Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Buying More Heroes (1), Villans' Fury pack (0)

Heya Squaddies,

So I was all set this morning to blow all the available gold I had on the new Super villain card booster packs. I figured that the 1200 gold I have burning in my pocket would be just enough to make a deck that was purely villains, right? It may not be a very good deck, but I wanted to try it out and see.

Plus then I could show it off to you all . . .

But then I got thinking. *sigh* I really am still leveling up my squad and I know I'm going to still need a number of heroes to get to that top challenge goal I'm shooting for, so I opted to purchase these two fellas instead.

I've always loved Gambit from the comics anyway. He's a favorite of mine . . . I figure if anyone understands the meaning of "happy dueling," that would be the superhero, right? Gambit is awesome. Check out this awesome information about Gambit from Marvel.com.

Captain Marvel seems to be featured this month, and since I wasn't sure if that also meant he was on sale, I decided to leap at the character and see how he played. :) He's a pretty powerful character as described by his information from Marvel.com. I don't know if I ever picked up a Captain Marvel comic when I was a kid. hmm. I should see if he's currently in the pages of a recent comic book and go buy it! I'll let you know. :)

Also, I picked up my last "Agent Only" super hero from the Agent Only store yesterday. It's the kooky Iron Patriot!

Yeah, if you guys didn't know, Iron Patriot is just the Green Goblin in super hero disguise. He's psychotic like that. You can read all about the antics of Norman Osborn also at Marvel.com. (Marvel.com is awesome)

So, as you can tell, I'm excited about getting closer to my last squad challenge. Just 150 more squad levels to go or so!

What level are you?

Happy dueling!


  1. My Squad is now Level 44. Finally racked up enough Gold and Silver for my 6th Squad Member, so I got Jean Grey. (Figured better to save my Gold for when I have to use it. Since I'm playing totally F2P)

    Then I got Stealth Iron Man right afterward through the Challenges. Working on leveling those 2 right now.

    Working on Challenge 15 - Squad Level = 60.
    After that my next real Challenge is Challenge 20 and a Level 110 Squad.

  2. My squad level is 491 lol I wanna get Cable, Phoenix,and Angel but dont have any gold:(. But I really like my squad i just got nightcrawler a couple days ago ;)

  3. @PhntmBlackIce: Nice! I think that's one of the things I love about this game is that you *can* (with a HUGE ton of patience) play it completely F2P, right? Gratz on all the levels and heroes and thanks for the comment.

    @Mardova808: Wow! 491 is insane! Phoenix and Angel are awesome. Amazing Society let me preview them for the article I'm writing for Game Stratagyst magazine. Phoenix is amazing. You're going to dig playing her.

    1. awww thanks dude, i cant wait!!! I hit 493 yesterday, and that thing to get 150 gold is drivin me nuts!!! No membership :( lol

    2. Whats Angel like? does he float like Sentry? Omg phoenix is awesome!! I love her in X-Men: Evolution! Awesome TV show! The characters rule! I love how they portrayed them in a high school setting! Angel in X-Men: Evolution wasnt my fave but hes still pretty cool. You know I was really surprised they even put Sentry in the game, hes not the most famous marvel hero ;)

    3. Angel does not float, but he does play a mean harp. ;)

    4. Thanks for the info... and i bet he does ;) Cant wait to see his skill! Do you know how much he costs?

  4. Squad level 530. I've recently chosen not to re-up my Jr. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent status for now, so It's taking forever to get 150 gold off the prize wheel for my current challenge. Once I do (95 so far), I've got enough gold to get another squaddie, get up to lvl 540, and claim FF Spider-Man!

    I'd encourage anyone plugging away at this game, especially without paying, to spend on characters ONLY for as long as possible. Save up for those Surfers. There are enough RoH cards to make a great deck, and you never need to buy them. I've got a complete quadruple set, and I only ever bought one pack. Winning battles and spinning the wheel gets you all the cards you need to start with. But you'll never advance through the challenges without enough characters to reach those level milestones.

    Also, note the value of the characters. Buy Mr. Fantastic when you have the gold to do so! The '+3' you see in the upper left when you look at him means he does more to add to your squad level than other characters. Nova's a +2, Scarlet Witch and Valkyrie are +1. Dark Surfer? +0. Some very expensive characters are +0, like the Hulks.

    Leveling up can be quick. Get all non-maxed characters tokens every day. That alone moves them up quicker than you'd think. If you like card games or missions, use non-maxed characters, as much as you might love others.

    1. thanks for the tip, neil, i never knew that, and yeah i have dark surfer and im saving for silver surfer and bucky cap