Saturday, February 4, 2012

Introducing Super Spy Genie!

Yesterday I talked my wife into making a Super Hero Squad Online account. It was kind of funny. For some reason our two-year-old really just doesn't want mom to play this game with him. He wanted DAD to play the game with him. In fact, he went as far as turning off the computer on her. LOL.

As with all two-year-olds, they are easily distracted and he was off playing on the Wii, and I was able to help my wife get set up and talk her through some of the controls on screen. Before you knew it, Super Spy Genie was on the prowl for bad guys!

She's digging Ms. Marvel.

She actually had a really good suggestion for The Amazing Society. It would be nice to be able to select whether you were a girl or a boy before you selected your squad name (it's reversed right now), and then you would be given your choice of more "girl" sounding squad names. It took us a while to find Super Spy Genie, but when we landed on it, it was perfect.

Before you knew it, she was running through her first mission as Ms. Marvel with a guy who was playing Thing. She liked it, and from the sidelines it was pretty entertaining to watch. :)

I logged on after her mission and we met up to add each other to our friend lists (I really wish I could have more friends on my list--I have that same problem in Wizard101).

I can't wait to see if she gets into it like I did. It'll be fun to run some missions with her or maybe have a card battle. If we ever do that, I'll probably video it and share it. ;)

Happy Dueling

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  1. That's neat! It's cool to have everyone in your family playing one game. :)