Wednesday, February 15, 2012

GHOST2012 Winners!

With the release of Ghost Rider today also comes a list of all those who won the GHOST2012 Code giveaway. The Amazing Society was kind enough to pass along the names of all the winning squads.

Crazy Ferocious Bat
Confusing Admiral
Breaking Skull Prime
Mister Surfer Architect
Warlike Ultra Paladin
Rover Tiger
Grand Prince Rover
Baron King Captain
King Kraken Racer
Lieutenant Despair
Invincible Captain
Blur Fire Tiger
Icy Defender Mason
Mr. Confused Cowboy
Count Intellect Emperor
Count Egret Wyrm
Colossal Magnificent Berserker
Mist Iguana Racer
Fast Invincible Panther
General Beast Tiger
Nova Admiral Machine
Magnetic Hornet Nightmare
Battle Shark Wyrm
Commander Bio Tank
Forest Pirate Prophet
Master Emerald Dart
Toxic Breaker
Spectacular Desert Weevil
Bionic Plains Ghost
Iron Gardener Crane
Loud Martian Driver
Defending Sailing Skull
Marvelous Samurai Bunny
King Boxing Mosquito
Hornet General
Dazzle Omega Crow
Sergeant Rex Drool
Rebel Sea Bane
Impossible Tornado Crusader
Chihuahua Fish
Magnetic Space Bureaucrat
Nova Snipping Ghost
Primal Torch Roamer
Sergeant Golem Smasher
Duke Bionic Berserker
Aqua Theta Sorceress
Simple Spy Librarian
Squire Sea Colossus
Fantastic Galaxy Marmot
Impossible Singing Cyclone

Congrats to all the winners! (Ohhhh, we're all so jealous. Hehe)

Happy Dueling

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  1. Hornet General, that's me. Also, his final power emote is pretty funny.