Saturday, January 28, 2012

Elektra drinks the Hero Up Potion! :)

I was skimming the goodies shop and came across this potion that I had failed to notice before.

WOW! LOL! Nice, you can buy a level! Do you know how game changing this would have been back in the old days of Everquest where it would take a few months to level a character? ;) In SHSO, a level can happen quite quickly. The only really challenging levels on a hero would be those post 8th or 9th level when it starts to take 1,500 experience to gain a level.

50 gold for one SHSO level is kind of a steep price, but I had just the character I wanted to try it out on.

Elektra! How about a delicious drink of awesomeness?

Ahhh, refreshing! LOL!

Well that's definitely an easy way to level from 10th to 11th. ;) I wonder if the fine people at The Amazing Society would let me hold a raffle to give away a code for one of those? I'll have to ask them and let you know.

Happy dueling


  1. Nice! I saw that potion but I wasn't sure I wanted to spend the gold on something that I could have, albeit it would take longer. By the way, I'm trying to choose between Daredevil, Elektra and Mohawk Storm on my free heroes. I'd like to have the set of Daredevil and Elektra, but I'd also like to get a free Storm, instead of having to buy the 600 gold one. I have only two slots left, so what would you recommend?

    1. Hey, I have both Elektra and Daredevil, and my sister has Mohawk Storm. I would recommend Daredevil cuz he's insane in missions and he's pretty cool, but I also had to make a choice between Elektra and Storm and I chose Elektra because I seen Storm in action and she's kinda lame lol.

    2. Personally, I'd probably go Daredevil and Mohawk Storm. :) But that's just me. Mardova makes a good point about having the Elektra/Daredevil duo.

    3. Yeah, sets are kinda cool. And if I want a Storm character I guess I can just buy her when I have too much gold on my hands, (I wish)!
      Thanks for the input guys! :D

  2. Hey Hound! You have to be close to opening up FF Spidey. Let me know what you think! I got him today. His power emotes, while not very attack-like are fun and unique. Well done, Amazing Society!

    Count Plains Librarian
    (If you have room, find me and friend me!)

    1. yeah! I'm getting really close now! Kraken Fish (reader of this blog) showed him off to me today. :) yup, I will look for you. I'm usually online pretty early in the morning.