Monday, February 6, 2012


Winner of the best blog post title, ever!

So I have a lot of stuff rolling around in my head today about Super Hero Squad Online. I'll just start typing and let's see where this post goes.

1- Cable. I've been asking about how soon we might see Cable come into the game. In talking a bit with my sources at The Amazing Society, I found out THE REAL story about Cable and a few other super heroes. The fact of the matter is, Cable *is* coming to the game (not just a rumor), and I think anyone that saw the leaked character concept art realizes that. After that point, the question is "when!!" Sadly, concepts take a long time to flesh out and put into production, and the leaked information that some SHSO fans saw was very early in the stages of creation. The answer is that Cable isn't planned to be out for the next few months, but eventually, you'll see Cable. Patience, friends. :/

2- New mission this week! Sources tell me that there is something awesome coming to the game this week to coincide with the release of classic Daredevil! It's suppose to play awesome as well, so here's a little teaser to get you excited about the update coming this week:

RAWR! Load up Elektra or Black Widow, and let's go kick some butt!

3- My month subscription ran out! GASP! Aww well. I'm back to earning a measly 5 gold a day and one spot on the prize wheel. Man that's painful after having the joys of the daily gold rush, isn't it?

unsubbed rewards:


subbed rewards:


I'll have to contemplate another month subscription here soon. As for now, my family has a ton of catching up to me to do, and I still have a handful of heroes to max out (including Future Foundation Spider-Man).

It's kind of sad to see what happens to your Jr. SHIELD heroes when you cross the unsubscribed barrier. They just kind of fade out with a Jr. SHIELD symbol over the top of them, so you can't select them anymore. At least their levels still count toward your squad level though, right?

. . . and I never finished leveling Iron Patriot too. Well, luckily I got most of those leveled up to max before losing the sub.

When I was subscribed I purposefully avoided buying the 350 gold heroes so that I could save those for a goal when I was unsubscribed. I still have to purchase Nova and Valkyrie. I also am just right around the corner from earning the silver I need to purchase Bucky Cap, so . . . there is that to look forward to, right?

And that's it for today!

Keep me in the loop on all the cool stuff you guys are doing in game!

Happy dueling!


  1. Hey, thanks for the info on Cable. Its a shame we have to wait a few months for him though. I heard they were also putting together Bishop, Pepper Potts, Asgardian Armor Thor, Modern Cyclops, Classic Falcon, Gray Hulk, Female Black Panther, Iron Spider, Monkey King, and several others. Do you have any idea if this is true? I saw the concept art for them on YouTube either posted by Tampatec or someone like him.

    My squad level is now 565 - Yay! - and I maxed out Captain Marvel. I will be finishing that goldfinger challenge tomorrow, so hopefully by the end of the week I will have FF Spiderman. To quote Thor "Huzzah!"

    1. Nice! Shoot me a link to the youtube if you have it. I'll check it out.

    2. I don't know the link but I was just looking at the videos and saw one that had concept art of upcoming heroes for heroup. Ehhh... lookin forward to all the new heroes, if the video is real, lol.

    3. Here's the link, I've seen it too! Looks like we're getting Professor X! :D :D :D

  2. Well, I finished Goldfinger and Night Patrol challenges, but now I have another problem. I cannot find any citizens to cheer me. Do you have any idea how to make them come out or when they do come out?

    1. The citizens are just all the people out wandering in the zone. I cornered one and just did my power emote over and over to make him cheer at me. Not bad at all. Just time consuming. hehe.

    2. Lol, my theory is that they only come out after an update, cuz there were like a million during the halloween and xmas thingies and none now. I couldn't find any today either, lol. But my squad level is now 570, so I'm rather happy about that, lol.

    3. Oh, also, I don't know if you saw it, but there's and update on facebook for heroup. Classic Daredevil's coming out, I think tomorrow! Yay! Lolz, I don't really want him that much anyway. I do want Classic Wolverine, though.

    4. Yup! Classic Daredevil AND, a new Bullseye mission. ;) Should be fun.

  3. Wait, so if you subscribe and buy an agents-only hero, you lose access to that hero when your subscription runs out?

    1. Yup. So leveling those heroes while you have a subscription is much more important than leveling your other heroes because the one thing you do get to keep are the levels you earned with them toward your total squad level.