Monday, February 20, 2012

Invisible Woman, Shadowcat, Iron Patriot, and Wasp (TO THE MAX)

As predicted, I had a few more heroes max out over the weekend. WOOT!

First up, Invisible Woman.

Maxing out IW also unlocked her third power emote, which is the best way to walk places I've discovered.

Why run places when you can just plod your way through the game laying waste to all in your path?

Next, Ms. Shadowcat.

It's so awesome she gets to bring out Lockheed to blast stuff as her first power. Lockheed is awesome! He should be his own super hero squad character! He was a member of Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers after all. ;)

Did you know you can read all four issues of Pet Avengers for free online at Marvel's website? LOL! Here's links!

Pet Avengers 1
Pet Avengers 2
Pet Avengers 3
Pet Avengers 4

Good to get Shadowcat finally leveled to max. :) Did you know Shadowcat and Illayana were roomies back at the X-men Academy? See! More evidence they should put a couple New Mutants into the game! ;)

Iron Patriot was third to level to max. Um, I did take a picture of Iron Patriot hitting max, but . . . uh . . . it got moofed, so . . .

This JR SHIELD hero was also good to finally put to bed as a max level hero. I really like Iron Patriot's first star power the most in missions. For the cost of one star, there's a lot of push and shove crowd control. That may just be me though. :)

As for playing the hero himself? It feels kind of awesome to know you get to play a highly confused bad guy in SHSO. Norman's wacky, which makes for a lot of fun possibilities with this character.

Finally, Wasp hit max level:

I have to say her final power emote is officially awesome.

SHSO has a couple of reoccurring jokes running through it, one of them being pigeons. A handful of hero emotes have something to do with pigeons, and Wasp riding on a pigeon cowgirl style cracked me up. :)

Playing all these heroes was fun, and I enjoyed each and every one for different reasons. Hope you're all having fun with your squads!

Happy Dueling

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