Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The (dreaded?) Prize Wheel

I like to give ideas. Whether the amazing The Amazing Society decides to listen is entirely up to them. I haven't read anywhere about their policies on unsolicited ideas, but that's just kind of what bloggers do, right? We're constantly thinking of ways to improve the game (any game) . . . improve the experience . . . and have fun! As a reader, if you agree with an idea, feel free to voice your support in the comments below. You never know what might happen, they might agree! Also, you may have a much better idea than the one I propose, leave it in the comments below. :)

So, with that introduction to my crazy idea posts, I think I have one that you all might like. At least it's one that I would love to see happen. :)

Every day we spin the prize wheel.

That prize wheel is just a part of life in Super Hero Squad Online. After a while though when you're spinning up 100+ tickets, it can become tedious. If you're like me, I usually open up YouTube or some other website and just bounce back and forth between the other window on my computer and the prize wheel as I spin them all away. It's repetitive, but very rewarding.

I hate to ask for an easy button in a game that may already seem "easy." But if there was a way we could "auto spin" an additional amount of spins, I would gladly use it. Even if I had to pay 1 gold or 200 silver to auto-spin the wheel 30 times in a row (as long as I had the tickets to do so), I would do it.

What do you think? I want an auto-spin button added to the game! :) It'd be so much easier for me to get up and walk away (or use the time to type up a blog post) while the game was auto-spinning for me!

Happy Dueling


  1. When has a F2P game ever decided to become LESS grindy? Won't happen.

  2. @Brenda: I hear ya. Unfortunately the easy (seedy?) solution is to use a macro program to click the button for you. On the other hand, if the company could instead charge for the same feature (a reasonable charge) then at least they'd get "something" out of it while discouraging macro program users?

  3. It's also frustrating how little variety there is in what you can win from the "special" spaces on the wheel. I don't need any more Mountain Adobe paint. Maybe they could do something to appeal to those willing to gamble--or those with hundreds of tickets. They could give the option of paying, say, 5 or 10 tickets per spin instead. If you landed on the HQ space with a 10-ticket spin, you'd receive a less common (perhaps gold-caliber) HQ furnishing. If you landed on the Card space you could win an Unleashed card, or at least an uncommon/rare Rise of Heroes card (not that I need any more RoH cards). Or maybe a deck could be generated that could ONLY be collected this way--like the upcoming Dark Justice deck.

    Just adding my 2 cents. :)

  4. @Neil: Thanks for this. I'm with you. Like when Everquest added a casino to their game, they hid a special prize that was basically like hitting the jackpot in the real world. There should be a spot on the wheel that when you hit it, a second wheel appears with more rare items or more gold. There should be a third spot on the second wheel that when you hit it, ultra-rare items or more gold comes up. The chances of hitting the sweet spot three times in a row would be amazingly rare. But if you could win a rare hero or something amazing that no one else had, it would be worth it.