Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Super Hero Squad Online Codes

I was stumbling through YouTube and wandered into Tampatec's channel. What drew me in was that he was/is on the hunt for Super Hero Squad Online codes. That sounds like a great place for code sharing and he's even doing things like giving away gift cards for when people give him new codes that work.

I watched all his videos concerning SHSO codes, and it appears most promotional codes are time limited as the following codes DID NOT WORK for me:


However, it was pretty cool to find a code that did work:


redeem it while you can! Tampatec's channel seems like it is definitely one to tune in to if you're on the hunt for the latest SHSO codes.

Happy dueling


  1. Heyyy, I shot my squad level up to 505 today when i maxed out Nightcrawler, leveled up Electra, Reptil, bought and leveled up Bucky Cap:) My Reptil is now level 4 and I will be focusing on him next. I now have gotten 50 gold off the prize wheel, for challenge no. 36 or 37, I cant remember which. I redeemed the code 'villainsfury' and got some awesome cards from the villain's fury pack! I'm rather happy with today's gameplay lol ;)