Tuesday, February 28, 2012


SNAFY, you ask?  Sure!  Situation Normal, All For You!

Most of you noticed that the prices for the Heroes have dropped drastically during this "sale."  In fact the heroes marked as "sale" are going for 300 instead of their usual 350.  But the real sale that seems to be going on in the background are not from these "sale" heroes at all!  The real sale is how all of the prices on the other heroes have dropped from 1000 gold to 600 gold, or from 1,600 to 1,200 gold.  Now, a 50 gold cut in price is good, but a 400 gold cut in price is outstanding!

So, I asked my contact at The Amazing Society what's the deal?  Is this a bug? Why aren't the other heroes showing a Sale sign?  The answer I got back was surprising.  "Working as intended" Yup, these prices on heroes may in fact be their new price . . . period!  That isn't 100 percent yet though.  They're still looking at metrics and data behind the scenes to see how this affects certain . . . I don't know . . . factors(?) before making some of this official, but I personally find this a surprising and welcome move. I hope that is the case!

I'll be keeping an eye on those prices and continuing my daily play of Super Hero Squad Online.  From the feedback I got on my thread about the "sale," it looks to me like the players are welcoming the price breaks and buying up heroes left and right.

Happy Dueling!


  1. Wow, thanks for looking into this! :D

  2. thanks, ive been wondering about this for quite some time

  3. pretty nice...lol after the price drop i was lookin thou it and was like dang it...just gave 1000 gold for him now his 600 gold...but what can ya do...ive got doctor strange and hulk since the sale cuz i didnt want to give 1000 gold for them but 600 i will lol

  4. Yeah I also got a few (used to be 1000) heroes during this time, specifically: Dr. Strange, Red Hulk, Scarlet Spider, and Thor.