Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jr. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Again! More Max Heroes :)

That's right! I'm back in Jr. SHIELD agent status again. :) That meant it was time to finally get Hulkbuster here to max level!

He was only 200 experience points from 11th anyway. ;-)

I still have a few levels left to gain on Shadowcat and Iron Patriot out of my Jr. SHIELD agents.

From my main pool of heroes, it was also time for Reptil to hit max level.

Yay, Reptil! Reptil is great. I've always been more of a New Mutant reader than a Avengers Academy reader, but he may convert me, yet! (Would it kill 'em to throw Illyana in the game to hang out with her brother, Colossus? ;))

Also of note, I finally saved up enough silver to purchase Bucky here:

Last time I had that much silver in my bank account, I blew it all on Jr SHIELD heroes until I had nothing left. hehe. Egads, how many more spins until I get the surfers?! I really do need an auto-spin feature.

Next up to level to Max for me will be Invisible Woman, Shadowcat, Iron Patriot, and Wasp. They're all around ninth level as of today. I'm shooting to get Ghost Rider before he turns 1,200 gold. :)

Oh! And before I forget, one of my friends was finally nice enough to invite me to the Bullseye mission finally! And what's this? Punisher as the narrator?


The mission itself didn't seem to bad, but yeah, you really don't want to get caught in the path of those lasers. There's a couple giant ones you have to avoid while fighting Bullseye that's incredibly dangerous.

Hope you all are having fun with Super Hero Squad Online!

Happy Dueling!


  1. Nice! Is there a badge for Maxing out all the toons in the game? Looks like you have a good chunk of them on the way there.

    I've been wondering about Reptil, he looked like a fun one to run missions with.

    I saved up enough coin to get Ghost Rider! Awesome Chain and bike riding action. He seems a bit weak in the defense and health, then again, I've been playing Gladiator Hulk and Thing lately; so about any other toon seems low on health compared to them :)

    1. Nah, no badge, but that's a great suggestion! hehe.

      Reptil's got a nice AOE slam for his third power and for his hero up move. He's pretty much a straight up melee. The best thing about him would have to be that he's a Super Hero Squad Show star. Kids love dinosaurs. Who wouldn't want to turn into one every once in a while? hehe.

      Gratz on Ghost Rider! Mine is just a day away. COME ON GOLD WHEEL!

  2. Good job! And to me to! I finally got FF Spiderman!!! ;) and with that I want to give a huge thank you to Uber Maelstrom Roamer for telling me why I could not find any citizens and how to fix the problem! Thanks Roamer! It was cool meeting you in the game today!

    1. HEY Gratz on FF spiderman! Send me a screenshot and I'll give you your own blog post spotlight. :) Also, really cool hearing about readers helping each other out.

    2. Thanks, man! I actually dont know how to take a screenshot, lol. And yeah, if it hadn't been for Roamer, I might never have finished that challenge! Thanks again, Roamer! :)

  3. And, by the way, hopefully, I will be also be getting ghost rider! i love when he does his first power emote, when hes swirling his chain around his head and does this really awesome evil laugh! Its so cool! LOL :)