Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finished with Challenge #34 . . . whew!

WOOT! I finally got that card quest challenge over with . . . whew.

You know what was the hardest part of challenge #34? Just understanding how that quest works! The description is a little confusing, but basically what it means is that you win five card quests in a row without repeating the same card quest. Basically if you just hit "Next Match" after winning a card match instead of selecting "rematch," you'll be well on your way to winning. Of course, you need to have a winning deck for your particular card quest lne though.

Personally I decided to try Wolverine's Easy quest line (but I probably could have saved myself some gold and just done Iron Man's quests--I wanted to try something new). Note that I won easy quests 1-3 and then repeated easy quests 1 and 2. So, basically it doesn't matter if you beat the same quests as long as you don't repeat the same quest right after itself.

Hope that doesn't confuse you. Best of luck!

After that, I made my captain squad rank and selected Street Clothes Wolverine as my next Hero reward!

Sorry, Sentry . . . I'm not saying I don't like you . . . I'm just saying I like everyone else better than you. LOL.

I've got quite a few ranks to put in before that Future Foundation Spider-Man is mine, but I think I can do it in the next week or two.

I'm hoping at least! :)

Happy Dueling!

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  1. Ha, funny, dude, i dont like sentry that much either...