Monday, February 13, 2012

Price Guide!

I've added a new button up top:

This leads to a SHSO Price Guide I just created and uploaded to Google Docs. It's simply a list of all the items you can purchase in Super Hero Squad Online as of 14 February 2012 (I'll try to keep it up to date). Hopefully it'll be something you can take a quick look at if you're ever wanting to just get an item price without logging into the game.

How'd this come about? Well, I was starting a new character to see how long it would take me to earn 200 gold for the new Bullseye Mission (just curious I suppose) and while enjoying all the new player challenges all over again, I realized that some of this information might be helpful to a new player.

Side note of the day!: If you're not familiar with our Happy Dueling Hour monthly podcast, please go take a listen! Although the majority of the time we talk about Wizard101, I do mention my recent adventures in Super Hero Squad Online along with the other games we play (it's mainly just for fun and to be goofy): If you've got an hour to kill with nothing better to listen to, go check it out!

Thanks and happy dueling!


  1. Totally awesome! I've been needing something like that for ages, now I don't have to cobble it together myself! Thanks! Also, I've played the Bullseye mission and it's definitely worth getting! Even though there's only two stages, there are three new types of enemies and Bullseye himself has some cool attacks! :D

  2. Nice, a checklist! I feel like I'm 10 years old again playing this game with my kids and want to get all the action figures to play with :) Whether I'll have the time to get them all is debatable... but I'll give it a good try.

    I'll definitely check out your podcast. I've only just started Wizard101, and so far it's really fun.