Friday, February 10, 2012

Three More Max Heroes, Some Reactions, and Badge Improvements Please!

The latest updates are now live in the game and I think it's good news that the introductory price of classic daredevil is a bargain as far as gold priced heroes go!

You can also see pictured there the new Bullseye mission. Anyone tried that?

Also good news is that you can turn these new voices down or off completely:

They aren't that bad, but extended play with them can be a bit . . . distracting? There were some interesting choices made that I'm not sure I like. I don't really think my character should say something every time he/she opens a door or heads to the sky. I wish the frequency was tuned down just a little bit. Like maybe every tenth time I opened a door it would say something or every fifth time I hit a flight spot. Either way, that volume slider for voices is a welcome sight. I was kind of getting annoyed at Invisible Woman this morning as she wondering "Hmm, I wonder what's in here" while I opened the door to the Baxter building. yeah. She's not that ditsy.

Anyway, I do have three more max heroes in my back pocket!

First up is Street Clothes Wolverine:

Next to ding max was The Beast:

And finally, just this morning I dinged max on The Human Torch:

All three heroes were fun to play. Beast's double jump makes him great around town. Human Torch has one of the coolest looks in the game. Street Clothes Wolverine was free! ;p Give me a free hero, and I will play it to max!

I played both Beast and Wolverine in missions (and they were fun), but I think all I did while leveling The Human Torch was collect tokens, kill troublebots, and click chasables. I need to play a few missions with him still. That's on my "fun agenda" in game. hehe.

Here's a quick idea: I wish earning badges in game meant more. Like, if I unlocked a badge on a hero, it should equal something like 5-10 gold or a bunch of tickets. It would really give me some extra incentive to revisit my heroes after they've hit max. Tying rewards (any kind of reward) to unlocking badges would be such an awesome motivator.

What do you think of the new voiceovers and updates?

Happy Dueling!


  1. I'm kind of iffy on the voices right now. On one hand, its awesome to have the original voice actors doing their roles. On the other hand, sometimes it's hard to hear them. I'm a big fan of Gambit and hearing his Cajun accent was a blast! Also, Sentry sounded EXACTLY like I always thought he would.

    I agree with you on the badges, there doesn't seem to be much of a point in earning all of them. Maybe it's a feature they have yet to unveil...

    1. I think it'll take another update or two before I'm pro-voices. I love having the real voice actors, but I had a few issues as well:

      1) Events trigger the same voice clip every.single.time. It's neat hearing Cap go "This way, that way, or the AMERICAN way!" when he goes into a door the first time, but when he says it every time, I just stop using doors.

      2) Okay, so let's say you turn voices off in the settings. Well, they've integrated them into the card game, so now you've lost your announcer. I suppose that's a personal preference thing, but I personally think the announcer is useful in the TCG. Sidenote - I already miss the old announcer.

      3) Some of the soundbites aren't as long as the animations they accompany, like for instance when SheHulk attacks and says "Does this kick make my foot look big?" she only has time to say "Does this kick make my foo-" and then it cuts her off because the animation is done.

      Those are all things that can be patched, and I sent a pretty decent buglist in, but until they fix some things, voices are a nono for me.

  2. My four kids and I just started playing about a week ago and are having a blast! The voice overs are great. I think Deadpool is our favorite, his quips about other heroes are a fun listen. That being said, I agree that some of the more common voice overs could happen less frequently. After about the 30th time Thing yelled Cannonball!! (while I was running missions), my wife started to give me odd looks :)