Friday, January 20, 2012

Introduce Yourself!

Hey! Hi! You!

Let's do something fun!

I've been getting a number of visitors dropping by, and I have no idea who is who . . . so please send me an email with a screenshot of your character posing as your favorite super hero in Super Hero Squad Online, and I'll post it up on this blog.

What I'll do is make a post here with a link off the top and call it the "wall of heroes" so you can proudly immortalize your awesome squad name from Super Hero Squad Online in the annals of this blog.

Don't know how to take a screenshot? Well, the easiest way is to hit the print screen button, open up paint, hit Ctrl+V (to paste it in to paint), and save the picture as a .jpg to your desktop. Then just make an e-mail message to and drag that picture from your desktop into the email and hit send! (Just one picture per squad please.)

**UPDATE** You may also link me to a screenshot as suggested in one of the comments below -- whatever works best for you! **UPDATE**

There are other ways to take a screenshot, but that should be simple enough for now.

Also, if you ever decide you'd like to make a Super Hero Squad Online blog of your own, let me know the link, and I'll start a blogroll of all the SHSO blogs out on the net. Just let me know. :)

Happy Dueling!


  1. For privacy reasons I can't give out my email-- but would it be okay to put a link to the image in a comment?

  2. Okay, here's me as Gambit! :)