Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Window into The Amazing Society!

The Amazing Society sounds like a pretty cool company. Have you ever checked out their website? There's just so much creativity going on there, it's awesome. :)

I was haunting Google Maps the other day wondering what it would be like to visit their studios someday. Looks like they rent a space in this building here. Nice place!

If only we could peer inside those windows, right? Well, thanks to the Amazing Society's Senior Producer, Ellen B., I've got some great pictures to show you all. Here's what she sent over . . .

Ellen describes this shot as THE TOY PHOTO!

Having toys at the ready is just a part of the job at The Amazing Society. You gotta have some toys, right? Apparently everybody has their own personal collection of toys at their desk.

This next picture shows the driving force behind all that creativity at TAS . . . coffeebot. ;)

I for one, welcome our new evil overlord, coffeebot.

Lore junkies rejoice! The people at The Amazing Society have a bookshelf chock full of Marvel reference material to read through.

Looks like I could spend hours at this thing reading up on all the lore that goes into Super Hero Squad Online.

This is Kaitlin. Everybody say hi to Kaitlin! *wave*

Miss Kaitlin here is one of the animators that works on Super Hero Squad Online. She's showing off one of her latest creations. :) Keep up the good work, Kaitlin! Angel is a blast to play.

And I saved the best for last. This is Matt, who is the Art Director at The Amazing Society.

Hmmmm. What could this be that Matt is working on today? Looks an awful lot like Punisher, and you know what . . . Punisher has a friend! What the heck?! Awesome! HAHA! Check that out!


Thanks for the great photos, Ellen! Those were awesome.

Hope you all enjoyed this quick peek inside The Amazing Society. From my short time talking with Ellen, I can tell this is a great place to work, and everyone there puts a lot of heart into what they do.

From the Time Hound Times and the readers here, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

Happy Dueling!

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  1. Agreed! Those pics are really cool. It must be awesome to work there...