Friday, February 3, 2012

Ding 554!

There it is!

For once I'm actually at kind of a loss for words! I was pretty freaking excited about it last night after it happened. It felt really good for that final challenge to be won. Here's how it played out (hehe, playing my brand new Wasp purchase at the time):

I definitely spent too much time indoors earning that level. ;) The sunlight, it burns!

I just want to thank you all for reading along with me as I worked toward that final challenge. Hopefully I've covered any "advice" I'd give along the way already. Really, it's all about leveling and buying those heroes, working out a good deck for the challenges involving card battles, and having a lot of Marvel super hero fun along the way.

The game's challenges encourage you to discover all that you can do in Super Hero Squad Online. I think the ultimate goal of the challenge quests was to help players answer the question, "what can I do here?" whether that included being rude in a pond, playing through some missions, scoring reasonably well on an arcade mini-game, or just making friends. It's all one can ask for in an MMO like Super Hero Squad Online.

The big question you have to face after completing the final challenge is probably similar to what people were asking when the game didn't have a challenge quest line. What's the point? What I believe the designers are hoping you do is continue doing everything you've done up to this point, just without the golden carrot at the end (but with a promise of something greater coming in the future). What do I do? Go be rude in a pond, play through some missions, score reasonably well on those arcade mini-games, and just make friends! :) There are still 30 (and growing) heroes or so that I've never played before, right? Right.

I'm sure the future will bring more challenges and more changes to the game. It will all continue to grow, and I'm pretty sure the fans of the game will help direct its future. So don't be quiet! Let them know what you want to see in the game. Inspire them to greater programming, finer design, more beautiful art, killer marketing, and streamlined production. That's a fan's job.

That's what I say at least.

Did I say I was at a loss for words?

Happy Dueling


  1. Congratulations, dude! I am also extremely excited to get FF Spiderman, but I'm still stuck on the goldfinger challenge. I have 130 out of 150 so any day now! On Tuesday, I maxed out my last hero, Elektra, which brought my squad up to 533. But later that day, my friend brought me two Heroup gift cards which she had brought for me from Chicago! Using most of the gold I received from that, I purchased four new heroes! Angel, Blade, Beast, and Captain Marvel, with some gold left over. As of today, my squad level is at 556, so all I have to do now is finish the other challenges, and FF Spiderman with be in my palm... well my squad anyway, lol.

    I wanted to ask, do you have any idea when Cable is coming out? I hope to buy him with my leftover gold.

    1. Nice! You're really stinking close, man! Let me know when you get your FF Spidey. :)

    2. OH, and let me see if I can get any 411 on Cable. I'll get back to you.

    3. Hey, thanks! I'm really excited both for Cable and FF Spiderman! I really appriciate you checking for Cable for me :D! And I will definitely let you know when I get FF Spiderman. He looks awesome!

    4. As of yesterday, I have 140 gold out of 150, so I will be done that challenge either today or tomorrow :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! :D You know, I've often thought about what happens if I ever manage to complete the challenges, and I completely agree with you. At the least, you can help people with the challenges you already completed, (especially that Hulk one)!

  3. Think there's any chance they'll string on a few more challenges since currently there's no way to get all the challenge heroes? (I too don't have Sentry.)

  4. I'll tell you, I've spent a lot less time in-game since getting FF Spidey. I do still enjoy the card game--may favorite part of this game since day one--so I'll probably keep playing that and spending my little bit of gold on cards and card quests. I also have family around the country who enjoy it, so it's become a family meeting ground. I think my boy and I will still be playing on and off for quite a while.