Monday, January 23, 2012

More Max Heroes! Red Hulk, Ironman, and Deadpool

Obviously I'm still hot on the quest for Major, and I'm headed there one max hero at a time! Today's Max squaddies are Red Hulk, Ironman, and Deadpool.

Red Hulk was fun to play(like I'm sure all the hulks are). The main reason being I love his jumping ability most of all. High-jumping around as the hulk is possibly the most awesome thing ever, right next to the creation of nachos. You know, it seems The Amazing Society is incredibly fond of re-skinning hulks. It makes me wonder if they'll ever make Kluh.

Ironman is great. It wasn't much different than playing Stealth Armor Iron Man, but anytime I can throw out the speaker system and play I Am Ironman, I'm happy, you know?

Deadpool is an interesting character, mainly because 1- He's canadian, 2- He's buddies with Death, 3- He first appeared in a New Mutants comic, 4- he likes to pogo stick, blow up pinatas, play whack a mole, and smash things with gigantic squeaky green gauntlets. LOL. I may not understand this Deadpool character much in this game (also like I don't understand many Canadians), but I dig him nonetheless (also like I dig many Canadians nonetheless). His double jump ability was super fun. :)

Happy Dueling!


  1. 11th level is currently the max level for each super hero. Each of their levels count toward your total squad level.

    1. yes, the marvel lore is how much you get for it just being in your squad, then one s-level for every h-level