get the shape right at first.
00:01:32 Shh! Shh! It started as a square.
00:01:33 Then it was a triangle.
00:01:34 Modok! [gasps] I have constructed all I need to operate an advanced particle collider.
00:01:41 I even have a fractal with which to power it.
00:01:46 There's only one thing I lack to make my plan work.
00:01:52 [clears throat] Let me guess-- the collider control program I stole from Stark's labs.
00:01:57 Oo this is the start of a beautiful and fiendish friendship!
00:02:04 [laughs] [coughs] "A beautiful and fiendish friendship"?
00:02:10 Ha! I can be just as good a spy-guy as that Scorpio.
00:02:14 See? I, Modok, am master of disguise!
00:02:18 Does this one make my head look big?
00:02:19 They all make your head look big.
00:02:24 [yells] Got to be faster than that, hairball.
00:02:31 Thou art toast!
00:02:36 [grunts] [birds chirping] [moans] Of course, father Odin, what small child would not prefer a hammer to a new bicycle-- Ooh, rainbow bridge.
00:02:46 That was fun!
00:02:48 Can we try it again?
00:02:49 [groans] Okay, okay.
00:02:52 Virtual off!
00:02:55 We're all gonna do it again until we learn how to fight Scorpio on his terms.
00:02:58 [grunts] That's for your "hairball" crack.
00:03:09 That controller program is the final piece I need.
00:03:14 Glad I could help out.
00:03:15 Modok! Abomination!
00:03:17 Install the fractal!
00:03:20 [Modok] Oh! busted again!
00:03:21 How does he even know it's me in this clever disguise?
00:03:30 [whirring] Wow. Scorpio was planting a bomb!
00:03:37 I had a suspicion he wasn't all bad!
00:03:41 Oh, well, well, well.
00:03:44 It's Nick Fury, the super-spy in charge of S.H.I.E.L.D.
00:03:49 We'd gotten word of your plans, Doom.
00:03:50 We just needed to get inside to confirm the location.
00:03:54 Thanks for the help.
00:03:55 Well, "thanks for the help." Too bad it won't do you any good.
00:04:01 This is precisely where the black hole will open.
00:04:06 And you, Mr. Fury-- [laughs] You will be its first victim.
00:04:12 [beeping softly] Oh no, Fury's in trouble!
00:08:30 [Iron Man] m, if this is about the detergent spill down on deck 18, I can explain.
00:08:35 No, Iron Man, I'm afraid this is much more serious.
00:08:44 I have to reveal to you that Scorpio is really the head of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury-- Nick Fury, the spy?
00:08:51 No way! Really?
00:08:52 Nick Fury, the world-famous secret agent?
00:09:00 [lasers zap] [fists smack, body thumps] [Ms. Marvel] He infiltrated villainville to uncover Doom's latest scheme, and now he's in trouble.
00:09:13 Fury's activated his emergency beacon.
00:09:15 We've got to save him!
00:09:16 No problem.
00:09:17 I can modify my Scorpio Seeker X1 to be my Fury Finder X1.5, now with lemon scent!
00:09:23 Hurry, Iron Man, I-- [sniffing] [growls] You tin head!
00:09:28 You spilled non-biodegradable soap on my beautiful deck 18?
00:09:32 Thank you, Surfer.
00:09:34 Hey, uh, you think Nick Fury would sign my armor?
00:09:37 No. Oh. Either way, time to hero up!
00:09:40 ♪
00:09:43 ♪ When the bad guys are out ♪
00:09:44 ♪ All you have to do is shout now ♪
00:09:46 ♪ Who's gonna hero up? ♪
00:09:48 ♪ Well, they may not get along ♪
00:09:49 ♪ But they're always fighting strong now ♪
00:09:51 ♪ Who's gonna hero up? ♪
00:09:52 ♪ Super Hero Squad! ♪ ♪ Hero up! ♪
00:09:55 ♪ Super Hero Squad! ♪ ♪ Hero up! ♪
00:09:57 ♪ Super Hero Squad! ♪ ♪ Hero up! ♪
00:10:18 [grunting] Abomination, move him!
00:11:20 [grunting] Once you open a black hole, Doom, you'll never be able to control it.
00:11:29 This specially designed gauntlet will-- [beeping] [imitates airplane] [laughing] Doh!
00:11:43 Ow! Hey.
00:11:45 This specially designed gauntlet will let me manipulate the black hole at will.
00:11:51 But why tell you, when I can show you!
00:11:55 [ceiling booms, rumbling] [roars] [laughs] Hulk crash!
00:12:05 Huh, that's new.
00:12:06 Wolverine, Falcon, and Reptil, you rescue Fury while we hold off the baddies.
00:12:10 With pleasure.
00:12:11 You're with us, scaly shorts.
00:12:13 Hold them off until the black hole forms!
00:12:19 [growling] [cackles] This is for stinking-up my best Sunday armor!
00:12:29 Now I'm repulsed!
00:12:31 [passing gas] [cackling] [others gasping, groaning] It's too easy!
00:12:38 Ugh!
00:12:38 I think Mole Man ate something dead for breakfast.
00:12:41 [grunts] [grunts] [cackling] [growls] [laughs] [yells] [energy zapping] Fie, foul Modok, away thy inferior forehead beams!
00:13:01 How did you recognize me in my disguise?
00:13:13 [yells] [Iron Man] Doom's opened his black hole!
00:13:18 [grunts] [screaming] [grunts] Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!
00:13:31 I have the power of the universe at my fingertips!
00:13:41 [laughing] [Iron Man] We have to knock that fractal out of position so that black hole doesn't get much bigger!
00:13:48 Yea! Though it doth pull at me like a stormy vortex!
00:13:52 Ah, my wristwatch!
00:13:54 [laughing] [grunts] Whoa!
00:14:10 [growls] [roaring] [laughing continues] [grunts] Ow! Hey! My over-sized hat!
00:14:33 [glass shatters] Yeah, perfect shot!
00:14:43 [controls beeping] [alarm blaring] What? I can't control it!
00:14:52 [crackling] Huh?
00:14:54 [grunting] [growls] [yells] [loud clang] [yelling] Black hole strong!
00:15:07 But nothing stronger than Hulk!
00:15:14 Now's our chance.
00:15:15 Get them closer to that black hole!
00:15:19 [Mole Man yelling] [Doctor Doom] No! bend to my will!
00:15:28 You can't see me!
00:15:29 I'm in disguise!
00:15:31 [screams] [screams] Phew! Thanks, Iron Man.
00:15:52 Sorry for all the sneaking around.
00:15:54 Oh, are you kidding?
00:15:55 That's what you super-spy, man-of-a-thousand-faces guys do.
00:16:00 It's awesome!
00:16:04 [Ms. Marvel] Ready to begin your inspection tour, Mr. Fury, sir?
00:16:08 Yea! The cleanliness of this vessel would please even Odin's body-servant, Gary.
00:16:13 Uh, excuse me, Nick?
00:16:14 I can call you Nick, right?
00:16:15 That one time you blew up that undersea Hydra base with nothing but a penlight and two cough drops and saved the hot Russian girl?
00:16:21 That was awesome!
00:16:23 Awesome!
00:16:25 Would you mind, um, signing-- Stow it, fan boy.
00:16:28 [giggles] As you can see, the Super Hero Squad are model tenants.
00:16:35 [shrieks] [munching and growling] [shatters] Oh, Hulk was hungry from cleaning.
00:16:46 Sorry.
00:16:47 Eww. My, my!
00:16:49 I'm so sorry, sir.
00:16:51 Um, Nick?
00:16:53 Nick Fury? Sir?
00:16:54 [Nick Fury] The inspection will have to wait.
00:16:55 I've been called back to Washington on an urgent assignment.
00:16:58 Fury out. [radio beeps] Aw, now I'll never get my armor signed.
00:17:02 Iron Man, look!
00:17:03 "Stay awesome." Signed Nick Fury, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
00:17:06 There's a word for guys like him-- awesome.
00:17:09 Hey, what do you suppose happened to Doom and his buddies?
00:17:14 [Doctor Doom] We must return to my infinity fractals!
00:17:18 Well, at least you can signal your FTL rocket to come get us.
00:17:23 Is that lucky or what?
00:17:25 Lucky?
00:17:25 This is the most horrific outcome of a brilliant and nefarious plan ever.
00:17:32 Ever!
00:17:33 Oh, could be worse.
00:17:34 Worse?
00:17:35 Really?
00:17:37 What could be worse?
00:17:38 [Mole Man passes gas] Ugh! That's how!
00:17:42 My eyebrows are melting.
00:17:43 Abomination, open a window!
00:17:44 Open a window!
00:17:45 [Mole Man] No! no! no!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Need for Community Management

So, you all may have noticed my posting dropping to a crawl the past weeks. This is due to a couple of reasons. One, I just simply got busy. I've been playing the game, I just haven't had the time to write about it. Two, I lost my contact on the inside at The Amazing Society. She left for a mobile phone game company.

This is not an uncommon thing in the game industry. People come and go all the time, and sometimes a majority of a game's work force will be laid off after a game launches. I don't think there were layoffs involved here and SHSO is well past launch, but in general a lot of time is spent up front on a game, and then after it publishes, the developer (The Amazing Society in this case) usually scales back the crew a bit.

MMOs are a bit different, however, because there is supposed to be an "eternal" (I put that in quotes because eternal really just means however long the MMO can hold out) release cycle. For us in SHSO that seems to mostly come in the form of new heroes, missions, and card packs. (I'd love to see a new zone or two besides the four we have to roam around in currently.)

Usually MMOs of any grandeur will have a community manager in charge of taking people like me (and wherever the fans may be located--Facebook, Twitter, forums, podcasts, etc.) along for the ride while the game continues its life cycle.

My old contact did a great job of that. She actually tracked me down on another blog of mine where I had talked a bit about Super Hero Squad Online, and she supplied me with a few codes to give away in a raffle. I loved that, and I loved that she was willing to work with me on providing an upper hand on news about the game. To me that's exactly how a Community Manager should interface with a game blogger like myself. It was fun! Fun enough that I started up this blog separate from my other blog. My time spent writing about SHSO deserved a home of its own. Thus, the Time Hound Times was born.

Unfortunately my old contact was doing two jobs (if not three). Her real job was to be the Senior Producer for the game, not solely the Community Manager. The previous "dedicated" Community Manager for Super Hero Squad Online jetted to go work for Pokemon (. . . at least that's what her LinkedIn page seemed to say).

With my contact's departure back in the first part of March, she told me she passed the mantle on to someone else remaining at The Amazing Society, who probably also is working the weight of a couple jobs (Looks like they've been keeping Facebook up to date pretty good though). I honestly don't know since no one has reached out to me from TAS to say hello. (*wave* if you're reading this TAS. Please say hello!)

So, long story short, I'm sorry I'm not able to provide you all with a quick scoop on info or hold a contest with company sponsored gifts (loved giving away a free hero--that was awesome). Until someone says hello and I get back in the loop, I'll do my best to keep up with news, but it probably won't be like it was around here a couple months ago.

I don't know what the relationship is like between Gazillion and TAS, but I am guessing most of the Marketing for the game is done by Gazillion and the brunt work is done by TAS. It'd be nice to get some community management again . . . whether that comes from Gaz or TAS, right? right.

Happy dueling

Monday, March 19, 2012

Catching up with the Time Hound -- Avengers oh my!

Hello! *wave*

It's been a while since I've posted anything here. How have you all been? I've been busy, but I'm still finding time to collect and level heroes in Super Hero Squad Online. Here's the recent additions of mine to the max hero club:

1- Valkyrie -- Tea time anyone?

2- Luke Cage -- Tiara and a fro go together like chocolate and peanut butter, yo.

3- Spider Woman -- Always reading up on the latest top secret stuffs.

You might have received the notice in the mail about all the Avengers excitement buzzing in SHSO these days.

To those ends, I'm sure you know by now that Captain America in his Super Soldier getup is now on sale in the gold shop:

And as a special bonus, looks like Gazillion/The Amazing Society put American Dream on special as well!

With all this Captain America pride going on here lately, you know the best thing to do is hold a Captain America power emote party whenever the mood strikes you. :)

I've been noticing a lot of that happening lately, and yup, I've definitely been joining in whenever one of those emote throwdown parties happen. :)

Hope you all are still enjoying these reduced hero costs as much as I am. I think I'll go update my price guide.

One last thing, Uber wife and I recorded another episode of Happy Dueling Hour a couple weeks ago, and we once again mention Super Hero Squad Online among all the other stuff we talk about. Take a listen if you'd like. Hop to the 42:49 minute mark to hear what we have to say about SHSO. :)

Happy Dueling!