Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ghost Rider at Last!

WOOT! Made a new purchase yesterday! :)

After just a few trips to the Prize Ticket wheel, I finally had my (introductory price of) 1000 gold and was ready to buy mr. flaming skull head himself!

I decided to video just a bit of me running a daily mission with him and trying out his emotes for the first time.

I couldn't quite get the hang of positioning his motorcycle to take out a strand of enemies. In fact, the line he makes with his bike seemed really narrow to me. But, throwing that chain around was super fun. I love the crowd thrashing he can deliver!

Hope to experiment more with him over the next few levels and see which power attack is my favorite. For coolness factor though, I'm loving Ghost Rider! (Now if I could just shake this feeling like Nicolas Cage is hovering over my shoulder ...)

Happy dueling!


  1. I got Ghostie today as well! I really like him so far! I just wish his movie was as good as the SHSO character. :(

  2. I Still Need To Get Ghost Rider..But Im Goin To Get Punisher First