Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Angel goes live -- New "Civil War" Card Quest!

Heya Squaddies,

I’m actually posting from my phone here with breaking news (never tried this app before . . . Hope it works). In fact, I do believe I am the first news source to bring you this information today! WOOT TIME HOUND TIMES WITH THE SCOOP! With any luck, Super Hero Squad Online will be releasing the Angel hero tomorrow morning (a midnight release from what I understand) for play in the SHSO world and also a brand new card quest series that pits hero against hero.

Angel promises to be a really fun character that is sure to make all X-Men fans happy. You’re going to love his emotes, moves, furniture, and basically everything about him as long as you have the 600 gold it takes to buy him. :) Time to spin the wheel, my friends, and earn some gold! (I was actually thinking this one would be around 1,000. Nice!)

I also have some great first peek screenshots from the new “Civil War” Card Quest. This Civil War involves a duel between heroes as they battle out the pros and cons of (get this) the Superhero Vegetarian Act. LOL! I’m not making this stuff up.

Here’s some screenshots you’re sure to love:

Those look to be like some great rewards for a green-blue deck build, right? Unblockable Human Torch attack, Double block required Black Widow attack, Captain America Block card with attitude . . . nice!

Exciting stuff is afoot in SHSO tomorrow! Be sure to log on and check it out.

Happy Dueling


  1. Cool post! :D
    Also... "Time to spin the wheel my friends and earn some gold kids!" EPIC AUTOCORRECT DUDE! :D :D :D