Friday, January 27, 2012

Max Hero Madness

Since the last time I posted about maxing out Deadpool, Red Hulk, and Ironman, I have maxed an additional six heroes!

Those would be Nick Fury:

Mr. Fantastic:

War Machine:


Black Suit Spider-Man:

and finally, the Tuxedo-clad Thing:

Whew! That was a lot of fun . . . a lot of daily missions, a lot of collecting tokens, a lot of chaseables, a handful of card matches, and a lot of troublebot destruction.

Each of those characters played a little differently and felt different as I was playing them . . . except maybe Tuxedo-clad thing. Since that hero is basically a new skin on an old favorite, there really weren't many surprises to him. I kind of hoped that at the end of his power emotes, there would be something just slightly different than the regular thing, but oh well. I liked playing the original thing so much that it wasn't bad playing him again . . . plus . . . well . . . the tux is awesome.

Black Suit Spider-Man also plays pretty much like the other Spider-Man I'm touting around in my bag, but unlike Tuxedo Thing, the final emote was different. It paid homage to the venom suit as Peter Parker tried to peel it off his skin.

I don't know about you guys, but I prefer power emotes with a punch to 'em. I'd much rather use a power emote to kill a troublebot than I would to actually pick them up and throw them (or bat them away in the case of Gambit--there's my exception). It kind of all depends on if the punch part of the power emote comes early or late in the emote. Like Mr. Fantastic . . . you had to wait a bit for him to mix his chemicals before they would explode and then kill the troublebot. When I got my second emote for Mr. Fantastic, it made me wish it had a kick to it like the first power emote. I'd rather spin around and slap a troublebot dead than do the chemistry set emote to kill them.

War Machine has to have one of my favorite emotes in the game. when he readies every gun imaginable on him, and they all do the bang-flag trick instead of going off . . . seriously, it's a classic. LOL. Playing War Machine in missions was fun as well. Ranged attackers seem to have a somewhat slower pace to their missions, but you really get to see them lay the smack down.

Nick Fury is . . . well . . . Nick Fury.

Thor though, Thor was rocking! He'd take these big, meaty swings of his hammer at opponents and just mow through stuff. When it was Hero up time, BOOOM unleash the thunder. Just the fact that he throws the horns when dancing is enough to make me like him. :) The only thing that would have made him more fun to play was if he was riding on a gigantic dog.

I need to do a quick inventory of my heroes, but I still have a number to level. From my estimations, I at least *have* enough heroes now to make Major. It's just grinding out the last few levels.

Happy Dueling!


  1. Cool! I think you're calling Mr. Fantastic Plastic Man, though. Plastic Man belongs to DC right now so I doubt SHSO will make him a playable character. XD

  2. Ah crap, you're right! What am I thinking! LOL Fixing it in the post thanks.