Sunday, January 22, 2012

Major, here I come!

That's right! I'm on Challenge #40. The last one of the bunch.

Now to just grind out those last 100 levels or so.

To those ends I added two more heroes to my squad yesterday and this morning.

Reptil is an interesting character in this IP. Before SHSO, Reptil was only really seen in the Avenger Academy mags in the world of Marvel, but in Super Hero Squad Online, he's a total rockstar.

The moment I started running around with him, I had 4 or 5 friend invites in the span of a minute. LOL!

And then there's Beast. He's a pretty good bargain hero (fairly new as well) at 600 gold with a +3 Marvel squad score. Beast is beast. What can I say, everybody who's ever checked out the X-men knows Beast. As opposed to the mere handful of comics that Reptil has been in, Beast has been in over 550 comics, cartoons, and you know . . . the big screen.

Oh Kelsey Grammar!

Happy Dueling

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